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nickelodeon Dan Schneider Scandal Thread

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Looks like she deleted that post... And a bunch of others as well. Darn I was hoping to see it for myself. I’ve been paying close attention to Amanda since she came back online, and the most worrying thing I’ve seen is the face tattoo. Those aren’t inherently bad, especially in certain lines of work. But the choice of where on her face + the size + how crappy it actually looks is what’s worrying. Especially since we know she hasn’t been well mentally in a long time. I wonder why she decided to do that...

About her BF, I personally don’t want to be quick to judge someone who I’ve never heard say a single word. There’s really no reason at this point to believe he could be a bad guy. I respect people’s opinions but idk why people are saying he’s sketchy? Why, cuz he’s an ex addict or something? Cuz I mean so is Amanda. If she found someone who’s in the same boat as her, cares for her and will encourage her to stay clean idk what the issue is. We know nothing about him so I don’t think it’s fair to label him as sketchy.  


In my case its more of a Nick Gordon and Bobbie Kristina Brown situation but with a baby involved. Both aren't good for each other's health but decided to have a kid.

Also its a possiblity she won't even have custody of the baby after birth


12:03 PM PT -- Amanda's attorney, David Esquibias, tells TMZ, "I'm not confirming that Amanda is expecting and because of that it's premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda's unborn child."

Amanda Bynes could have to give up custody when her child is born around 8 months from now ... due to her mental health issues.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda's about 6 weeks pregnant and currently receiving treatment in a psychiatric facility. While it's a good sign she's getting treatment ... we're told the plan is for Amanda's father and her BF, Paul Michael, to share custody of the baby. BTW, yes she's back with Paul and we're told they're working things out.

Our sources say Amanda does not yet realize she's losing custody. We're also told she did NOT get pregnant in an attempt to get out of her conservatorship -- and nothing is changing with the conservatorship.

Amanda's been wanting a child for some time now, according to our sources, but people around her are worried about the baby's health because Amanda smokes cigarettes.

As we reported ... Amanda announced her pregnancy Tuesday night by posting a pic of the ultrasound, which she's since taken down.

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