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Makeup video suggestions

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I started a youtube channel and I am wondering what kinds of videos people would be interested to see. I have things in mind like ombre lips, eyeliner, and contour videos but if anyone has unique ideas comment to let me know...

I also just made my first video today so let me know what you think of it..


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Posted (edited)

PULL is not a forum for self-promotion. 


8) Do not use this board as a platform for self-presentation
- Do not promote yourself excessively. You are allowed to use pictures of you as your avatar and add your links to your signature and profile, but please don’t post either one anywhere else unless
a) The thread in question is about exchanging links
b) You have a very specific beauty and fashion question that you’d like to ask (haircut, hair color, makeup etc.)
Please keep in mind that promoting yourself at all might hurt your credibility as a forum member, and not all the attention you will be receiving might be positive. Each member is responsible for the content of their own profile/avatar/signature, so please keep that in mind before posting links
- No self-posting (= pretending to be someone else and making a thread about yourself in the interesting people/little snowflakes section and/or posting random people who supposedly harrassed you to get attention from this board and/or present yourself as a victim)
- Do not sign up for this board unless you are actually interested in at least one of the snowflakes and contribute regularly. Contribute to the discussion and exposing of snowflakes, not simplistic opinions for the sake of making post count. You don’t have to contribute grade A detective work every single time, but the majority of your posts should be constructive and not just random spam. Yes, this board does have OT areas and you are more than welcome to share your interests with other people and make friends, but if you come here just to talk about yourself all day and seek attention, you are not welcome here.

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