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*The Twitter URL works, but that's because somebody else has claimed the Twitter username. The original @coffeewithkenna account was terminated sometime during the whole plagiarism scandal Who is simply_kenna? Simply_kenna is a 22-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She lives in Temecula in southern California. Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section? The answers is that there are many reasons! Some of them have already been listed here and here (make sure to read the old summaries if you haven’t already done it), however, Kenna is the gift that just keeps on giving, and ever since the creation of the last summary she’s managed to come up with a whole bunch of other bullshit. Aromance/asexuality(updated!) I mentioned in the first summary that Kenna claims to be ”aro ace” (aromantic and asexual), despite showing signs of being anything but, however, I still think it’s worth to provide some more examples of clearly non aro ace behavior since she likes to empathize her sexuality so much. Here are some more pictures of her obsessing over Dylan O’Brien, plus one where she fawns over Tom Hiddleston, and making romantically or even sexually suggestive comments about him:She also doesn’t seem to mind receiving steamy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yaoi fanart in the mail... despite the fact that she claims to be SO afraid of sex that she doesn’t even want to watch raunchy comedies:Disney(updated!) As mentioned in the first summary, Kenna LOVES Disney and is a little bit too enthusiastic when it comes to Disney bounding and not letting others hang out with the characters, but did you know that pointing out the historically accurate fact that Walt Disney was a nazi supporter makes her block you? Also, stating that Disneyland isn’t ”literally paradise on Earth” also might lead to her accusing you of (gasp) SLANDERING Disney, even if you did it in the nicest way possible, so please don’t do that:This might not exactly be a snowflake trait, but should also be added that she claims to have worked at Disneyland. However, some users have questioned the authenticity of these claims (This part of the summary was written by @kamineko – thank you so much for your help!):Fashion Considering that Kenna is supposed to be the most beautiful of all beauty gurus, you’d think she’d have at least some sense of style, but NOPE! Naturally, people should have the right to wear things that are outside of the norm (I’m a vintage/rock kind of gal myself), that’s not what PULL is arguing against, the problem with Kenna is that her fashion choices don’t make sense a lot of the time and she doesn’t know how to combine things. For example, there’s this corset that she likes to wear a lot:She also seems to be quite fond of wearing oversized boots:And dressing up like a toddler:She also seems to think that grandma clothing is ”punk”:However, my personal favorite is this pair of pants, as they make her legs look like two baguettes with white shoes on:Hair Throughout the past few years, Kenna has dyed her hair multiple times: ... to the point where it's become extremely dry and damaged:In fact, she might even become bald if she doesn't watch out, as she's started getting bald spots:Naturally, she denies all of this and tries to claim that her hair is super healthy and not damaged at all, but this is all bullshit, and she has no idea what she's doing. For example, she recommends a product named Olaplex, which she implies is a repair product, but it's actually not (read the comments in the last two screenshots):Listen up, Kenna fans: regardless of whether you want to look like your idol or not, if you want to dye your hair, be extremely careful, and, most importantly, do NOT follow Kenna's advice under any circumstances. There is a VERY high risk that you'll end up regretting it later on."Humor" Kenna’s sense of humor is very questionable, to say the least. For example, saying that a ship she used to disagree with but now suddenly likes is the worst (Drarry in this case) makes her reply shit like this: Hilarious and original joke and classy move Kenna, 10/10, though not as classy as your ”apology” (go to ”Inability to handle criticism” for more information). The thought of potentially ”just” spreading pneumonia because she just wanted 2 go 2 Disneyland rly bad also seems to amuse her:The worst part is that she actually likes to brag about her ”dry sense” of ”humor” and how ”no one understands it” because it’s too difficult for us mere mortals to understand:"I'm smooool" Kenna sees herself as, to quote another user, "a smol badass tsundere", and she really loves empathizing how she’s really small and only 4’11/150 cm and how people ask about her height every day: No, seriously, she really goes out of her way to look smaller, e.g. by posing in a certain manner:However, it seems like she exaggerates her shortness, as she is about the same height as her friend Gracie (maybe even taller) and she’s not that short:Inability to handle criticism Kenna and criticism are two words that don’t go together, because frankly, her ability to handle criticism is pretty much non existent. This was her reaction after receiving more criticism than usual for letting her ”dry wit” get the best of her and telling a person whose parents were about to divorce that ”your mom and dad is the worst ship ever”: Kenna has three modus operandi when it comes to dealing with criticism. The first one is being extremely passive aggressive and accusers her ”haters” of being ”too sensitive” and whatnot:The second one boils down to her wallowing in self-pity:Last but not least, there’s also the third one, "It's just a prank bro", meaning that she claims she’s not mad at all because she was just joking all along:"I've changed" Whenever people say they miss the old Kenna who used to actually do things, she uses the excuse ”I’VE CHANGED": However, this is clearly bullshit, as both of the previous threads are full of examples of her not having changed at all, despite claiming in the apology video that she was about to ”turn over a new leaf”. Even her ”aesthetic phases” aren’t proof of her changing, as her going through seasonal phases and changing her aesthetic has been part of her persona for a long time now. The only thing that’s really changed is her level of productivity, as she has become incredibly lazy (Want to find out how? Go to ”No effort”).Koreaboo Most people are already aware of the fact that she’s a weeaboo and that she also likes k-pop. However, lately, she’s turned into a full-blown Koreaboo: … to the point where she actually wants to LOOK Korean! For example, she recently shaved off half of her eyebrows and bleached them (for those of you who don’t know, this is a South Korean beauty trend). So much for them "killer brows", amirite:Apart from that, she also tries to do her best to look like a gangnam unnie  by applying make up in a ”Korean way” (despite the fact that it doesn’t fit non East Asians) and edits her photos heavily in order to make her eyes look bigger, her jaw look like that of an alien and her skin look as white as snow (her photo editing and obsessing with looking pale is a whole chapter in itself; go to ”Photo editing"):When somebody told her to stop trying to look Korean and bleach her skin so much, this is what she had to say (The paleness ideal that’s so prominent in East Asia is actually a pretty harmful one, so good job glorifying that Kenna the Koreaboo):It should also be mentioned that she's fully aware of her Koreaboo tendencies, despite feigning ignorance. Pay especially close attention to the second picture: notice how she, in this reply to a person who says they're low key sad she's become a Koreaboo, specifically says that "she hasn't turned into a Koreaboo just because she lightened her eyebrows", despite the fact that the person never explained why they thought she had become a Koreaboo and never mentioned anything about her eyebrows:Narcissism Kenna is an A level narcissist. Everything needs to be about HER, HER, HER all the time, otherwise it’s unfair: Guess which team park she took her little sister to for her birthday? You guessed it, Disneyland, AKA the very park that she visits at least twice a week anyway:Speaking of Disneyland, screw everybody who wants to interact with the characters there, Kenna Suman is in town:No effort Considering that Kenna has no job, doesn’t go to college/university and does nothing but sit around at home all day long and visit Disneyland once in a while, you’d think she’d have A LOT of time to focus on producing new content. Well, she doesn’t, because she’s incredibly lazy: SEVEN! That’s the amount of videos she’s managed to produce in two months, and more than half of them weren’t even five minutes long and/or sponsored by Yesstyle (or were they? Check out ””Sponsored” by Yesstyle”). In fact, she can’t even be arsed to step outside her garden (unless she’s going to Disneyland, of course):She keeps on asking her fans for video ideas but then she never does anything with it and tries to come up with excuses whenever people point it out:Paycheck to paycheck Kenna isn’t exactly poor, but that hasn’t stopped her from claiming that she lives "paycheck to paycheck and that she thus needs to monetize everything (including her apology video): She lives "paycheck to paycheck", but somehow she still has enough money to go on a month long vacation to Japan and even talks about buying a house there:"But where does she get the money from?", excellent question, and we're about to get to that, because there are more things that don't add up about her financial situation. In this video, she mentions how she used to be homeless, but at the same time, she has a big trust fund waiting for her on her 23rd birthday, so big that she's planning to buy a house with it, which screams "wealthy background" more than "dirt poor":As a cherry on the shit cake, she's also tried to deny that she's claimed she's living "paycheck to paycheck":Photo editing I have already mentioned that Kenna wants to look more Korean, and one of the ways in which this shows is her being obsessed with editing her photos so that it not only seems like she has an alien jaw, but she also looks whiter than Edward Cullen: And whenever people call her out for it, she vehemently denies that she edits her photos and/or implies it’s her real skin color/jaw shape:Then she tries to act as if she never pretended it was her real skin color:Yes, the difference is actually pretty striking, nice job trying to bullshit your way out of this, Kenna. But wait, the damage control hasn’t stopped yet!More examples of her real skin tone/jaw shape:Bonus: what the fuck am I looking at.jpg:"Sponsored" by Yesstyle Isn’t it quite amazing how Kenna constantly manages to be sponsored by Yesstyle all the time? Actually, no, she isn’t, but that hasn’t stopped her from lying about it at least two times for some reason and then claim ”IT WAS A MISTAKE”: Ungratefulness It seems like Kenna doesn’t really like her fans, despite the fact that so many of them are A prime bootlickers, because she seldom shows that she appreciates them. This is what she had to say when Kerrie Moon complimented her: In fact, the only people she ever bothers responding to (aside from Kerrie Moon and a few others) are people criticizing her, something which even some of her fans seem to have noticed:Remember kids, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, if you dare to criticize queen Kenna, she’s going to attack you regardless of whether said criticism is valid or not:Weeaboo(updated!) Kenna still hasn’t stopped being a weeaboo. In fact, as of the 21st of March 2018, she’s about to fly to Japan, where she’ll be staying for a whole month, and she seriously thinks she’ll be able to get a modeling job there: TL;DR Kenna is a snowflake because she claims to be aro ace despite often not acting like one, claims she wants to spread positivity but often insults others and responds aggressively and immaturely to criticism because she can’t handle it herself, claims she is buddhist but barely knows anything about the religion and mostly seems to use it for the aesthetic, likes to claim she’s an expert on something when she’s only known about it for a few days, only cares about her heritage whenever it fits her, is a weeaboo and a Koreaboo, writes pretentious poetry, edits her photos in order to look more pale, always brags about how smol and qt kawaii she is, lies about sponsorships and is an ungrateful and narcissistic twat. Before she made her apology video, she also used to attack other Youtubers/Instagrammers for copying her while simultaneously plagiarizing and stealing art from others, fetishize real life gay people, own decapitated Buddha heads despite being a Buddhist and use racial slurs. Once again, thanks @kamineko for helping me out! I also want to give props to @Winnie and @Daenerys for providing some useful screenshots (and, obviously, everybody who gave me feedback when I asked what subjects people wanted me to bring up in the summary).
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