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  1. MarvelPanda


  2. Raindrop Cake


  3. mielikki

    I love the fact that someone's spamming the forums with Korean phone numbers... My only question is; why?

  4. itsmenadz

    Another late night of studying for me! Time to leave work - I hope PULL can solve this problem and remove all the spammers!

  5. itsmenadz

    What the hell is happening on the forum?!

  6. Kitty Kat

    :rageplz: Is this spammer possibly Margo? WHO SUMMONED HER???

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    2. Kitty Kat

      these posts are increasing. and its getting annoying. i cant find the threads im looking for :stoplz:

      and its not just 1 account :stoplz:

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    3. itsmenadz

      I know! :beardo: They won't stop, there are empty posts popping up everywhere now.  Can they be banned? 

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    4. Raindrop Cake

      Ok... so I'm not in some weird Ulzzang Hell....  they first sprung up in Little Snowflakes now they're in Kiki and Dakota's forums... freaky to say the least.

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  7. エクレール

    Admins!!! We have a spammer in the little snowflakes subforum!!!

  8. JamCat :3

    This should be the national Snowflake Theme song..
    I'm turning Japanese!!! XD 

  9. lil-wylo

    I miss Felice and Mila bs  :feelsbad:

  10. Fukawa Toko

    Why oh why do people bring such touchy subjects into debates...

  11. Meow~

    It's so damn cold outside all I want to do is stay in bed all day and sleep... :lamasad:

  12. Fukawa Toko

    Nearly finished catching up on the Snowflakes. Next will be the online personalities... People are just so fascinating xD

  13. Raindrop Cake

    If I say a prayer for you, will you say a little prayer for me? *Wishing you love and luck*

  14. Ragga

    Wondering if I should get a Halloween costume together if it's possible that I won't get invited to any parties...


    1. SulaSkrimsli

      I always get dressed up for Halloween, even if it's just for sitting on the computer, watching Youtube video's and eating candy by myself, lol :meowplz: #Forever alone :anime: Hope you have fun whether you go to party or not tho :lamaheadshake:

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    2. Ragga

      Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. ^^ Maybe I'll plan on getting dressed up whether it's for sitting in my dorm or not, like you said.

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  15. uchiha

    I'm soo bored..:lamaheadshake: lets come up with a new juicy topic lol :haiplz:

  16. Siwon

    YOLO I say as I eat another red velvet cream cheese cupcake

    1. Kitty Kat

      Damn, I'm craving some red velvet dessert :alpacaworry2: 

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  17. Kitty Kat

    Eating Kit Kat

    1. Ronie.97

      You monster :amgplz:

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    2. Kitty Kat

      A force to be reckoned with

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    3. Ronie.97

      I cant believe what I am reading :Alpacashocked:

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  18. Ralts

    guise remember Keeks name generator
    Call me duh Merciful Mahou Shoujo Victorian cat from now on plz :megusta:

    1. Oxenstierna

      You can call me Pure Neko awe-inspiring princess :hurrplz:


      so speeshullll

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  19. Ralts

    Usagi is Luv, Usagi is Laif

  20. Ronie.97

    Click here to find snowflakes in your area. 

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    2. Ronie.97

      You should try it out. I didnt even know my 90 year old neighbour was a snowflake until now

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    3. Kitty Kat

      can I haz free ipad too? plus a million dollars ofc

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    4. Ronie.97

      No, but a nigerian prince who shares a cousin with you, needs some money. He will pay it back in 3 weeks. 

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  21. platypus

    I post way too much here right now lol ...but can't help..I'm bored :alpacadone:

  22. veraxnihon

    Why can't my essay topic be Venus?? It would be SO easy :(

    1. Ronie.97

      I guess a two words long essay would be too short ;)

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    2. secrets.are.dead

      it would have been fabulous! :megusta:


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  23. PancakesOnParade

    Learning 2 art better ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    1. Haeltide

      Omg is it even possible?

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    2. PancakesOnParade

      Right now I'm mainly concerned with upping my drawing speed. I'd like to be that person that can fully render a piece of work in about 3 hours (like this one artist on DeviantArt I'm following that's super talented omg). I've improved my speed over the past year, but I still take a lot of time on completing simple portraits. 

      Oddly enough I was faster when I was working on the banner with you. I think it's because you got back to me fast, which encouraged me to finish what you sent me quickly.

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  24. terrorchan

    :hoplz: I love this emoticon more than I should