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Yandere Dev - EXPOSED

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Yandere Simulator is a popular anime indie game which is currently in development by Alex Mahan, who goes under the alias "Yandere Dev". The game revolves around a high school student who is "Yandere" (A popular anime trope where a person is so in love with someone they are willing to conflict harm to others.) and has a crush on a male upperclassman who is known as "Senpai" or Taro Yamada. The game has been in development since 2014 and has great potential, but there are certain problems I have with the creator of the game and some things he has said and done, (in the past and recently) which I would like to address.

While now he is "Yandere Dev" he used to go under the name of EvaXephon and used to spam links to his streams and annoyed many people. He aspired to create video games and his code was criticized by the creator of 'Skullgirls', MikeZ. Eva had none of it and threw a fit about how his hero had not even given him blind praise.

He continued making games, his first game being a Hack n' Slash style game, which he advertised everywhere, and was ignored. (I see why)

Eventually, this lead up until 2014 when he came back as "Yandere Dev" and started developing the game "Yandere Simulator."

However, this game has many problems in itself.

The models were stolen from Unity's Addon Store, but not just the models, the rooms too. (They were stolen from MMD.)
He never gave credit for them and claimed for them to be placeholders, however, the game has been in development for years and years and these "Placeholders" have never been replaced. He's been using the same models and settings for years, and his volunteers have been making hairstyles and outfits for these placeholder models, acting like it's going to be a part of the final product.



Another problem I have with the game is the unusual time it has been in development. Most games take around 3 years to create. (There are many exceptions of course.) And in those three years, a LOT of progress has to be made. But Yandere simulator hasn't made much progress at all. The games main antagonist hasn't even been implemented yet, for crying out loud! We don't have our main rival but we have a ton of easter eggs. I understand that he said that he needs some more features to be implemented, but he claims to be working on the game 8-12 hours a day, and at the same time he streams games for 3 hours. There have only been 3 major improvements to the game so far.

1. Beginning

Extremely basic graphics, all females look the same, school is lacking in detail. 

2. Middle Stages

Huge Improvement, school is no longer a block, realistic graphics.


3. Present

Graphics have downgraded, the school looks less realistic.


But the game isn't the only thing I have a problem with. It's also the creator of the game, Yandere Dev.
(I will be referring to Yandere Dev as Eva, which is short for EvaXephon.)
Eva has done some really interesting things in his past, 
let us take a look.

Weird obsessions with sex and rape:

Eva had a fanfiction page which can be found here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/868622/EvaXephon

It contains disgusting themes, the main ones being sex slavery and rape. He also admits he wasn't ashamed when writing them. Screen_Shot_2018-06-15_at_6.27.31_pm.thu

Telling his 12-year-old filled fanbase to doxx and hunt down a person:

During one of Eva's Streams, he had a fit when he got exposed for some things he did in the past and sent out fans to doxx and attack the exposer and even revealed house details. Here is the proof:


Possibly faking coding:

(This is not something a seasoned game dev would type)


Creepy themes being implemented into the game:

As well as having a weird obsession with rape and sex slavery, he put or considered putting disgusting themes into the game. I know we're dealing with a game that has the main protagonist kill for love, but SERIOUSLY. There is a line, even if it's a yandere.




He also considered implementing a torture feature from a PORN GAME. (Keep in mind he knows that his fans are mainly 12 and 13.)


This is only scratching the surface to what this thief and pedophile has done, but this surely proves that Yandere Dev is not really what we see on the surface.

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