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Do you have tips for Kawaii fashion?

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Hi,I am interested in Kawaii fashion,I would like some tips for it,(ex:clothes,makeup,accessories,etc.)Could someone help me please?


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Posted (edited)

Hi,I am interested in Kawaii fashion,I would like some tips for it,(ex:clothes,makeup,accessories,etc.)Could someone help me please?


What sort of things do you like and how old are you? What sort of dress code do you follow? Would you say you're more edgy, glam, old fashioned, hippie, pastel and cutesy, rainbow brite, etc.? A good place to start would be Ardenes or some place like that, or any jewelry section that has cute rings and necklaces and wrist bands or hair clips, headbands, bows, anything like that. You can shop anywhere really, and there's no clear cut defined way to look "kawaii", just buy things that call out to you, things that seem like a good deal or you know you will wear often, things that will go well with other stuff in your wardrobe, and such. I also love looking in thrift stores. Don't expect to find something every time you go out or over spend the first time, you might not wear everything you buy or you might run out of money and then realise you wanted to buy more or other things. If your budget is a bit higher ,then just shop anywhere. Also if you have an older sister or some friends who can go shopping with you and girl out with you, that makes it even better lol. Buy flattering silhoutted clothes and fitted and also baggy things, but nothing that is baggy where it looks like a tent or like an old raggedy shirt. Jersey shirts are cool, as well as floral, ruffles, tank tops, belly tops, anything lace, anything sheer or gauzey, tuille (like tutus!), bright colours, cute animal design or patterns, oversized hoodies or headbands with ears, coloured skinnies, leggings in any style or colour (good for layering), long tops like baby dolls or tunics, short skirts, shorts, anything navy or sailor inspired, stripes, berets, slouchy beanies, ball caps (cute colours a bonus), backpacks, purses, cool wallets, keychains, phone cases, shoes can be any kind you like, I have some of every style, I love shoes too much lol I have a lot of pastel and floral shoes, and pink shoes, I have a few high heels and some sandals and many flats. Also metallic and shiney things can be kawaii but in moderation, unless you're trying to give off a more bold effect. 


For other things, I would suggest buying toys, little figurines you like or action figures or some stuffed animals to keep on your bed as well as knick knacks and vintage things or princessy and elegant things. I am not saying to go spend your money on a bunch of cheap crap and look like a cringey adult baby, but having interests that are more youthful and keeping more fun or childish things around gives a carefree energy. And decorating and dressing up can make you feel kawaii. I like to have lots of stickers, as well as face gems and such, and even fake tattoos. Makeup should be however you like it, but if you want some basic tips, watch makeup videos and adapt it to your look. Don't do that weird overdone dolly look every kawaii girl tried to do in 2012. Look more for kpop stars, gyaru and harajuku girls as well as BJD's, super models and such. I know I make it sound like I'm telling you to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, which I am, and you're gonna have to get a job lol and buy stuff RELATED TO YOUR INTERESTS AND THINGS YOU GENUINELY LIKE. Take your time and do it at a steady pace, don't become a hoarder or a shopping addict and then lose sense of your personality or your mind. Just think of it as being a girl. My boyfriend always says I have too much stuff but I use all my stuff, I like to look different every day and wear a lot of makeup and dress like a hoe or a doll sometimes. Boys don't understand.


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