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"What’s been going on for the past few days?" Debunking this mess

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Alright, hi guys. I'm farely new on the site and I felt like sharing my opinions on YanDev's latest post on his development blog.

So to start off, YanDev/EvaXephon/Alex Mahan I'll just call him YanDev since it's easier imo  describes the overall situation, he starts talking about how he admits he had a very toxic personality in the past around 10 years ago which he mentiones being in his late teens and early twenties  and how in 2013 he "acquired the skills necessary to independently develop video games", leaving his job in order to become an indie dev. 

- Considering most, if not all, of his coding consists in elses and ifs, what skills is he really talking about. :alpacabored:

He continues by talking about his fears of people finding out who he really was which soon became reality, how people ridiculed him for who he was in the past, fearing that his youtube audience, his new audience, would turn against him like his 4chan audience did. He proceeds to talk about people that turned against him, mentioning them as those who's hobby is to ridicule people and throw shame at them. He says "They judge me based on things that I said over a decade ago, and use ancient chat logs and out-of-context screenshots to convince themselves that I’m a cartoonish caricature of who I actually am."

- There are so many videos proving that all of the stuff he said/did in the past aren't out of context yet he still uses this excuse to debunk all of the misinformation that's spread about him. In reality we can all agree he barely changed and the fact that he doesn't even properly explain his actions from the past/ his current actions is laughable. He mostly mentions the stuff people found from 10 years ago, ignoring that there is even more proof of his toxic personality that happened not so long ago or the past 3-5 years, which again proves he didn't change. His behaviour towards fans on discord or even his streams is seriously rude and he ignores that and focuses on the information people found from 10 years ago. :alpacasad:

He mentions that yes, he did act very rude in the past?? and that sort of behaviour is only 1% of how he interacts towards his fans. "[...]there have been times when I was be short-tempered and rude; these moments account for less than 1% of my interactions with other people." As such, again, he continues to say that those that turned against him only want to shame and ridicule him oh boi he really loves those 2 words. He continues to whine about the people that called him out on his bs and starts with this ridiculous example "Imagine that there was a time in your life when you weighed 500 pounds, but then you went on a diet and achieved a reasonable weight. Now, you only eat a candy bar once a month. However, some weird people stalk you and take photos of you whenever you eat a candy bar, and try to spread a narrative that you’re a fat pig who is constantly stuffing your face with junk food. That’s the situation that I’m in, except instead of portraying me eating candy, they portray me as my old self from the past."

- First of all, he might sometimes act like a decent human being, but his anger and frustration isn't only 1% of his actions, it's far from that. Also, I realized he keeps talking in a very childish way about those who realized who he really is, saying that our only hobby is to ruin his pathetic life or something along those lines. In his example, he talks about us like we are looking for his toxic behaviour 24/7, waiting for any sort of evidence to throw at him which is funny since all of his stupid actions aren't that hard to find, anyone that isn't blinded by his façade can easily realize there's definitely something wrong with him from multiple points of view. He equals eating candy with being a complete asshole, a pedophile and an arrogant full of pride human being which is just stupid, he tries to make the whole situation seem as not a big of a deal, which shows the way he's continuously trying to manipulate his edgy teenagers:alpacadone: Later he also mentions that all of the evidence brought on him with actual screenshots and recordings are just fantasies. Nice one my guy.

He talks about how people started to call him out in his comment section and how that would brainwash and poison people's minds so as such, we all know what he did, he disabled the comments and deleted a good couple of them. YanDev also mentions "[..]they accused me of “censorship” and “not being able to handle criticism” – even though I was only deleting insults and misinformation."

- He thinks he can definitely handle criticism, but he also acknowledges multiple times that he didn't know what to do about the whole situation and was overwhelemed so out of fear he started deleting the misinformation. Now, I know that there are many people that were actually rude towards him and I'm not saying he definitely didn't deserve it, but that wasn't really the way to approach him, even if he's an asshole, in the end he made the whole situation worse for him. :alpacafedup: 

He proceeds to keep whining about the whole situation and how he messed up. To be entirely honest with you, he never debunks any of the so called misinformation so it's funny how he believes he has the skills to have an assertive discussion when he never actually proves others wrong, he only calls it misinformation, fantasies and lies. This just shows how bad YanDev is at communicating with his audience and how he constantly manipulates his blinded fanbase without actually showing proof that he's right. Moving on, YanDev highlights the fact that a small percentage of the community actually hates him, so it's only ~5% that are actually against him. He says that he got many messages supporting him and encouraging him and also if I'm not mistaking, somewhere around the post he mentions that his fans kept encouraging him to continue the development of the game, but that's like... everyone's wish?? Everyone, both the "good" and "bad" side of his fanbase want him to continue his development instead of slacking off and using features that were ready like 2 years ago to keep his fanbase fresh on the latest updates!!1 I'm not even going to mention his 3h per day streams, I'll mention it later since he tries to debunk that later in his post in the most retarded way possible. 

Now, the juiciest part of his entire post...........

The ultimate manipulation method...........

Dividing the fanbase into 2 categories, blessing the "Chill" category like they're his heroes that would never betray his abused and sad being.


In this portion of the post, he talks about those who don't care about the propaganda against him, that they are devoted to the development of the game and will still follow him no matter of all the gossips and rumours, his.. saviours. :alpacacrush:

This legit made me wheeze since it's so obvious he's trying and succeeding at making people lick his ass more, it's just sad my dude.yikes.thumb.png.e8782932b73ba0ca19fa18b7

- Here we can see how he's trying to replicate what the "Chill" people would say, but it's just him trying to debunk the awful, oh god awful misinformation:

1. Yes, there might be plenty of time to be productive but.. flashback to his 2 weeks of intensive coding and programming which lead to 0 code related progress on Osana, I highly doubt he's using that time to be productive. There might be 21 hours left out of 24, but a human being still needs to sleep, eat, maybe order/buy food, wash the dishes maybe, look on twitter since he gets soo distracted because of the 15 s of waiting every time he's making a change to the game etc. You might say there's plenty of time, but do you really think he's using it in a productive way? He legit implemented the photography club that was like.. ready 2 years ago if I'm not mistaking and added 2 new personalities which #1 of them is just a mambo jambo of other personalities and #2 is just silly did you see how funny it is when all of the "stalkers" run into each other when the player approaches them? Clowns... and he wants people to take his game seriously.

2.Yeah, ~5 years.. ambitious indie games.. 4 years already passed and the game is still a sandbox or something. I rest my case. :doge:

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 

The rest is just him acknowledging he fucked up and wondering how many people are against his crap, again, literally begging for people to write a comment about how loyal they are. GJ my dude, you succeeded at manipulating your edgy teenagers, congrats. 

"With this blog post, I hope that I’ve clarified the situation for a lot of people – people within the fanbase, and people outside of the fanbase who are wondering what all the controversy is about. My next course of action will probably be to set up an official subreddit for the game, followed by getting back to work on Yandere Simulator. I apologize for everything I’ve done that made this situation turn out as badly as it has."

(。・ω・。)つ━☆・*。      He barely clarified anything; He fucked up his discord and subreddit; Omedetou.
⊂ ノ ・゜+.
しーJ °。+ *´¨)
.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’* ⛧


Also, here's something I didn't see when I first read the post:

EDIT: I regret suggesting that there are only two categories of people, “A” or “B”. I acknowledge that there is an entire spectrum between the two opposite extremes. It wasn’t my goal to portray this as a purely black-and-white situation, but that’s definitely how it came off. Another mistake made, another lesson learned. I’m sorry.

"How it came off" Definitely not you trying to manipulate and beg for nice comments, whatever floats your boat. :alpacawink:

With all of that being said, these are my opinions on his latest post on his blog. Signing out. 

:alpacashocked: The post: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/whats-been-going-on-for-the-past-few-days/

:alpacashocked: Another post on "clarifying" the whole situation with tinyBuild, I currently don't have time for that but here it is anyway for those that didn't see/read it and would like to: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/hey-whatever-happened-with-that-whole-tinybuild-thing/


did yall ever wonder why midori keeps getting killed tho, midori is supposed to be us right?..-the dude legit wants to kill us all, tragic

(sorry for any grammar mistakes in advance) :alpacaworry:




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The point of exposing yourself out about your mistake is to not do them again, , i mean is that too hard to understand?

Even myself is working on some project and I'd be embarrassed if someone exposed me about what I've done about my shitpost on some forums :alpacaheadshake:


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