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  1. ChokedOnFruits

    When your roommate gets a parking ticket and you secretly hate him :harharplz:

    1. Ronie.97

      :meowplz: euheuheuheu 

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  2. Ronie.97

    On my way to television bitches. Just need my remote control

  3. Venusangelic

    On me way to Beijing to appear on TV show there so excited 

  4. Venusangelic

    You may have seen on Instagram me and my mum was in London I was interview for TV and photo shoot to be in a magazine 

  5. MeltySheep

    i want to make a few forums but i don't have adequate information or the best writing skills...:alpacadone:

    1. MarvelPanda

      i can help you!!!!

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    2. MeltySheep

      thanks but the sad thing is 1- the info id have to find would take a long time(off yousei-bitches) 2- the most recent info is months ago (no one cares about them/ they left the kawaiicom since they were called out) 3- I'm a college student playing sports so i literally have no time to invest OTL

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    3. MarvelPanda

      :P I know the feels 

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  6. Ronie.97

    :feelgud: MRW I found this forum. 

  7. 天使○°°○♡

    trying to find new snowflakes and find more about old ones.

  8. 天使○°°○♡

    i love that we expose people scams, but i also love that we can be kind to those who are amazing.

  9. Salt

    Serious slow clap for the new banner :alpacalove:

  10. danganronpa

    happy that I could find the forum again~ probably been missing out on a lot of good drama!

  11. gone

    hunting for old snow flakes that should be on here~

  12. Poppy

    omg I was so scared I would never find the new site *phew*

  13. Meow~

    Best forum evarrr :alpacacrush:

  14. SailorRobin

    I really like the new layout guys, it looks really nice.

  15. Total_owl

    yo I'm so glad I found out pull was back on tumblr. Sup guys :)

  16. 天使○°°○♡

    :douge: i am so glad pull is back .

  17. Cookie 🍪

    did anybody else have a mini heartattack when pull disappeared the second time.. Cause i thought it was over :alpacaworry2: and i havent even read half the stuff here

    1. Cookie 🍪

      Yes! Now i can read about the snowflakes without the site suddenly dissapering right before my eyes haha..

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  18. libra


  19. StickyDrama


  20. Dyabolical

    welcome to the best hugbox evarrrr