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The Musicians Thread

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The ultimate thread for musicians on PULL!  Pros, advanced , self taught, lessons, beginner, composers, singers and people curious to learn an instrument too. For discussions, questions or discussing progress, and sharing the pieces/songs you're working on.

I'll go first :)

Instruments: Cello, Piano

Musical family or not: Funnily enough, My grandmothers on both sides had piano lessons as a kid. One quit as a kid due to a creepy teacher, the other played Organ till the day she died. My mom and dad both do not play anything. My sister is a violinist, and she and I are the only ones of our siblings that play instruments.

Skill Level: Cello: Early advanced. Piano: early to mid Intermediate

In a band/Orechestra?: I played for a very short period of time in an Adult Orechestra and years in a youth orchestra. I also sang in a choir, plus played a few times at my cousins church lol. Currently, I'm on my own.

Reason for picking instrument: I like the diversity on the piano, almost all genre's work on it and you have both the melody and chords to work with. Cello because I first wanted a violin but I couldn't stand how horrific it sounded at first with all the screeching(I regret it a little now when I hear my sister play so fluidly.) So I went with cello, I like how it has this angry/melancholic sound to it.

Lessons or Self taught: For the cello I have had 14 years of lessons and then continued on my own. Piano I had one year of lessons and 3 years self taught.

Goals: I used to want to become a cello teacher. then I realised I dislike working with children so now just for fun. Piano I like because not all songs work on the cello imo, and it has always been on the top 5 of my favourite instruments.

Pieces/Songs currently learning/working on: For piano, Misty by Errol Garner


Valse Brillante Op. 34 nr 2 by Frederic Chopin


For cello, sonata in B minor for solo cello op 8, by  Zoltan Kodály


and Letter by Mika Nakashima(By ear)


Playing by ear skills: Not too good, but working on it Haha.

Favourite genre to play: Video game,Movie/TV/Drama OST. So soundtracks basically. 

Other instruments I'd still like to learn: Violin, Harp. 

Ultimate dream song to be able to play fluently: too many tbh.

Things I want to work on/improve: Piano, better posture, using arm weight to play 99% of the time. When I'm stressed I usually play from the hand for some reason and end up with joint pain. Cello, better bowing and also better posture, plus saving up for a high quality cello bow. And also losing anxiety during performance.

Favourite song to play: Morten Sørlie - Faith


Tips  I'd give to new musicians: Either save up, or rent a good quality instrument for sure. Also learn to read sheet music and do not rely on programs like Synthesia, learning to read sheet music is actually a lot easier than you think!



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