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Taylor R General Discussion Thread

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I believe he was imitating a scene from the film Eurotrip... regardless, Taylor should have edited it out.



ugh anyone else bothered by her brother's junk all up in the camera/inches from Taylor's face? gross...


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guys, I wish that taylor could tell about her plastic surgerys, because I want do this too, and like her ( like her more slim face and soft cheek). I guess a lot of people want this too, and this would absolutely help us. :alpacaworry::alpacaworry: *PS just a thought :'(


If you're interested in cosmetic surgery, the website RealSelf has tons of reviews from people who have had different procedures, and they write diaries of their recoveries and whether or not they feel it was worth it. Keep in mind that some of the pictures are NSFW (boob jobs and so on).

Taylor has had some kind of fillers or cheek implants, but possibly  'v-line' jaw procedure too, which is very popular in South Korea. Having said that, a more narrow jaw does not necessarily look better on everyone. Taylor had gorgeous, womanly features before her surgery, with a strong jaw; now, she looks like an alien baby.


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