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So I found a potential SD but I'm not sure if I should keep him as an option...if anyone can give input that'd be great. He honestly seems legitimate and we've been going at a good steady pace, but I'm planning on traveling soon. We were supposed to meet around this time but he's going through a delay with his business so it may not happen until closer to my travel date. I'm just unsure how this will work? On the one hand, I'm open to communicating how we'll figure it out. He said he has business where I'm traveling anyway so as long as I'm okay with skyping in between meeting up there then he's fine with it. But at the same time...I don't know, as nice as he is, I feel like the connection is not I'm not sure if I should keep this going. We have pleasant conversations, he likes me, and I think he's a good person, but I don't feel like we bounce off of each other well enough. I feel like this may be as good as I'll get though so I don't know if I should break it off. 

If this dilemma made any sense to you guys then some advice would really help out. Thanks a lot. 

Ultimately it is up to you. There are girls who even spend time with guys who repulse them. Personally though I tend to go with guys who I genuinely enjoy as it feels like less of a chore to hang out with them or even less boring. From reading this it seems that you are the same way.


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I literally joined just to partake in this topic as it's something I've been interested in for years! But my one major issue has been that I'm non-binary... everything is too binary for me to figure out any kind of footing in these areas :alpacaworry2: Would any of you have any pointers? I'm Seoul based, but not there right now.


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