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Does anyone else have this ?

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I just wanted to know if anyone else here had genital herpes. How do you deal with it when you get break outs ? How do you talk about it to your partners ? I've been diagnosed with genital herpes last year when my ex got herpes and then transmitted it to me EVEN if it was BEFORE he got a break out. The ob-gyn still isn't sure if it's herpes or HPV in my case, since I've never had break outs, I've never seen clusters of pimples and I'm really careful about it, I use protection.. But I don't want guys to call me a disgusting sl*t or a gross person and mean stuff like that. I mean, MY EX gave it to me, don't you think I'm angry enough as it is ? How do you bring the subject ?

Personally, I know herpes isn't a big deal in itself but people are so misinformed, it's crazy. I've heard so many comments about how a person with the virus is so unhygienic and disgusting, they're gross and not clean and to stay away from them, listen, I protect my partners the best I can with condoms but I don't deserve comments like that...

what would you do ?


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