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The Classic Procrastinator

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I should really really finish my paper, the deadline is approaching, but instead I'm reading up on all the gossip and drama that's been missing in my life. I might as well sign up and drive my life into the ground all the way.

Things I'm good at involve drawing and speaking fluent German and mediocre Japanese. Right now I have way too much knowledge about Japanese Science Fiction of the 50s and 60s, historical clothing of the last 200 years and late modern to contemporary German history. If that's of any use to anybody at all, tell me. I also cared for 3 fake Marimo mossballs for 4 years, thinking they were real. Finding out made me so angry that I bought 6,5 huge real ones and did a lot of research. If any youtuber uploads a video about 'their cute new Marimo' with beginners instructions, I'm the person to tell you if they're even actually real.

Now I will go back to doing all the things I'm not supposed to be doing.

Have a nice day!


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