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losing hope to have clear, pretty skin

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wanted to make a topic to find more people that can relate and share advice. 

I haven't had cystic or painful acne, but I would definitely describe my acne as constant and persistent for the last 7 or 8 years. When I entered high school I began to have acne. I tried everything from complex, and long skincare routines, Tati's expensive vitamin (lol, did not work at all btw), medical topical creams (I have never taken Accutane, but the doctors I have seen haven't recommended it; also these worked to an extent, but only as long as you applied them every night, suffered from dry feeling skin, and got through the annoying phase of dry, flaky skin over half my face that you can't even hide with makeup;I filled prescriptions out for so many years and kept having to up the dose since my skin kept getting used to it), expensive chemical peels, and birth control (has only helped a little bit). I really want Fraxel, but it's so fricking expensive, especially since its a repeat treatment.

I have oily-combination skin, but I get breakouts all over my face. I've tried so many different products and watched so many different skincare routines and recommendations, but these days I feel so defeated. What's the point of wasting more money if my skin isn't clear by now that I'm out of puberty and in college. I thought that I would only have to deal with acne when I was a teenager, but now in my twenties, it's not going away at all.

I am also fair skinned so every pimple I have (which can turn into multiple at a time and they red spots never go away because I always get more pimples), even if I refrain from picking at it, turns into a red mark I have to deal with for months (even though they aren't technically scars I guess?). The red spots, acne marks, acne scars, and uneven skin make me so ugly.

I'm so tired of trying everything and spending so much money on and for my skin, building up hope that it will work this time, and eventually being let down.


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