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Dealing with dry lips

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im not sure if ive posted here bec i also have the same problem. If you have honey, try putting that on your lips before you sleep. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush but not too hard or not too often. If a dry skin wont peel off, dont force it. If you pick on the dry skin, stop or it wont heal fast.

Other than honey, apply lip balm on your lips at night. Beeswax products rly help. In my country i use a lipbalm that specializes in it. It really helps. At day, wear a lip balm that protects it from the sun---AND gives you moist charge. I use Canmake Lipstick Lip Balm.

Also if it works--drink lots of water. It will help your lips moisturize. 

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I used to have lips so dry that I remember when a friend just gave me Vaseline for my lips.. :alpacadone: very embarrassing ik

But, anyways.. Idk if this helps or anything but lip gloss and lip balm have done w o n d e r s for making my lips buttery soft and moisturized and mind you I don't use any of those "sugar lip scrubs" because sugar or anything abrasive can cause microtears on your skin, which is really bad for your skin's health and knowing how sensitive the lips are I have never put any sugar lip scrub on them but anyways..

I use peppermint lip balm, anything thats tingling like Blistex I mostly use. And for pretty much most, well all of the lip glosses I have, are clear lip glosses. I love beauty supply store lip glosses, the lip glosses that literally cost $1. As for my soft lip routine: I literally put on Blistex first (ofc) and then lip gloss and for awhile I wait for an hour and when I rub my lips together for like a good 1 or 2 minutes literally I'm EXFOLIATING all the dead skin off because lip gloss has such a nice sticky, slitthery substance. And just like that I'm left with SOFT lips! :alpacacrush: Lip gloss is great for softening your lips. Also, I was given advice that if you want soft lips, literally sleep overnight with lip gloss on and it will make your lips feel so soft  :alpacaheadshake:

I hope you try this :meowplz: 

Oh and also avoid licking your lips, people think that licking your lips will "moisturize" your lips but it doesn't it makes it even more dry n crusty because saliva evaporates quickly and licking them often will cause your lips to lose their natural oils.

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