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Aria Rose / Saccharine Beats

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Why didn't she just delete the video? I don't really know how that stuff works...


The video was removed but I guess she was so upset she just deleted everything but don’t worry she remakes like every week or something 


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Aria posted an update that marks the rise of the cover channel, replacing her drama channel, also not missing a single chance to call whore the girl who stroke her down. As always Aria showing how much she loves criticism, has disabled both comments and likes


Part 1:After her most recent meltdown, Aria entered once again in her "muh wholesome and fluffy girl". Nothing much happened during this part

Aria teasing of doing a podcast


doing another of her "I'm much better now <333" like the uwutubers she hates so much



And with the Abortion law in the US, Aria revealed she was assaulted before


 Part 2: Aria has gone back to full overwatch posting, fulfilling at the same time her daily quota to remind everyone she has crippling anxiety


 Lacking again self awareness, Aria, you bring really personal stuff into the public, you're not much better than them


Part 3: And now this is where it gets interesting. Aria started talking about reworkmercy, going full passive agressive once again and another anxiety pity post


Niandra, the mercy main she got into a fight with, thought this was directed at her and made a response


And of course Aria replied, going into full "Why people still bully me :(((( I did nothing wrong uwu"



Wanna know something Nicole, Niandra may havbe been getting low views, but proportional to her subs and she has a little channel, she is doing much, much better than you, your last video on your main channel from last month has a pathetic 5k and yet you try to use numbers to belittle others.

And then in other replies she went against Star2, the other mercy main who did a video about her. Wanna know something? Aria takes as an insult being called a "plat mercy", it's much worse for her being called a plat/gold mercy player than any other insult. I'm also posting star 2 comment from months ago about that


And obviously it's not Aria without acting like a wholesome drama-free girl


 And after all this time she ended up going to the opposite opinion she had at the beginning of the year regarding mercy and bragging about her life


 And for last, nothing like good insecure couple bragging, today is the anniversary between aria and her attack dog danzings!


Extra: this one was during the copyright strike meltdown, showing how seriously aria takes the internet



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Posted (edited)


One full circle, lol. What a joke. That passive aggressive tweet. I guess Niandra is everything Aria wanted to be for Mercy players, so it makes sense. Pretty sad Aria can't realize that she digs her own holes and self-sabotages anything she puts effort in. 

Edit: Just saw this now lol: 



Also, how dumb is that comment about followers? Lmao. Not everyone craves to be a social media UwU NOTLIKEOTHERGIRLS disaster. 

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Her singing is atrocious 


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Posted (edited)

Her singing is atrocious 


She is all the way atrocious according to her tweets, it's not just her singing 

Also in the last video she seems to have a deeper voice, is it just me?

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