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Audrey Mirabella Roloff

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Audrey Mirabella Roloff


Also nicknamed ''Auj Poj'' or ''Auj'' is a 28-year-old former reality TV star(Little People Big World), Author, and blogger. She also runs an online shop with her own merchandise and oils for pregnancy.

She is married to Jeremy, son of Matt and Amy Roloff, both known as the little people couple on Little People Big World. Audrey has a daughter with Jeremy named Ember Jean born on October 4th 2017, and is Currently pregnant with their second child due in January 2020. Audrey and Roloff's book titled ''a love letter life'' was a New York Times Bestseller and caused a bit of controversy.
As the book was described as ''ridiculously uptight'' by some especially regarding the marriage jounaling, and some people accused them of trying to portray themselves as experts while they have not even been married for a decade.


Audrey and Jeremy both have some scandals attached to their names. Both being described as very conservative Christians. Audrey herself has called formula feeding a ''Sin'', and they are very much against divorce even though Jeremy's parents split up a few years ago. Often using the quote ''Beating the 50%'', stating that 50% of all marriages end in divorce while at the same time claiming their own marriage will be part of the 50% that will not. They have also set up a ministry with regards to this specifically called ''Beating tje 50%''. despite many signals being given that their marriage is very unhealthy in some ways. Despite the conservative christian image she and her husband try to portray, Audrey has also been surprisingly open about some part of their sex life. Saying she and Jeremy have read their wedding vows during sex.
Jeremy has been known to have been openly racist on his Myspace profile before as a teenager, and both Jeremy and Audrey were multiple times accused of Homophobia.
Audrey herself has also gained some criticism regarding her daughter Ember, which she had very high hopes for her to be a curly red head like herself even going as far as naming her ''Ember''.
even though her red curly hair which she has claimed many times to be her pride has been speculated of being fake.
They also use a controversial parenting method called the ´´blanking method´´ which involves hitting a child neither Audrey not Jeremy confirmed if they hit Ember or not.
Many of her in laws also seem to be rather indifferent towards Audrey, as she is rarely seen with Jeremy's family in private compared to the other daughter in law of the Roloff Family. She has been regarded as Judgemental and Stand off ish
Regarding their controversial parenting method ´´The Blanket Training
Little People, Big World fans are slamming Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy Roloff after they revealed that they are practicing “blanket time” with their 2-year-old daughter Ember. 

The couple, who recently made the decision to exit the popular TLC series, made the confession during a recent post on Roloff’s Instagram Story when opening up about some of the parenting techniques they use. 

“We would basically just say, ‘stay on the blanket,’ and if she crawled off the blanket we would just put her back on the blanket and only did it for, you know, a few minutes at a time when she was younger,” Roloff revealed, according to the Cheat Sheet.

Roloff added that as her daughter got older, she would “gradually increase the time” Ember would stay on the blanket. She explained that the method wasn’t a “super rigid thing” did daily, though she did practice it every week.

Her husband went on to explain that they are partaking in the method to teach Ember “boundaries and self-control zones, how to self-entertain, how to be disciplined, how to obey mom and dad.”

The couple of course are not the only TLC family to take part in the practice. The Duggars, the family at the center of Counting On, notably practice “blanket training” with their children, a practice described in controversial No Greater Joy Ministries' pastor Michael Pearl and his wife Debi’s book To Train Up a Child — Child Training for the 21st Century.

The method involves placing infants on a blanket for an extended period of time. Should they roll over or crawl off the edge, parents are instructed to hit their child with a flexible ruler or another instrument. After a while, the child will learn not to venture off the blanket.

While Roloff did not reveal if she was inspired to try the method by the Pearls’ books, nor reveal that she doesn’t punish her daughter for wandering off, her confession still caused uproar among fans.

“45 minutes is like an eternity to a baby. That just sounds awful for Ember,” one person wrote on a Reddit thread

“This whole method sounds confusing,” another added. “How will a child distinguish between time out and blanket time? [I don't know] sounds super controlling and just weird. Let the kid be a kid.”

“It’s extremely controlling and bizarre. If you can’t keep an eye on your kid without them being confined to a small space on a blanket then you need some serious help,” a third wrote.

Another fan wrote that they “hate when people talk about TRAINING their kids. It’s dehumanizing.”



Audrey´s controversial statement regarding breast formula


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are committed to overcoming the hurdles of first-time parenthood.

On the latest episode of TLC’s Little People, Big World, the spouses got candid about some of the early challenges they’ve faced since welcoming daughter Ember Jean, now 7 months.

“The last few days have been really, really tough,” admits Audrey in an aside, revealing that she developed mastitis — an infection of the breast tissue — five days after her daughter was born, and dealt with “blistering and bruising” as a result of breastfeeding. “I spend 16 hours a day, in a 24-hour period, feeding.”

“At our 1-week doctor’s appointment I was like, ‘I’m nursing every hour all night,’ and he was like, ‘That’s not right,’ ” she adds. “At that point, they were like, ‘You need to supplement, ’cause you’re not giving her enough.’ “

“I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula was, like, a sin,” Audrey continues with a laugh. “I just never thought I would do that but at the same time, I need to feed my baby, so we have to do it.”



Controversy regarding their book



Audrey denying being anti LGBT despite making claims before that her nor Jeremy ´´agree´´ with homosexuality



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Beating the 50% Official Facebook page


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Audrey and Jeremy's Book 


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