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Problematic Asians.

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This thread is about problematic Asians on instagram, the ones who lie about their age, or the ones who flirt with underage girls, the ones who say the n word, and the ones with no manners. So to get started i will post my first target, and the most problematic person!



instagram || snapchat: || 


Jonathan Miller is a 18 year old turning 19. He lives in Maryland, U.S

Photo references: 



Jonathan Miller is a racist, manipulator, pedophile and a cheater. He has asked minors (14-16) for nudes, inappropriate videos, and has leaked them over groupchats, later on denies everything. Recently got called out by his now ex girlfriend for cheating. After she made a video and posted it many other girls started speaking up after being afraid since the age gap and maturity between a almost 19 year old and a minor is huge. He has used the r slur, forced minors into sending sexual content. He has been called out multiple times but always makes a fake ass apology which he later on deletes to actually show his true colors by going off on people. Also used black lives matter movement for his own benefit, made an instagram filter out of it which he later on deleted it after being called out for it. Later on i’ll list the laws he has broken, and a link where you can legally report him for breaking law. 


who is jm1ll? || fake ass apology | conversation between Jonathan and anonymous person | Jonathan’s guilt trip. || evidence 

< multiple people have posted about him so i’ll link the posts and stories instead of posting the screenshots here since there is so much evidence and they wouldn’t post in the correct order! credits for the screenshots to anonymous, and few other people which i’ll list their social media in the end. >

• evidence from shvqcy 

• evidence from tsukiivee

his apology and conversation. || guilt trip || leaked conversation of jonathan in a groupchat where he shares nudes and talks about multiple minors || someone’s experience with jon


report him here.

you can go to the fbi offical website and report him there | the laws he has broken are here

What can i do if i had a similar experience with him?

If you have had a similar experience with Jon where he has asked for sexual content, has flirted or guilt trip you, you can press the link and tell us your experience, your identity will remain anonymous because we wont ask for your email nor your social media accounts! Please attach proof or evidence along with your story, misinformation can lead to bigger issues in this case. 

(due to some issues i can’t link the document now)

if you would prefer to talk about it on instagram find me here , once again your identity will remain anonymous, if you want to expose your identity that’s on you! and a side note: i’ll use fake accounts because i don’t want to expose my own identity as well, so please respect my privacy too. 

What laws has Jonathan been breaking?

• It is illegal under federal law [18 U.S.C §2252) to produce, distribute, receive or posses any type of child pornography, it is also illegal under federal law to knowingly search for and view child pornography even if the images are subsequently deleted or destroyed.

• A conviction for federal child pornography offense can carry on a substantial amount of prison time. A person who is convicted of knowingly possessing child pornography can be sentenced up to 10 years or up to 20 years in prison if the minor depicted in the image is under the age of twelve.

• If you are prosecuted for contacting a minor to commit a felony under code section 288.3, you face a state prison sentence determined by the crime you intended to commit as well as a fine up to $10,000.

• Following felonies:

Child endangerment | Penal code section 273a

Child pornography offenses | Penal code sections 311.1, 311.2 , 311.4, and 311.11

Lewd acts with a child | Penal code section 288

Sending harmful material to a minor | Penal code section 288.2

Contacting a minor for criminal purposes | Penal code 288.3 


this thread was made to for people to be aware of who they interact with. please do not send sexual content to any person 18+ specifically if you are a minor, it could put you in danger. no matter how much you trust that person Jon is the perfect example that your nudes can end up leaked on groupchats. be safe <3 


with all the evidence and information i’ll list every person who has screenshots and more information about Jonathan.

keep yourself updated!

8randan | lehcartier | tsukiicia | shvqcy

there are more people to list but unfortunately i can’t find their instagram!


it’s not forbidden to raise your voice and speak up against people who do such low actions, remember your safety matters more.


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