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  1. WandererSen

    Because it's the holidays, huzzah for breaks from the art desk and deadlines. Lmao. Merry Christmas to everyone and our favorite snowflakes! :alpacacrush:

  2. _-Flawed-_

    Dear nice guys,
    just because you are generally kind to a woman doesnt mean she owes you anything. Just because you and her are friends doesnt mean shes in to you or leading you on. Men and women can be friends without having to want more than that. If you are nice to me and I am nice back, thats because being nice to people is a good and common trait. Being rude to someone you dont know is trashy. Nobody can decide who they are attracted to, attraction happens. So if you are genuinely nice then you will respect it if a girl doesnt want you just because you're nice. If shes not into you, dont pressure her or guilt trip her into feeling bad because you're 'nice.' Being pressured and then called names for not liking a guy isn't 'nice.' This works vice versa for nice girls too. If you think you're a nice person in love with a good looking person in love with a douche, you may want to take a good look at the douche and yourself. The douche is probably a normal and friendly person, and you are a clingy creep to the good looking person, you only see the 'douche' as bad because the one you love is in love with them.
    A passive aggressive note to people who consider themselves 'nice.'

    Sorry to everyone this doesnt effect, I was watching videos of people reviewing r/niceguys and r/nicegirls on reddit and got mad.

  3. happy

    r.i.p jonghyun kim :-( 

  4. Guts

    who else has status feeds lol

  5. rosetape

    i still can't believe i lost my idol today.

  6. _-Flawed-_

    me me big disappointment


  7. kirai

    i cut my middle finger at work today

    called it my “bad finger” lmao

  8. Poofaloof

    The worlds burning with crazy,

    Come join me and we'll toast marshmallows in the flames.


  9. anonymouskid

    If you're reading this, I made a thread about 88rising -_- please read it and comment your thoughts and opinions! https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/9808-88rising/


  10. kirai


  11. anonymouskid

    Poor Chandler♫ Btw, i noticed he's becoming more "Biebery" lately♪ Not his personality, but more like his physical appearance lol♫ Sometimes, for reasons unknown, he reminds me of Justin Bieber lol♪ ~Cheria, TWD forums

  12. Surbi

    My finals are over and I can finally catch up with my fave flakes! It's been so, so long, but I've been busy balancing school and work! Let's dig in...

  13. mislaid

    I'm a visual design student (first year) and I am going to choose for animation as a profession. I got the grades for it ANNND they will decide if it is right for me this december/januari. I think I will get in but it is still exciting getting reviewed a bit deeper

  14. kirai

    im terrible

  15. kirai

    stabfano valentini

    ha ha ha

  16. Kaz

    You know what we need? Something like Google Translate, except non native English speakers can put in what they want to say in English and the program will fix the grammar, spelling, phrasing, etc. 

  17. holyjams

    Constantly working need to delete.

  18. Shoe

    I'm so stoked I made my first ever topic! Its the small things in life!

  19. mislaid



  20. mislaid

    Why do people care about private conversations in public places that are in a different language. When I speak in Arabic to my Arab mate in a normal manner while everyone is talking too, no sneaking, leave us the fuck alone. j e s u s 

  21. Kyarima

    The world is fucked up with so much controversy. Such human filth. 

  22. TearsOfPopPunk

    So I feel the need to rant (not literally). This is most likely old news, but I used to like Yumi King's sewing videos cause she made some pretty cute stuff. Although I really don't like her new content, her second channel is disturbing to me. From what I know she just reports on food. There's just something disturbing to me about someone setting, eating, and talking about what they just ate on camera.


    Image result for yumi king gif

  23. uchiha

    Does anybody know where Kooters gets many of her cute accessories?? Should we just start a new topic??