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  1. icecup

    I wonder how popular this site is?

  2. icecup

    I can't talk to anyone and no one can see my posts😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. icecup

    OMG I feel so stupid😅😅😅 what are the different ranks?:alpacaconfused:

  4. AbsolutelyBerserk

    Done with this fucking retard forum

  5. AbsolutelyBerserk » CosplayQueen

    Danganronpa's pretty popular here, isn't it? :P

  6. AbsolutelyBerserk » Cyrillic

    I seem to learn something with every post of yours I come across, haha. Thanks for the quality content!

  7. Arashiyama

    Oyakodon night! 

  8. Beast Boy

    My discord is Red X (Tim Drake)#8444

  9. iTried



  10. gsapple

    feelin energetic :happee:

  11. Tootie



  12. Skye Taylor

    see if you can decode this :)




  13. Skye Taylor

    good meme

    do you trust me.jpg

  14. Runner

    i'll forever be the criticizer for ingenuine actions

  15. Raccoon

    Do I have a crush on you because I'm attention starved/ lonely, or because I actually like you??? :alpacaconfused:

  16. SimplySamy

    Hey, everyone who might visit my page, I'm new to PULL but I've been a lurker for quite some time to so I decided, "Hey why not just make an account!" So I did and here I am.

    Cheers :alpacacrush:

  17. daydreamers

    stream simon says

  18. kiwifruit

    < what anime is this again

  19. Jeanne d'Arc

    I wanna draw Cookie Run gijinkas soooooo bad, but I doubt I could finish the whole series. Possibly just with some of my favourite cookies before I give the series a quick end lmao. Where is my determination and patience when I need it the most :alpacafedup:

  20. throwawayyy

    I’ve sent the article to more people even though I’ve been getting threatening messages.Everyone who posts here please be safe and thank you all for being so supportive.Bye

  21. throwawayyy

    I know for a fact that people who stalk the forum in on her behalf have been messaging me and are now threatening to doxx me (though they failed the first time). For my own safety I am gone but ANYONE I sent the article to is allowed to post it wherever,

  22. ichigomilk

    🍓ichi e

  23. Ryden

    When lolcow thinks your name is Christy but its actually E....