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Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]

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While I'm not crazy about the earrings or the insane price, I will give Kenna some credit. She decided to collab with a pretty successful company that isn't YesStyle. She could have easily worked with a mass-producing, fast-fashion brand that sells $20 earrings that cost $.10 to make in China, but instead, she went with what seems to be an independently owned company where the owner really enjoys what she does. We all know how much Kenna isn't the best at promoting clothing/items from fair-trade companies (YesStyle, F21 are def not fair trade), so like I said, I give her some credit. 


You know that's exactly how these are made right? All the parts are still bought and produced in China, just because some American girls are putting all the pieces together doesn't make it any LESS fast-fashion than any of the other brands you mentioned. 

Do not give companies like this that kind of credit, they're just finding out how to use cheap mass-produced materials into other cheap-mass produced products. 

It's literally one step above drop-shipping.


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please start commenting on the new thread guys :alpacaheadshake:

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