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  1. Sodapop

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    I finally finished Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm mad ;o; I'm broke af and I want to order the next book that's Christion's POV. I didn't know it was already out (late ik) and the new one is coming out on Nov 28. :alpacaworry2: I wanna order them both now! Why am I broke ;o; I don't get paid until next week. RIP

  2. kiwifruit

    is math related to science

    1. House


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    2. brocolliandcarrots

      well mainly computer science imo :P

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  3. Ashlee

    Already done with today and its only 9am...

  4. Alicona

    I just killed a fly with one of my high-heels, I'm special oh my. 

  5. Alicona

    I've been lurking for too long today :alpacawink:, goodnight! :alpacaheadshake:!

  6. Alicona

    I just got home about an hour ago, Ive missed my dogs so muchh. 

  7. Alicona

    Date A Live is just, interesting. yupp

  8. Alicona

    Im just causally lurking on some thread while listening to some music. Then some kids (they might not be kids, idk o.O) start running around on the floor above me. Like please chill, thanks! :alpacacrush:

  9. Alicona

    Ancient Aliens got a new intro.

  10. HoneyHoney202

    Omg! AKB48's youtube channel is back!! Time to reminisce!!!

  11. Sodapop

    Omg i'm crying. Someone actually 'favorited' my fanfic ;-; ples stop its not good omg :alpacadone:

  12. Freetayk

    Photoshopping is an insecurity

  13. Toriko

    Ate too much lemon pepper..... I still stand by it as the king of spices.

  14. poohbear

    hallelujah I am free and alone very alone

  15. House

    Remember when Onision saw his thread on PULL and made a video featuring it because it got his panties in a twist? That was gold. 

    1. Alicona

      oh no, it was more than gold. It was platinum.

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  16. poohbear

    when someone restarts the karda thread my immediate reaction is "if i say she's not trans because she isn't then ill get downvotes from a bunch of dumbasses who think 'third gendurrs' actually exist but if i don't recognize what an attention seeking insipid twat she is again then im probably going to explode"

  17. Hanae

    Changed my name to a new one because i have been reusing it for games again, so just in case

  18. Sodapop

    It's been a while since I've been this tired at work. I seriously can barely keep my eyes open. Haha... and I'm here until 8:30 -sobs- I'm so tired i want to go home. I sound so dead over the phone, I'm really trying my best to not let them know how tired I am but I'm pretty sure I'm failing miserably 

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  19. Toriko

    If I like your post from a year ago..... I'm just getting to the thread -_- I'm not a stalker.....

    1. House

      Same. Though sometimes I'm also a stalker. Woops.

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  20. Sodapop

    Finished his route, loved it. Needed more 10/10 h scenes tho. Apparently there's an after story game w more h scenes. Bout to be all over that.

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  21. Sodapop

    I finally started playing dmmd (like finally going pass the prologue!) and omfg I was up until 3am(when i gotta be up at 6am) playing it! Bruh I'm ready for the hardcore scenes gimmie! Also I'm completely in love with Noiz and I freaking ship them so hard, I want his route immediately

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  22. Sodapop

    I'm watching Yuri on Ice again and god I forgot about much I love Victuuri.

    LMAO remember when people tried to say they weren't together when they straight up got married?? but they got 'platonically' married I guess. Like iight idk why people are afraid to say they were gay. 

    I love them omfg

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  23. Ashlee

    Work...the necessary evil...:derp: