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Sakimichan (Yue Wang)


Instagram / DeviantArt / Youtube / Facebook / Patreon / Twitter / Tumblr (archive)

Sakimichan is a Canadian digital artist that became the most popular and well-known person across the internet. She started out on deviantArt many years ago, and through her art she earned a massive online following for her realistic rendering of cartoon characters. She currently has over 500k watchers on dA and 700k followers on Instagram. As of now, she's earning up to 700,000$ on her patreon every year, making her the number 1 most paid artist on patreon.

She draws on average between 5-9 fully rendered drawings per month with sfw and nsfw variants, 1 tutorial with a voice over, and sometimes a few extra drawings if there's something popular she wants to hop on.

She made the switch to drawing NSFW art in 2017 because it paid better. Because she's churning out so much art so quickly, her drawings are taking a huge huge nosedive in quality due to laziness and trying to meet her patreon's deadlines. She has gone from making original fantasty pieces to overpriced bad low-hanging-fruit fanart porn.

Her art has become uninspired, lazy, and many call her a sellout for only catering to NSFW fans instead of her OG fans who her followed her for her fantasy art in the beginning. She relies on drawing fanart 99.9% of the time, her most original content (tutorials) are locked behind paywalls, no longer takes commissions from fans as she did in the beginning, and many say that she's gotten more stuck up since she became massively popular. Even with the amount of experience she has after graduating with an art degree, she limits herself to forcing characters into body-types and races she herself is comfortable drawing regardless of how they actually look. Her art is inconsistent and littered with flaws that she doesn't fix, and she can't handle criticism from anybody because she disables comments or outright deleting posts en masse.

Examples of her older work


Her art now:


If you couldn't already tell, this thread is going to be very NSFW at times, so tread with caution :alpacaworry:



Sakimichan is not immune to criticism. Whether she's been an artist for over a decade or just started yesterday, just because she's good at what she does doesn't mean that she can't be criticized like everybody else. Do not defend her mistakes because you personally enjoy her art or think that if you aren't on Sakimichan's level you can't criticize her. This is a gossip forum, not a circlejerk. If you've come here to defend her because you think she doesn't need any criticism and everybody here is a big fat meany trying to hurt your fave artist, please see this


Making money off of a breast cancer campaign skin

Blizzard released a special Overwatch charity skin for Mercy for to raise awareness for breast cancer, and each of the donations went to cancer research. Sakimichan decided it was a good idea to make money off of it by drawing low-effort porn of said skin for her patreon followers. Many called her out for being disrespectful to the cause because she only wanted to make money off of it. Despite all of this, her drawings remain up on her social media.



Sakimi's take (nsfw)





Can't handle criticism

She is most active on her Instagram page where she uploads her art regularly. Recently as of November, she's locked comments to followers only and now nobody who isn't following her can comment on any of her posts. This was likely due to the insane amounts of backlash and criticism she would regularly get on each of her posts criticizing her art for the mistakes she makes but doesn't fix. In between the criticisms are her WKs fighting them in the comments, she does not intervene or address any of these each time it happens, instead ignoring them and attempting to halt the amount of flak she's getting.



On Christmas eve she uploaded three variants of a Christmas Camilla drawing she made for the holidays. The criticisms she received were astronomical, all comments critiquing how bad the anatomy was and her blind fans attacking everything that had a different opinion. So she ended up temporarily disabling her instagram profile (allegedly). She later reactivated it after the holidays and proceeded to remove all traces of Christmas Ham Camilla from her instagram and facebook.

Christmas Camillas (NSFW)




Same face Syndrome 

Her NSFW drawings/pin-ups suffer from all having the exact same facial expression in each one. This is not exclusive to just her female drawings. (special thanks to elefire for making the larger face/mouth compilation edit)





Anatomy Errors (NSFW)

Despite having over 10 years of experience under her belt, many of her patreon term pieces are riddled with errors. Excluding the basic mistakes like adding extra fingers or lazy editing, her problems go beyond with severe anatomical errors, broken limbs, issues with perspective and foreshortening, and (weirdly enough) mismatched nipples on breasts and pecs which is a reoccurring thing. There are various redlines in throughout the thread, so I wasn't able to include each and every one of them.










Thighs are too long, right shoulder is too high, legs are disproportionately skinny








Plagiarism and white-washing


Original on the left from the Okami artbook, Sakimi's drawing on the right.

She later added the 'reference' to her description after being called out by user Merrichan on deviantArt for copying the artbook.


Lady of Luminosity pointed out Yue's drawing of Korra, an Inuit coded character, being white-washed with light skin and Western facial features. She was called out by her fans for whitewashing her, so she reuploaded it with darker skin (but still light in some areas) and ethnic facial features.

Korra looks like this (taken from the co-creator of LoK series' tumblr)









Gif (easier to see changes)


And this isn't the first occurrence, Sakimichan has drawn Korra twice before and each time she whitewashed her giving her light/whiter skin and eurocentric facial features.




Underage Hentai / Aging up minors 


It is debatable if Yue's drawings of aged up characters in sexual situations are right or wrong since a) they're fictional but b) they're still children. Her fans have started to voice their ire with the constant aged up pieces Yue draws of (aged up) child characters specifically being put in sexual situations with adults all for money. However, she has drawn minors naked and/or in sexual situations and porn of children's cartoons characters with no repercussions.

Asuka from Evangelion. She's 14 years old, and nowhere did Samichan state that this was an aged up drawing. 


Mikasa Ackerman, a 15 year old girl that she drew shirtless and didn't state if this was aged up. (There is a hentai edit floating around, but I can't confirm if it's real or not, so I didn't include it.)



Her k-pop idol Bakugou who is 16 years old, she didn't state this was aged up


Ryo and Akira from the Devilman Crybaby Netflix adaptation, who are both 16 years old, having sex.



Ladybug and Chat Noir, who are both teens in high school, she drew Chat Noir having sex with himself





Rin from Inuyasha, a 10 year old girl aged up to have sex with Sesshomaru



Shouta from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid who is A FIFTH GRADE BOY 




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Most of the anatomy errors seem to be stylistic, and minor at most. I'd like to see some examples of her not taking criticism, though. Out of curiosity, what's the problem with drawing sexualized pinups for a living?


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Posted (edited)

While I'm not a fan of pinup art in general, hers included, I think she has a really nice style, and don't think there's anything particularly wrong with specializing in character pinups and sexual content. It seems to be paying her bills phenomenally. The faces are all pretty much the same it's true but at least they're aesthetically pleasing. I used to be a stickler for anatomy in my beginner artist days, but I don't think it's that big a deal if you can create a beautiful composition. It seems like people like to nitpick anatomy just to bring down successful artists. All that being said, I know her style and her name based on sheer popularity, but I don't follow her so I'd be interested to know of any specifically snowflakey behavior. Artists who do same face and have anatomy issues are everywhere, so what's so special about it other than she's e-famous?


I'm not trying to make her out to be some evil snowflake, and I at one point followed her for the same art she's making now. She used to draw other things, but once she moved to a platform that allowed her to be paid for it, she made the jump to make almost exclusively NSFW art. And before you accuse me of trying to shame her and nitpick, she's putting these out to people who are paying her to draw and teach them, and she's not correcting her own errors or at the very least acknowledge that she's made mistakes. She's been on the internet for almost a decade and of course she's e-famous, she's earned it for being a talented artist. I am well aware that there are plenty of artists who do same face, anatomy issues etc. I made this as a discussion topic, not to call her a snowflake.

Most of the anatomy errors seem to be stylistic, and minor at most. I'd like to see some examples of her not taking criticism, though. Out of curiosity, what's the problem with drawing sexualized pinups for a living?


There isn't a problem with making sexualized pin-ups for a living, I didn't say that. The issue is she's over-saturated with it when she has and still can make drawings that aren't NSFW. Then again she is being payed to do it, so hey, follow the money. The only issues that I can think of off the top of my head are her NSFW drawings of underage characters that she's aged up (Ladybug, Roxas, Yuri Plisetsky), which depending on your stance could be problematic or not when it comes to aging up characters to depict them in a sexualized manner. 

Here's the issue with criticism on her 02 and Ichigo drawing; there's over a 1000 comments arguing about the proportions being off when her average post has around 100 ~ 500. 


And then she uploads a close-up of the same picture a day later and STILL is getting comments about the proportions, still not addressing the comments.


She hasn't made any response to the criticism she's received and it's still up there. There's probably more, but I'll look later.


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Added pictures, there's too many to go through on her posts so that's just a snippet

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From what I've seen she seems to have a basic grasp of anatomy but I think her heavy reliance on the liquify tool says a lot about where that knowledge stops. 

She does a lot of conventional/mainstream art as in the same face pinup anime style she has going on. I used to follow her before she had her patreon, she still makes decent art but at this point it's overly repetitive and predictable. But I mean sex sells and if she's happy doing what she does good for her. 


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tbh i think she should become a figurine illustrator with oc figurs. all her work looks like ecchi figurines - impossible bodies, titties defying gravity, thunder thighs and stick calves with the same face on every single neck. 

it's sad really. i feel like if she didn't make did neckbeard shit, she would be able to grow and make something that could be really cool!


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That's what I mean! She obviously has a diverse range of abilities and it shows in a lot of her older art and some of her newer things, but she resigns herself to just drawing the same bodies with the same faces and the same expressions to rake in that money. But it's working, so hey good for her. I believe she's completely capable of going above and beyond since she was hired by Bioware as a concept artist. I would love to see what she created while working on projects like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


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Posted (edited)

I used to be a pretty big fan of her work back before Patreon was the beast it is now.

I think her art reached its peak in 2014, and then her quality dipped when she started making a ton of Patreon bucks.

Why put in the effort of making fully rendered, polished work when you can release several smaller, incomplete pieces. She herself has said that because of Patreon she can be more "experimental" with her pieces, but I can't help but feel like it is a cop out. 

To this day I cannot get over how this:



Was something she drew in 2017 and released as a pinup on her Patreon; the quality is a nose dive from what she has released in the past.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that she was not working in the Bioware Edmonton studio, but the now defunct Bioware Montreal, which means she would have been working on Mass Effect: Andromeda or the previous trilogy's DLC's. The likelihood she contributed to the original trilogy or any of the Dragon Age games are slim. I have known a few people who have worked at Bioware and from the way they talk the Montreal studio did very little work with the main games.



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i still feel like she was a hypocrite during the whole kr0nprinz art theft/plagiarism thing a few years back. you really dont have much room to talk about "stealing people's ideas" when you're making big bucks off of people's original ideas (characters)... 


+ this tweet perfectly summarizes it:



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i used to be a big fan of her art. she definitely has a lot of talent- she's great at what she does, and the shading is phenomenal. art is subjective, everyone will have different views on different arts and art styles. i would love to see her expand her works sometime.

i don't find her problematic, but it's a shame that a lot of her work is just for $ now. would love to see something that she really wants to draw, something with meaning. but like i said, art is subjective, and she can do what she wants. i'm just voicing my opinion.


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I would like to see her art expand to different body types


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Posted (edited)

I really like her style and her skills are awesome, but I'd like to see more than just nsfw art. She has a lot of potential and stick to drawing pin ups forever seems like a waste for me, it would be refreshing and she could improve a lot if she leaves her comfort zone and starts experimenting with diferent things imo

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Oh I love Saki! her art is hot af :alpacacrush::alpacacrush:


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