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Remove daily upvote limit

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I would love if the daily upvote limit would be removed (or made higher than 25.) When you read/participate in a good number of threads, it's difficult and bit annoying to try and decide which people get one of your 25 daily...then you have to wait a whole 24 hours again. 

I understand the limit for downvotes as it keeps people from joining with the sole purpose of downvoting everyone who disagrees with their favs, but if I'm catching up on a few pages and I think more than 25 people deserve an upvote it's annoying. I've also seen some comments like "out of votes for the day so here's a vote!!" so I'm not the only member who would benefit from this.


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The request for more upvotes has been a looooong time request of many members. There were plans to remove it but now the last info we know is that the site is going to be being transferred to new owners and possibly restructured entirely. It was already going to be a long process but now with COVID-19 being a thing, I suspect it will be even longer until the move is completed since, you know, priorities.

So, just FYI. Admins know, they agree, but time sucks right now. 


Cool, good to know. Thanks! 


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