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Dry Skin!

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I recommend the lotion "Curel fragrance free lotion". It's worked so well for me. In the winter I always get dry bloody hands and when I put that on for two days straight my hands are back to normal.

I have Serb dermatitis and I find that curel takes care of inflammation/dryness that I get on my face.

One thing is , don't put too much . I find that it doesn't absorb too well if you put a heavy layer.


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For the past few days I have had the worst dry skin! It's all over my face, and it looks super awful.

I haven't been able to figure out what to do to help it, I've tried using face cream and that didn't work, and drinking water doesn't seem to be making a difference either. I have no idea why my skin is so dry and flakey all of a sudden, because this isn't an issue I've ever had before!

Any suggestions would be super appreciated! :alpacacrush:


This could be eczema or perhaps an allergic reaction to something. Try a layering moisturization routine! It's nothing fancy or expensive depending on the products you use. Just try putting a serum on your skin first, something a little thicker, and then something even thicker on top of that. You can even skip that and just keep moisturizing throughout the day with whatever works.

Sudo cream, shea butter, and aloe vera gel, whether it's pure or the famous Fruit of the Earth Alove Vera Gel, are all good, thick, creamy fixes for dry skin! I know you probably don't want your face to feel sticky or weighed down (who does??) but at this point you need something nice and thick to massage into your skin and penetrate into your pores in order to reduce the dryness.

Just listen to your skin and keep trying things until you find something that works for you and your skin type!

And don't forget to continue to drink loads of water!:alpacacrush:

Hope this helps!:alpacacrush:


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