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Violet Verdandi

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She retweeted this a while back.






I totally missed this last time I posted, so sorry for the late reply. 

Idk who wrote this, but I’m assuming by “3 legal documents” they mean: social security card, birth certificate, and proof of residency (i.e. a piece of mail with your name on it). Since they’ve indicated she’s shown them her social security card (which is kinda a weird thing to do imo even when you consider she must’ve shown it with the numbers blocked out) and she presumably has a permanent address, the hitch is probably the birth certificate (which now that I’m looking, you can apparently order a copy online, but idk how valid those are and what you have to supply exactly to get one). 

If any of this is true....it kind of makes me wonder if maybe Violet was starting to feel the heat from other people on twitter regarding her age. I saw at least 2 tweets prior to her posting the passport regarding how disgusting it was that “everyone was retweeting a minor“ with one naming her outright. Instead of waiting for the updated passport or state ID, she decided to jump the gun to prove the haters wrong with the expired passport. 

She hasn’t posted since then so I’m guessing she’s either waiting for everyone to forget for a little bit or is actually still working on getting that new passport lol


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