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People Pretending to be Kpop Trainees

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Recently, I received a request to follow from two instagram pages (jojo.yeon & haewon4875). They claim to be trainees under JYP but their posts are always inconsistent with the people in each post looking different than the previous post. Their captions are weird too (labeling each "member" and sometimes trying to justify that they're from Korea by stating what time they posted their post). They say they're part of a co-ed 37 member group under JYP but I'm not buying it. No way I'm buying that JYP is planning to debut a 37 member group. If they were, they would've announced it by now. I don't think JYP is planning on debuting any other group because they're already planning on debuting an all Japanese Kpop group. I know some idols from other companies train under the big 3 and then get recruited or choose to go to a different company during debut so it could be possible that JYP has 37 trainees under their belt but the thing with these two IG pages is that their posts are inconsistent so they're obviously lying. And it's like, one minute they're good at English and the next minute they're not. I hope this is just a role play thing but the fact that they haven't mentioned it anywhere in their posts makes me believe they're not and they're lying to the public about being trainees. These pages sound more like someone from China trying to fulfill their fantasies. And I also found it funny that both of these pages followed me on IG and not the other way around so clearly they want attention. Companies who plan to debut a 37 member co-ed group don't stay quiet about that shit. And recently, there was someone who made a fan page on IG about these two pages and their posts also don't align with the jojo.yeon and haewon4875 page. Let me know what you think of these pages.





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