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Just one freckle

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So, long ago I got one freckle (and mole I got removed) after going to the beach, I havent stepped on a beach ever since (and I live in an island so imagine that lol), I'm quite afraid I will get more freckles or some malicious mole or something, I used sunscreen that summer and I'm responsible about my skin but I still got them (nothing malicious) What should I do to not get more? 


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my legs haven't seen the sun in a year and I have a new mole here and there every now and then. it's completely normal and I wouldn't worry too much about that unless it's a new huge mole with a weird color. they are also more likely to appear if you have sensitive/see-through skin (if your veins are very visible). freckles go away with time, I had prominent freckles when I was 14 because I was out in the sun regularly and in the winter they vanished. keep using your protection and staying hydrated, moles and freckles are mostly inevitable! 


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