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  1. AwesomeKimchi

    Just joined!!!!!! Trying to figure how to use the website:anime:

  2. unavailable

    im going to just delete this acc once i reach 1000 just bcs

    this is random 

  3. justForThis

    I wish I had more salt but alas LOL

  4. kurukurupaaaa

    Just here for the memes.

  5. A.G.


  6. KingRei » oatmilk

    Your username is so cute! It makes me hungry!


    1. oatmilk

      Haha, thank you!! :alpacacrush:

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  7. Chocolate factory escape

    I'm feeling pretty petty 

  8. justForThis

    PULL statuses are about to become my rant posts. 


  9. Pusheen

    I miss wasabi chips

  10. House

    Y'all think my handle is @House because of Gregory House but it's actually because I like House music.

    #conspiracy theory


  11. Peinture de Namjoon

    Art hoes are the new wave.

  12. lowblow

    that fakeboi karda still at it ??? jfc girl stop you’re a girl

    1. lowblow

      I hate her even more now and her fucking fans are yikes lol oh my god stop defending this hoe

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  13. Coffee Creamer

    My new job requires me to wake up at 6am.

    I want to die.

  14. No longer here

    Goodbye to everyone here on PULL :(


    I had a wild ride here, but I don't think I can continue using this site. This life just isn't for me.


  15. nikuman

    TMW random PULL snowflakes keep appearing in my dreams. Must be my subconscious telling me that I've been browsing PULL too freaking much. :P

  16. Raccoon

    Does anyone know how to embed videos? i'm not sure how and i don't want to mess up >_<

  17. Lalisa

    If there's one comedian that I love more than anyone.

    Having the blessing to have met so many different individuals in his lifetime and bringing out their values as a human being, making them laugh without fail. People that I would have otherwise dismissed, but he's done more than what his job required and turned it something more. Giving back and creating a place where an evening by his side is a lifetime of peace and tranquility, even if...well, no one likes moists things, let's leave that one as it is. 

    Nothing I've seen on his show has ever been pretend, everyone is at ease. Some who've met each other for the first time end the show as friends, such things I feel are often categorized as what you'd see only once in your lifetime. There's magic at play for it happens all the time,

    Laughter, one of the many things in life that give it meaning. And he does this effortlessly, the sense of mirth and freedom, instead of an interview, it feels like a party, a celebration with family and friends. To him it doesn't feel like it's a job, it's just what he does, and what he does is more of a natural instinct than anything else. 

    That lovely person just so happens to be no other than;

    Graham Norton























    No, he's not dead.

  18. prownieakahamza

    roses are red
    violets are purple
    the sky is blue
    grass is lovely and green
    and dying in dark souls 3 is normal

  19. WandererSen

    Because it's the holidays, huzzah for breaks from the art desk and deadlines. Lmao. Merry Christmas to everyone and our favorite snowflakes! :alpacacrush:

  20. _-Flawed-_

    Dear nice guys,
    just because you are generally kind to a woman doesnt mean she owes you anything. Just because you and her are friends doesnt mean shes in to you or leading you on. Men and women can be friends without having to want more than that. If you are nice to me and I am nice back, thats because being nice to people is a good and common trait. Being rude to someone you dont know is trashy. Nobody can decide who they are attracted to, attraction happens. So if you are genuinely nice then you will respect it if a girl doesnt want you just because you're nice. If shes not into you, dont pressure her or guilt trip her into feeling bad because you're 'nice.' Being pressured and then called names for not liking a guy isn't 'nice.' This works vice versa for nice girls too. If you think you're a nice person in love with a good looking person in love with a douche, you may want to take a good look at the douche and yourself. The douche is probably a normal and friendly person, and you are a clingy creep to the good looking person, you only see the 'douche' as bad because the one you love is in love with them.
    A passive aggressive note to people who consider themselves 'nice.'

    Sorry to everyone this doesnt effect, I was watching videos of people reviewing r/niceguys and r/nicegirls on reddit and got mad.

  21. happy

    r.i.p jonghyun kim :-( 

  22. Guts

    who else has status feeds lol