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this pisses me off to no end. There are two "Korea Towns" in Toronto. One on Bay St and Christie, and one way up at Yonge and Sheppard. The only one I've seen her post photos of are the smaller north end ktown that barely has any restaurants - but the ones they have are pretty good.

My bf and I are constantly in ktown at Cristie because he grew up there, it's basially home to him. We're eating our way through that part of town and a lot of the food places there are pretty damn close to authentic. Homegirl wasn't in Korea long enough to know the difference, and is saying that to seem TOTES AUTHENTIC.

The only comments bf has offered up on the difference in food quality is that mom's food will always be more delicious. :alpacaheadshake: 


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Bet Jasmine will solely (attempt to) cook Korean food for her child. 

That child will sure be in for a shock when they try real Korean food. 


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