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When can I start a new topic?

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Helloooooooo all! Been a lurker for a while but I wanna start a new thread.

Anyone know when I can start a new thread in Little Snowflakes?


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Starting in October, we’ve decided that all new topics must be approved of by mods. We are putting this in place because we want topics to be well-structured and easily accessible to those reading about the subject of the thread for the first time. This is already in place for people making their first post on the website, but we’ve noticed that some other topics even by people who have posted before are not very well structured and not informative. Also, you must be willing to update the first post of the thread from time to time if anything new happens. 

All threads posted in this forum will be looked at by moderators and then moved to their appropriate sections. Thanks so much!

Criteria for Making a Thread on Someone

  • You must know who they are and be able to list their social media
    • No "Who is this" posts- can ask here instead
  • Thread subject must have over 10,000 followers on any one social media account (on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch…)
    • This is to prevent against vendetta, self-posting and creating a "personal army"
  • Thread subject must be over 16 years old
  • You must supply links to all of their social media
  • Must include relevant tags. Please choose tags from this list.
  • Summary of the person (History online, relevant information)
  • Thread subject MUST have a history of online drama - scamming, fraud, excessive lies, misrepresentation of appearance or character, denial of obvious photoshopping, feuds, etc.
  • NO threads "to see if there's anything interesting" or to see if there is drama to start with.
  • You must post evidence of snowflakery (eg. Photoshopping, scamming, etc.)
  • It is YOUR responsibility when making a thread to supply enough material so that any user opening the thread can follow the drama without any prior knowledge of the thread subject.
  • Must be in an easily readable format.
    • Bullet points and spoilers are your friend, especially if listing many pictures.
    • Spoiler images that are nsfw in nature
  • Cannot be your first post, and your account must be in good standing.
    • Must have had an account for a week
    • Must have at least 5 posts
    • Must have a reputation of at least 25
    • No exceptions.
  • Please keep in mind that the person you are making this topic on will probably see it at some point. Topics should be made for a reason, not just to "see if there's any drama about this person." If they have a smaller following, check a group discussion instead of starting an entire topic about them first. 

Examples of How Topics Should Look:

If your post is not moved within 48 hours to online personalities, there is most likely something wrong with it. Please check over the list to make sure you have filled out all the requirements listed here. Points highlighted in red are hard requirements and posts will be unequivocally declined if one doesn't fulfill these requirements.  



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