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Holly Conrad/Commanderholly

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The only reason why I said that is because she tweeted that herself. It wasn't a mental health facility but a hospital. So I assumed after she went there for her mental health she was either checked out or released. She also talked about how she made a picture of a keemstar quote in art therapy so she is getting help at least.

Also, even if she learned that she shouldn't say those things casually, it's pretty noticeable that behavior doesn't exude that currently. I don't think it's a big deal to harp on the legality of checking yourself in or out. 

I only brought it up because it seems like someone should try to intervene just for the safety of her since she is publicly using self destructive behavior repeatedly. But at the end of the day, I'm not someone who knows for sure if someone is or not. 

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I dont really follow Holly on Twitter since I just found out abt her from the cheating scandal. And I'm sorry if my tone came off as rude I cant really tell in the way I write :( ! I only thought it was suspicious bc from my personal experience, I went to the ER first (hospital) but they do have to make you go to an actual psychiatric facility to see a therapist (at the hospital they only have nurses, doctors, and police guards there). 

But yeah, if Holly is actually serious abt hurting herself I think she should return to get any sort of therapy, whether it be a facility, community based, etc. It's kinda hard to sort out what's true since she seems to suicide bait a lot as a manipulation tactic of hers and twists situations a lot.


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Holly don't. Just don't. If you can't handle your own mental health don't do streams while you're in guilt tripping everyone mode



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I’m convinced she responded to this publicly just to boost it so more people would sign it and validate her. Honestly i find it really creepy that she’s promoting this bullshit petition.



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She might as well have said "gee do you think I should uwu?". It's obvious she wants to when she has no business doing it and wants to be one of those "I didn't want to but my fans really pushed me to" fake humble shit thing people do.


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