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Tried to read Lolita for the first time.

im only on page 15 and I can’t push forward with this nastiness.

these girls really want a dirty old pervert like Humbert who cant even stand grown women.

like he literally went with an older woman to rape her daughter.

theres no changing a man.

if an older man approaches you and you’re underaged it means women his age find something wrong you him or he can’t even get it up with girls that age.

if a man says he likes you when you try and act like a school girl or young girl it’s a clear sign the second you age and can’t pull it off he’s gonna go after the real deal.

this goes for older women too.

i can understand a girl 25 and the dude is twice her age.

shes an adult and grew up to a point where she’s not in that mind frame that all these girls are in.

These girls need to understand that they in fact aren’t special.

there are hundreds of thousands of girls who think they’re mature.

they SWEAR by it.

that the thing it’s our main want.

to be called mature and all that stuff.

thats why older perverts use that excuse when they get caught with one.

”shes so mature though”

thats their go to word.

because it works and it’s grooming and victim blaming when he tries to be excuse his behavior.

That word makes us young girls feel so important and special.

it makes us feel like we can make choices and that they’re correct because we’re mature.

Not every choice is the right one.

Dont let a man get to you because of his compliments 

Dont let a female get to you because they call you that

Being Lolita is not good.

Dont claim to look up to Dolores when you act like Humberts fantasy 

Dolores is not Lolita she’s A survivor, she tried to fight and never wanted to be seen as his sick sexy vixen 

All these girls are doing is worshipping the image a pervert saw.

trying to turn it into a reality.

trying to be the nymphets he spoke about.

why name yourself after a perverts name for 9-13 year olds he found to be sexy/sensual?

what justification is there for that?

you aren’t trying to be that but you name yourself after it?

use it as a way to call your community.

So they’re not Pedophile Encouragers but mimic the fashion in films directed around child molestation/relationship movies?

than go to the point they’ll call themselves a name that pedophiles used for 9-13 years olds that they consider sexy or sexually attractive.

totally justifiable right?


I agree with every part of this post. Lolita is a book where you are stuck in the mind of a vile predator and pedo, bathed in flowery language that people call beautiful writing. In my opinion even the flowery writing style verges on what they call "purple language". The writing style is so extravagant that it draws too much attention to itself. It overuses melodramatic descriptions. It confuses some readers into thinking its an actual work of art. A pedophile is still a pedophile, even bathed in fancy words and narration. All of this combined with the vile plot and character makes this book trash to me.

The one aspect that this all revolves around, is sex. If erotica and sex was not a part of this community and if it was just a style, that would be different. But it is all based around S E X, from every angle, and that is what is wrong and anyone getting aroused over anything related to children is sick. They can make as many excuses as they like to make out what they do is fine, but something is very very wrong and off about it all. 


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 In my opinion even the flowery writing style verges on what they call "purple language". 


Also known as 'purple prose', and these girls are guilty as hell of using it. My writing as a teen was full of purple prose because I had so little of value to say.

I've never read Lolita, but some books get a pass on purple prose, imo. American Psycho has paragraphs upon paragraphs of Patrick thinking to himself about business cards, clothes and even music. The language lends to his unreliablity as a narrator, because he's obviously deranged. Nobody cares about a business card or gets that insanely jealous over them. Spoilers: Patrick was certainly sick in the head, but in the end we're led to believe he never actually did anything wrong beyond having a sick mind.

I have to reserve my critism of Lolita since I haven't read it, but I wanted to point out that both of these books are told from the point of view of mentally deranged older men. The over the top writing, from a writers stand point, tells a lot about the character telling the story. It's usually hinting at something wrong in their social developement.


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From my perspective the book gets a pass on the flowery language. In the book it does show how sick Humbert is well with it. Admittedly it is my favourite book (and not for glamorizing reasons) as it gives you a viewpoint never really seen in a beautifully disgusting way. The girls here have really missed the point of the book.


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