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  1. Fukawa Toko

    This is still a thing lol but dear god, I have so much manga >_<

  2. lovesori

    if you gotta throw up then please don't throw up in the school cafeteria :]

  3. kiwifruit

    my friend is asking if it's possible to lose 20-25kg in just 3-4 months?

    1. aesthetic_u

      if you want to slowly kill your body in the process, sure !

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  4. kiwifruit

    New meta makes league of legends really boring 

  5. Koruma

    I love how when you click on a thread about a person, the op posts a synopsis of what they did/background on them, that's very useful because i don't know who half of these people are

  6. kiwifruit

    I miss you so much aa he's ignoring my call and texts ;c he even blocked me at my other account and I keep bugging him with my other account my birthday is coming up I hope he'll come 

    1. aesthetic_u

      if he blocked you stop fucking talking to him and trying to reach out lmao you're only hurting yourself and if you choose not to move on and act like this continuously that says a lot about you. what are you, 12? get your fucking shit together bro i'm being real as hell lol so i hope you take this seriously enough

      you sound borderline creepy and you're ex-girlfriend everyone wished they never had; leave him alone. 

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    2. kiwifruit

      I'm about to do that but we already got back together just today. The reason why I don't want to let go that easy because his reason was really unacceptable to me. We rarely fight and this is the first time I ever feel this way to someone. I don't have anyone right now and my family left me when I was 16. I'm 25 now btw. We're in relationship for 2 years and we've only seen each other like thrice because we're from different countries. I'm happy that he's back and the reason I want to live close to him because we're planning to live in together a few months ago, I'm saving up for it.

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    3. aesthetic_u

      If his reason was "unacceptable to you" that means you shouldn't have crawled back to him. But you did, and that says a lot about you. I can't believe you're 25 because your mental age is definitely one for a 12 year old. Sometimes you have to let go, and not being able to recognize that is ridiculous.

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  7. kiwifruit

    my bf broke up with me 3 weeks ago and it still hurts (ldr bullshit)

    i'm planning to chase him and live close to him because i'm still thinking our relationship might work again am I being stupid...?

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    2. aesthetic_u

      ^"chase him and live close to him" 

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    3. kiwifruit

      I'm about to stop but he messaged me that he regretted it.

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    4. aesthetic_u

      LMAO and then you go back to him, great plan!!!

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  8. Kimplysenna

    and he layed down on the grass, and he cried. 

  9. aesthetic_u

    dang about to start junior year tomorrow wish me luck

  10. Sodapop

    i'm so fucking tired omfg 


    Image result for sleepy anime  gif

  11. hfeuwh146

    does anyone even read these statutes womans-butt-implant-explodes-doing-squat

    1. hfeuwh146

      hhh i mean 'statuses'  damn wheres autocorrect when you need it 

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  12. hfeuwh146

    to all the hoes who downplay jin with things like 'he cant sing' 'he is immature' can get sucked into the abyss of his mouth portal 



  13. Sedfret

    Slip into the diamond life

  14. Takkat

    I think I'm alive

  15. hfeuwh146

    yungelita starter pack 

    РезÑлÑÐ°Ñ Ñо Ñлика за yungelita starter pack

  16. Sedfret

    Life is sad

    Alexa play Ddaeng

  17. theilimitedH

    I remember the day I found out that there is a world outside me that didn't work according to my willing... I was 7... I stepped on a lego... 

  18. theilimitedH

    Its extra hard to do anything on my computer, I mean, like owner like computer, we're both dead on the inside hahaha

  19. theilimitedH

    Crazy things only happen to normal people. To crazy people, crazy things are normal...

  20. Info-chan

    Gathering Info.

  21. BakanoNerd

    FINALLY vacations, just what I needed, now I can continue making my projects. Im so excited~ :alpacasad:

  22. anonymouskid

    I'm finna pissed about my 88rising thread not being active enough :rageplz:

    1. hfeuwh146

      exactly how i feel with my subliminals and hypnosis thread,the only difference is that my thread has only two pages :haiplz:

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    2. anonymouskid

      @hfeuwh146 Hey, sorry it took me a month to reply lmfao, didn't see this til now. But yeah, I guess it depends on what people are interested in discussing more. I'll check your thread out tho!

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  23. stickyrice

    what to do 

  24. BakanoNerd

    At the tech faculty, I have a virgin weeb at my side, cool :alpacaheadshake:

  25. BakanoNerd

    Listening to Mars Argo after finishing a digital drawing! Very nice,