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How to archive threads

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With PULL going up and down lately, a lot of threads and info here are at risk of being lost to the internet forever. For this reason, it's important that everybody tries to archive any information/threads as much as possible in case the site goes down again. I've put together this guide to help users learn to archive pages in the event of another outage. I'll try to answer any questions I can and keep this topic updated if there's any other methods that makes this easier.


What Archive tools can I use?

Archive.org / Wayback Machine

Archive Today


How do I use the Wayback Machine?

1. To save a page, input the URL in the section 'Save Page Now' then click save page


2. Done! Your archive will remain there for others to search.



Alternatively, if you search for the URL and it's not there, you can save it like so.

1. Click on "Save this url in the Wayback Machine"


2. Tick the boxes for 'Save Outlinks' and 'Save screen shot' this will attempt to index outlinks on the pages and save a snapshot of the page as it appears when you save it.


3. And done! Now your page is indexed and can be searched through the Wayback Machine. 



How do I use Archive Today?

1. Input the URL and click save


2. Wait for it to save a snapshot and archive of the web page, and you're done!



How do I search for threads that already have archives?

Type in the URL for the page you are looking for in the search bar of either archive site. If it doesn't pop up, that means there isn't an archive for it. If it does, then don't worry! It's already there.

If you're not sure if there's an already existing archive, type in the URL into the search bar on the bottom of the page. It will show all pages that were indexed.

For Archive Today: It will show all urls saved under the domain. If you're looking for something specific and don't want to sift through pages, type in the exact url of the page you're looking for,




For Internet Archive: be sure to tick the 'search archived web sites' button so that you get the right results. If there's an existing archive, it will show it by the date it was saved. If not, it will lead you to the save page now tool.



Will these stay archived forever?

As long as it's indexed on either site, yes. 


Will I have to archive everything page by page?

Yes, each page needs to be archived one by one. For threads with hundreds of pages, save the pages with specific info/screenshots or important news on it and skip the ones that are mostly old discussions, nitpicking, reactions, memes or spam.


Technical Issues and Concerns

I'll try to answer any questions that might pop up, please bear with me.

1. Wayback is giving me issues, it says that the page I archived isn't saved/was saved 10+ times!

This is due to PULL's structure as a website causing the WBM to glitch out. When you save a page, refresh and it should appear as archived. If it says that a page saved multiple times, it's likely due to Wayback trying to index the page you're on and the outlinks to other pages that are there if there are multiples. 

If you saved a thread with multiple pages, you must type in the page number in the url for the specific one you want to look at. If you try to click on the next page button as if you were browsing on PULL, it will attempt to redirect you to PULL itself. 


2. Will the archive save my personal info if I'm logged in to PULL at the same time?

The archives will save pages as if you were logged out and looking at PULL as a lurker. It will not reveal you if you're logged in, and at the same time it will not be able to save sections that are accessible to members only ex. New Topic Approval, Reputation Activity, etc.


3. I saved a page with videos on it, but the archive doesn't play the video.

Unfortunately, pages with flash and video elements will not be saved because they will show up as errors. If there is a video from a snowflake that is at risk of being lost, you can download it and reupload it elsewhere.


4. There is an existing archive of a thread, but the info from it is dated while the thread has been updated recently. 

Save the updated page. The old archived URL will not be deleted.


5. What if I want to save a page that can't be archived?

Screenshots are your best friend. 


6. What do I do if there's a thread with 500 pages that haven't been archived yet, but I don't want to have to slog through each individual page?

Focus on the specific pages that have important tea. Screenshots, important updates or snowflakes themselves posting on PULL is important. Pages full of nitpicking, old discussions, reactions, memes or spam isn't important and should be skipped.


7. If PULL goes down forever, how will we be able to access archives or import them? 

As long as the URLs are linked, they will always be accessible. If you're interested in downloading them, you'll need WinRAR to be able to save and open the zip files. If all else fails, use the screenshots saved by the archives or copypaste the text on to a new website.


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I forgot to mention, but it's very important for those archiving!



1. You cannot navigate the archive the same way you'd use PULL. That means if you want to see the next page of a thread, you must type in the URL into the archive each time otherwise it will redirect you to PULL (and will continue to do so even if the site is down). To navigate an archive, type this at the end of the URL: /?page=[NUMBER YOU WANT] without the brackets.

2. If you save a thread OP, please save the link to it! There's a difference between saving the OP and saving it when you're bouncing between pages. They save as two different archives, not under the same archive sadly.




These will show up as two different archives, so if you look for one and it doesn't show up, try step 1.



1. Archive Today does not save spoilers. Threads with heavy amounts of info under spoilers can't be opened on the archive. Use Wayback to save those instead.


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