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  1. Kaz

    You know what we need? Something like Google Translate, except non native English speakers can put in what they want to say in English and the program will fix the grammar, spelling, phrasing, etc. 

  2. holyjams

    Constantly working need to delete.

  3. Shoe

    I'm so stoked I made my first ever topic! Its the small things in life!

  4. mislaid



  5. mislaid

    Why do people care about private conversations in public places that are in a different language. When I speak in Arabic to my Arab mate in a normal manner while everyone is talking too, no sneaking, leave us the fuck alone. j e s u s 

  6. Kyarima

    The world is fucked up with so much controversy. Such human filth. 

  7. TearsOfPopPunk

    So I feel the need to rant (not literally). This is most likely old news, but I used to like Yumi King's sewing videos cause she made some pretty cute stuff. Although I really don't like her new content, her second channel is disturbing to me. From what I know she just reports on food. There's just something disturbing to me about someone setting, eating, and talking about what they just ate on camera.


    Image result for yumi king gif

  8. uchiha

    Does anybody know where Kooters gets many of her cute accessories?? Should we just start a new topic??  

  9. gone

    For once of whats left of my sorry life can I see a single cosplayer that won't abuse the shit out of photoshop?

  10. wishbone

    if i'm posting a lot it will always be because i am avoiding working on a paper or studying :alpacaworry:

  11. Raccoon

    Finally able to sit down and read this site after a week of stressful college :alpacacrush:

  12. Sodapop

    Image result for rick and morty gif

    I finally finished Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm mad ;o; I'm broke af and I want to order the next book that's Christion's POV. I didn't know it was already out (late ik) and the new one is coming out on Nov 28. :alpacaworry2: I wanna order them both now! Why am I broke ;o; I don't get paid until next week. RIP

  13. kiwifruit

    is math related to science

    1. House


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    2. brocolliandcarrots

      well mainly computer science imo :P

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  14. Ashlee

    Already done with today and its only 9am...

  15. Alicona

    I just killed a fly with one of my high-heels, I'm special oh my. 

  16. Alicona

    I've been lurking for too long today :alpacawink:, goodnight! :alpacaheadshake:!

  17. Alicona

    I just got home about an hour ago, Ive missed my dogs so muchh. 

  18. Alicona

    Date A Live is just, interesting. yupp

  19. Alicona

    Im just causally lurking on some thread while listening to some music. Then some kids (they might not be kids, idk o.O) start running around on the floor above me. Like please chill, thanks! :alpacacrush:

  20. Alicona

    Ancient Aliens got a new intro.

  21. HoneyHoney202

    Omg! AKB48's youtube channel is back!! Time to reminisce!!!

  22. Sodapop

    Omg i'm crying. Someone actually 'favorited' my fanfic ;-; ples stop its not good omg :alpacadone:

  23. Freetayk

    Photoshopping is an insecurity