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Tickets (concerts) bots/scalping

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Okay, let me start off by saying I'm extremely mad and I'm trying to have a discussion about stuff.

Today Tyler the creator tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster for Amsterdam (2020). They were going on sale on exactly 12:00 PM.
I was there ON THE DOT. I instantly clicked order. I was on the "waiting" list for like 5/10 seconds. It instantly said "nope".\

What the fuck? No way. So I tried calling (the call center was overflown with callers so I couldn't get to ask) and pressing order, resfreshing. I went on the search and saw a few websites that offered a shit ton of tickets for double or even triple the prize.

I have never been this mad. Ever. I didn't know that ticket websites were this broken.

Yes, Tyler is extremely popular so ofcourse! It would go quick. But there were a shit-ton of bots involved (clearly as within 2 minutes other websites got ahold of a lot of digital tickets). I seriously never ordered tickets for other huge artists besides indie ones like Kero Kero Bonito (I never got the tickets and forgot to ask for a refund lmfao but it was cheap anyway). I knew tickets could sell out within 1 minute (or even less). But this was way too crazy.

This is my first time into this world and I'm not trying this shit again with high expectations. Ticket scalping is a thing, but BOTS? I thought they had a system to fight that shit.

Anyway, feel free to talk more about this because I'm MAD. I was planning on one of the tickets being a surprise. I am very new to this.


source.thumb.gif.940d9dd1d10618ef4aa117e source_(1).thumb.gif.9abba222d112c21e119

Update: I'm on ticketswap right now. If I get something for around 60 to 70 euros I'll jump on it with all my MONEY. Tyler is one of my biggest idols, man.


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Sometimes you can buy tickets from Facebook groups. I once scored tickets for Muse for half the price. But gotta be careful with scammers. Though I imagine getting tickets for more popular artists would be harder. 


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