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Also her trying to look like Ariana in half of her music videos is hilarious. She's an Asian woman cosplaying as a white woman who's cosplaying as a black woman. 


This is seriously mindblowing.... One cringey snowflake cosplaying another bitchy snowflake. Ariana cosplays as half "tough black" and half "kawaii asian", though. Way to go with the stereotypes.


Also funny how dead this thread is recently. Seems like nobody is able to go through her content anymore, THAT'S next level shit.


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Well, at least her nose looks so much better these days but I wanna know just how much she regrets her jaw shaving bc that shit starting to sag.



she definitely had her buccal fat removed as well, which contributes to the sagging/very aged look around her lower face. Compared to the way she looked before (in her DDR days), that jaw shaving she got was hella aggressive. 

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