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YandereDev / EvaXephon Summary [Updated July 2018]

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YandereDev / EvaXephon

Social Media Links:

Twitter // Youtube // Twitch // Reddit // Tumblr // Fanfiction Profile // Official Website

Image result for Yanderedev real life


YandereDev (Alex Mahan) is the sole developer of the indie PC game, Yandere Simulator. He rose to fame when some of the most famous Lets Players, notably PewDiePie and Markiplier, played some of the early builds of Yandere Simulator around 2014 and 2015. Following the success of the early builds of the game, YandereDev started a Patreon and began to raise money to fund its creation. Currently, he manages all PR for the game, is the sole developer, and outsources his art from volunteers and the Unity store.


Part One: The Man, the Myth, the Martyr Complex

~ The History of EvaXephon ~

Internet Origins

  • Yandev first started out on websites like 4Chan on the /v/ board and Gaia throughout the 2000s, under the alias EvaXephon
    • In /v/, YanDev became infamous for annoying people and constantly spamming links to his streams
    • On Gaia, YanDev was known for posting about his troubles with the opposite sex and using Gaia in a similar way to r/rateme is currently used now.
      • Despite some denying the association between YanDev and EvaXephon, 
      • On this same account, Yandev also talked about some of the following lovely subjects: (Note: to view better, please right click and open the image in a new tab)
      • Killing his parents


      • Incel-like behavior
        • Blaming girls rejecting him solely on his appearance
        • Complaining when a girl feels uncomfortable that they can't just have a normal friendship
        • Calling girls "egotistical" if they reject guys who are not as attractive as they are
        • Consistently talked bad about himself and his appearance, showing he had 0 self confidence
        • Collection of screenshots with all of these can be found here
        • Finally, the infamous screenshot from Gaia asking users to rate his appearance:


Indie Dev Dreams

  • Throughout his time on /v/, YanDev expressed interest in becoming a video game developer
    • Initially, YanDev wanted to make a fighting game engine and attempted to program one. However, his dreams were soon shot down by Mike Z, developer of Skullgirls who criticized his coding skills
    • Next, Yandev attempted to make another game. This time, it was a side-scrolling fighting game called "Lunar Scythe," featured a big tiddy goth girl as its protagonist. It wasn't received well on /v/
    • Finally, Yandev comes up with the idea for Yandere Simulator. While this was initially well-received on /v/, his insufferable attitude drove people away from the project

Other Issues Misogyny, Involuntary Celibacy, and Fanfiction

  • Back in his Gaia days, YanDev complained that women these days are too independent and aren't like the girls in anime: Innocent, malleable, pure, and docile
    • Screenshots of him saying this are here
  • Doesn't like when women have a mind of their own, or have had a sexual encounter prior to dating him
  • Wrote various fanfics about underage girls in sexual situations, frequently featuring themes of sexual slavery
    • Disclaimer: These were written a long time ago and many people write fanfics like this, but I still feel that it's important to mention as it's relevant to some of the stuff he's done.
    • All Fanfics can be found here
    • Some choice quotes:

      She was soft, almost gooey, like Chu jelly.

      "I must first lubricate your genitalia to reduce friction during copulation," Fi said.

      "I detect a 90% probability that you receive stimulation from the sight of secondary sexual characteristics that indicate fertility. I will exaggerate these characteristics to provide you with further arousal."


  • Self-proclaimed "LA Video Games Babe Examiner"

Part Two: The Yandere Simulator Development Saga

~ Easter Egg Simulator ~


  • As of June 2018, YanDev currently makes over four thousand dollars on his Patreon a month for a game that has been in development for 4 years with little progress.
  • Recently stated in this video that he views his Patreon as a tip jar


Endless Updates & Easter Eggs

  • YanDev frequently updates and releases builds of the game and makes monthly videos about the game's progress on his Youtube Channel
    • Keep in mind, the game is four years into development and is not even close to a quarter of the way done
  • Many of these updates are small bugfixes, or miscellaneous easter egg content added in to appeal to those streaming and making videos on the game
    • YanDev has frequently included copyrighted content in these easter eggs, and famous developers such as Toby Fox have asked him to remove copyrighted content from YanSim.
    • Some popular easter eggs he has included over the years include:
      • Attack on Titan mode, where giant naked character models walk around
      • Hairstyles inspired by other media
      • The aforementioned Undertale references, where he included a Sans-like model with Gaster Blasters and played Megalovania as the background music

Stolen Assets

  • Throughout the history of Yandere Simulator, various assets have been taken from other creators without their permission
    • Master post of all stolen assets in the game
    • Famous examples include:
    • Much of Mulberry's (Yandev's current main artist) art appears to be traced
      • Even if some of the stuff is only referenced and not traced, she never tells what artist she referenced to draw the picture and just seems to pass it off as her own art
      • Overall, really unprofessional of Yandev to be using an artist who traces/heavily references other's work and passing it off as their own
      • More can be read about Mulberry on her PULL thread here
      • Evidence under the spoiler:









        Original (Persona 5 protagonist cut-in) - Mulberry:


        Original (Gendo from Evangelion) - Mulberry:


        Original (Hatsune Miku figurine) - Mulberry:


        Also close to the original art, by the artist Oguchi (Mainly known for illustrating Deco*27 songs):


        Mulberry's art overlayed:



Bad Relationship with Volunteers

Relationship with the Fandom Throughout Development

  • At the cost of his own health, YanDev valiantly continues to involve himself more than any other dev in his fandom, despite him not even liking them and calling them just "edgy teens"
  • Unlike other developers that would probably ignore messages about the future of the game or keep quiet about it, Yandev feels that he must read and answer every single email he receives.
    • He claims that reading all of these emails has impeded his development of the game, yet refuses to hire a secretary to help him 
  • Overall is incredibly unprofessional when interacting with fans of the games, insulting them to their faces and complaining about them in videos

Help from tinyBuild?

  • In March 2017, YanDev announces that he's now partnering with TinyBuild, the game developer that developed the popular indie horror game, Hello Neighbor
  • However, as the months pass, YanDev keeps strangely quiet about the partnership and ignores questions from fans about how tinyBuild is helping the game.
    • Fans questioning the status of tinyBuild and YanSim's partnership, and commenting on the fact that YanDev is being unusually quiet about it:
  • Finally, Yandev reveals in a Patreon post that hints that he got rid of tinyBuild because their optimized code was too hard for him to understand, wanted to give his fans constant instant-gratification, and probably wanted that sweet, sweet Youtube cash from his monthly update videos.

    "In 2017, I actually did work alongside another programmer for about 5 months. And, tragically, all of the fears described above became a reality. The programmer made a small number of meaningful improvements to the game, but overall, the majority of the work he did was to go over my code and re-write it without actually improving the game's performance. For example, changing (foo == false) to (!foo). Busywork that had no actual impact on the game.

    The primary reason that he was doing busywork instead of significant work is because, in order to make really meaningful improvements and optimizations to the game, a large number of systems would need to be entirely re-written from scratch. Gutting the game's code and then putting it back together again would be a very time-consuming process (several months, at least); during this period of time, I wouldn't be able to put out any new builds of the game or release any video updates, because most of the game's systems wouldn't be operational until the overhaul was complete. I'm not willing to put the game into that kind of state at this point in time, so his hands were kind of tied, and there was very little he could actually do.

    (Think of it like replacing a car's engine. You can't do it in the middle of a road trip while the car is running. You need to pull over to the side of the road, turn the car off, do the necessary work, and then get back on the road again.)

    In short, there's no way that a programmer can make significant improvements to the game unless we completely pause development for several months while the game is taken apart and put back together again, during which you'd get no videos, no new builds, and no updates. I think that right now would be an absolutely terrible time to stop updating the game for several months; the fanbase is very, very eager to see significant progress, and ceasing to update the game at this point in time would severely anger a lot of people"

    -YanDev on why he fired the other programmer

YandereSim is a Serious, Complex, Professional Game!

  • Yandev insists in many videos that he wants YanSim to be taken seriously, despite it including extremely serious content like:
    • Big tiddy milfs strait out of the hentais, and extremely ugly male adults

      Your mom:Image result for mom yandere sim

      Your Teacher (her name, Mida Rana, literally means slut in Japanese)

      Image result for mida rana

      Your nurse:


      Your guidance counselor (tbh looks like Meiko from Prison School with dark hair)


      The headmaster, clearly the sexiest specimen in the entire game:


    • Being able to enlarge the breasts of female characters
    • Using upskirt panty shots of underage girls as currency
    • Stereotypical anime high school
    • And ridiculous names such as...
      • Osana Najimi
        • 幼なじみ, Literally means childhood friend in Japanese
      • Midori Gurin
        • Literally means "Green Green"
      • Kizana Sunobu
        • In the same vein as Midori Gurin, literally means "Snob Snob"
      • Megami Saikou
        • Literally means "Awesome Goddess" 
      • Asu Rito
        • Literally the Japanese pronunciation of "Athlete"
      • Many other names, such as Osoro Shidesu, Muja Kina, and Mida Rana are all literal Japanese adjectives, being osoroshii desu (meaning violent), mujaki na (meaning innocence), and midara na (meaning slutty)
      • For a full analysis of the names and suggestions for better, more accurate names, this Reddit post is very helpful.
    • Eva frequently compares the scale and complexity of the game to games like Persona 5, Hitman, and Breath of the Wild
      •  All of these games come from fairly large development studios with a large team working on them.
      • All of these studios kept things professional throughout their development process, unlike YanDev's constant updates and extreme involvement with his fandom

Merch for an Unfinished Game, and YanSim Propagating Bad Gaming Industry Practices

  • Despite the game being nowhere near complete, Yandev has a thriving merch store for the game.
  • Overall, YanDev propagates bad practices prevalent in the indie game industry such as:
    • The Early Access Problem
      • Paying for games before even knowing if the game will even be released at all
    • Making False Promises and Continually Pushing Back Deadlines
    • Overall, doing this hurts the reputation of other indie game developers and makes people less likely to support indie games

Part Three: PR Disaster

~ The End of EvaXephon: Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down ~

RIP Discord (June 2018)

r/Yandere_Simulator: Civil War

  • YanDev makes a video talking down to his fans (once again) and basically states that "The game will come out when it comes out"
    • Video discussing this is reuploaded here
  • After YanDev releases this video, the official subreddit loses it and YanDev supporters & haters clash
  • Fans and those who have paid him money on Patreon become disenfranchised with the lack of meaningful updates, YanDev's rudeness, and the continued pushing back of deadlines like Osana
  • An r/subredditdrama post detailing the recent problems with YanSim appears, garnering 1.5k upvotes
  • YanDev declares that the old r/Yandere_Simulator subreddit is unoffical, and creates a new one herenow called r/YandereSimulator
  • The mods of r/Yandere_Simulator are understandably not happy about this
    • Mod of r/Yandere_Simulator, MadelynNolan1995 explains the situation here


  • On June 10th and 11th, YanDev posts multiple times on his blog attempting to distance himself from his past
    • Summary of posts:
      • Instead of owning up to his past mistakes, he seems to just brush them off as him being young and edgy
      • YanDev still displays rude and uncalled for behavior to this very day, which he also seems to ask fans to excuse him for 
      • He seems to group all the people who have minor issues with the game in the same group as those on Kiwifarms. Overall, it just seems to show how defensive he is of any type of criticism of his game, and view it as extreme hate.
      • Finally, he expresses interest in creating an "official" subreddit for Yandere Simulator - presumably, one that he has full control over and can easily censor when the need to do so arises.
  • As of July 2018, Yandev's blog has either been archived or deleted probably to prevent people from looking at everything he has said

Image result for to be continued

This post is mainly for documenting new stuff happening in the YanDev saga. Please discuss new developments in the discussion thread here.

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Just my opinion, I don't think him writing sexual fanfictions (even as I get creeped out by the excerpts) is necessarily problematic in itself as there are literally thousands of similar fanfics everywhere and they don't always reflect the personality of the authors. Although in YanDev's case it kinda counts knowing the kind of person he is.


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Just my opinion, I don't think him writing sexual fanfictions (even as I get creeped out by the excerpts) is necessarily problematic in itself as there are literally thousands of similar fanfics everywhere and they don't always reflect the personality of the authors. Although in YanDev's case it kinda counts knowing the kind of person he is.


I agree, I have no issue with people writing this type of stuff. I just included it here since it's just one of the parts of Yandev's past that has been discussed before and I wanted to be thorough in including everything that has come out about him so far. 


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His attitude towards people who have brought his game into the limelight is disgusting, whether those gaia posts are old or not nothing seems to have really changed about him at all. He's still sexist and his obsession with young girls and girl's bodies, in general, is disturbing.

30 years old and still acts like a child with no respect for the others around him, how sad.


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