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  1. Sodapop

    I'm watching Yuri on Ice again and god I forgot about much I love Victuuri.

    LMAO remember when people tried to say they weren't together when they straight up got married?? but they got 'platonically' married I guess. Like iight idk why people are afraid to say they were gay. 

    I love them omfg

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  2. Ashlee

    Work...the necessary evil...:derp:

  3. Sodapop

    Guess who passed their permit test???? ME BITCH I GOT 1 WRONG WASSUP.  ;o; now I just gotta... get my license and become more comfortable with driving 

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  4. Anastasia Emphysema

    everything is disabled

  5. gobbles

    Finally made an account, time to contribute! 

  6. Sodapop

    I'm taking my permit test Friday. I got this, I'm feeling really confident that I will pass! I'm also looking at nursing programs around the area. I hope I keep this feeling. I like progressing, in a year for now I don't want to be in the same place. I can do this. I feel really motivated I hope I can keep this up.

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  7. Sugary Donuts <3

    Honestly though this site is the best thing since sliced breadtumblr_otr1usOoax1sinzgdo1_500.gif.

  8. sugamz

    must've had a pretty good time to end up here

  9. sugamz

    heya! xx

  10. coffeeandsilk

    Taylor wearing Aviator Sunglasses makes me so uncomfortable

  11. Sodapop

    I finished it. It's over. and so is my life

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  12. dramajin3

    It might be convenient if someone could post a thread titled something like "PULL feature/service request thread" which allows us to discuss new things we want for the community without making new threads. Of course PULL members shouldn't hesitate to make threads when they feel necessary.

    Also, I wish we had the multipurpose "editorial room" thread where people can come and ask questions like "Is this kind of thread allowed on PULL?" or "Which forum is the best place for this?" Furthermore people there can collaborate or discuss things that would be beneficial to the community.

    I'm not a native English speaker so I don't feel like writing the above threads for myself. And I'm not sure if those threads will be actually used. So, please take it as my random thoughts.

  13. Jellybelly

    beep boop 

  14. Sodapop

    Im on the second season of the jdrama I just started and im almost done. Ples no ;o; I love it so much! Its called Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo for anyone wondering. Make a 3rd season dammit I know im 2 years late but ples!!

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  15. Matej Hajek

    Just joined. Please be kind xD

  16. lilliputian

    why does my school never reply to any emails??? like it's important, CHECK YOUR INBOX. YOU ASKED FOR ONE OF MY CLASS REP'S ID. I NEED TO KNOW WHICH ONE. IT'S BEEN A DAY.

  17. Sodapop

    Im dabbing in the world of k and jdramas again. Lord help me! I just started a Jdrama and im completely hooked already.

  18. GrumpyCat

    What the hell? Taylor R is getting rid of her cirlce lenses? Mira is a muslim? And Margo is SILENT?!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!???? :frowny: what else???

  19. sappysappy

    fakebois and transtrenders are annoying as shiiiit

  20. Kaz

    I have two cake cubes now... what does that mean?

  21. Sodapop

    I'm so sad that he's gone. I wanted to meet him at least once; I hope you're happier. The band will never be the same without you. Man i remember the day i fell in love with your voice.

  22. Sodapop

    I really do like my new job. It's a lot less stressful than my old one. It's still stressful in a way that I'm new and I don't know everything yet but once I get my footing I know it'll be a breeze. Hell when down time like this (im writing this from my desk lol) I can go on PULL and lolcow or anything else. Tech. its against the rules soo im on incognito(i feel like that doesnt even matter tbh). But its cool I can read(which is also against this rules shh) the driving manual, since im trying to get my license. I just like that its geared towards the career path I want. I work in a call center but we deal with hospitals etc so I have to know medical terminology; which is what I need to know to become a nurse anyway. And It's like 5 mins away from my bf's job and we have to go in and come out around the same time(he has to be there at 12; while im there at 12:30/ he has to leave at 8:30 and Ieave at 9) its literally so perfect. I do like how everything is falling into  place with us. 

  23. lilliputian

    LIFETIP: Watch Red Velvet's Red Flavour MV. I also highly, highly rec Yamashita Tatsuro's music. I guess I have a weak spot for Jpop from the 80s?

  24. lilliputian

    I miss lay.

  25. lilliputian