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Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]

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Considering Ataturk passed away in 1938 it most likely is the Hakki who would have been involved in the genocide unless the one born in 1932 has such military prowess that Ataturk felt compelled to present him with the last name Suman at age 6 before he passed away in 1938. Kenna's denial is a joke and her story is a mess.

Maybe he isn't a famous general or maybe he wasn't given the last name Suman by Ataturk but think about it...her ancestors were probably pretty high up in Turkish nobility/millitary to afford for her and her 3 sisters to get a trust fund of 80K each. 


Congratuations Kenna, if your story is true and not a pile of bullshit, your privilege actually goes back decades. Impressive.

I am entirely surprised she didn't go with a story about how her ancestors were poor, marginalized Turkish immigrants who were victims of an oppressive military regime, seeing she likes to cosplay so much as a poor, oppressed girl who was totally homeless when she was a kid and had to work hard for everything she has. Enjoy your trust fund, Kenna.

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This is hugely derailing but, not the whole Ottoman army took part in the Armenian genocide. The Ottoman army was huge with lots of political factions and a lot of these people were stationed at far away outposts. Ataturk was head of one of these factions that actually acknowledged the massacres and woved to bring the perpetrators to a court-martial (which unfortunately didn't happen). So I wouldn't rush to judge her great grandfather so swiftly. It's a complex issue.


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