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Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)

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I agree with the pastel colours, she should have gone for a light blue maybe. It also emphasizes her paleness when she's not wearing makeup.

But what I noticed in those two photos... Her hair has thinned out horribly much. It wasn't as noticeably with the light colour but now that it's dark how thin it actually is. I guess it's nice for that kind of hairstyle but uh... It's not exactly a sign for healthy hair treatment.


you are totally right! Her hair does look super thin and fine. Knowing her she's just going to keep dying it tho. She's more into dying it than actual hair care treatments. I too agree that the dark hair clashes reallllly bad with her mostly all pastel wardrobe. She doesn't seem to own enough dark clothing to match the dark hair.


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To me it looks like a cheap Blue wig:alpacabored:


Like the ones invadernudes wears:harharplz:


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