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Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri

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I just saw one video of her and am already sick...something about her looks/feels snowflake to me.(This could be just me tho)

I thought it was amazing to have went to Japan at 18/19 to study! But I feel most of  her videos are just on kinky subjects (is she doing this to get more views/attention?)...Morena is a foreigner in Japan and like all foreigners your ganna get attention but if you wear kinky/unappropriated outfits then that's ganna cause more problems for you, I read some Japanese women don't even show off their cleavage as it can cause trouble/wrong image. If you want to study in a foreign country then do some culture research before moving abroad and since your living alone be more careful not to cause problems for yourself.


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The bitch is back on Instagram and she’s “rebranding.”



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She is (was? not sure) having a livestream just now. Again, begging for money for furniture for her unnecessarily big apartment lol


The best thing is that the 3 minutes I was strong enough to watch, she said something along the lines of "Do y'all expect me to put out content from the goodness of my heart? A bitch needs money". Almost made me gag. She's hosnetly pathetic with this begging thing. If at least she were nice to her "fans" but nah, she's so fucking rude, it's unbelievable.


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I get how people can take offense to her actions and attitude online but that is something I don’t care about right now. So far I’m amazed by the hypocrisy of the responses regarding her mental illnesses and her dressing the way she wants to dress in Japan.

Mental illnesses manifests and affects people in different ways. Not everyone with depression or anxiety have introverted personalities.                                                    In a previous live she already said that she was professionally diagnosed with BPD.

Regarding the way she dresses, I’m sure none of you will have no problem with what she was wearing back in the States or any other Western country. Lets be honest most of you would even defend her. 

You all know a country such as Japan has a society with a backwards way of thinking. You can’t change your views depending where it takes place. Either you stand for it or you don’t. Japan is not a very religious or sacred place where you are required to cover up.

With Japan’s law of public indecency it all depends on your intent. If officers felt that she was doing something inappropriate don’t you think she would have been arrested or fined the night she was wearing that outfit?



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