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  1. グミデス ♡

    i hate my weeb username & how inconsistently i use this website.

  2. sfrappe1999

    lol some of you on this site are really just haters ngl like wow

  3. Babe Ruthless

    New user. Hellooooo!

  4. Raccoon

    I just spend ten minutes staring at a page number for a thread wondering how the person who commented managed to get so many up-votes, I think I need a nap

  5. Babygirl210

    Hey Everyone, I’m new here and My name is Angela  

  6. drusillau

    hiiii! xoxo, hows everyone doing? :alpacasad:

  7. drusillau

    hi there! hows everyone doing! im pretty new to this place and im just looking around the topics, anyway hope everyones having a great day! xoxo,


    -drusilla :alpacashocked:

  8. fairyprincess

    i havent got approved yet

  9. Miki » accnolongeractive

    I came out of lurking just because I love your name so much. 

    1. accnolongeractive


      he's such a cutie tbh

      • 0
  10. Raccoon

    Is there a way to view just  a threads images? As in all/most of the images posted into a thread without excess text posts in between them; I wanted to find a few pictures; does this mean I have to comb through the entire thread/area's I know they'll be?

  11. Haven

    page 14 saya

  12. thatbih

    long time lurker, finally made an account just now

  13. Salty Salaryman

    Do you like money? Yeah I like money too. :ph34r:

  14. Haven

    Page 18 Aki

  15. starry_eyed

    this week is terrible. can i just go to sleep until it gets better?

  16. GrognakTheDestroyer

    OwO more like Bore Ragnarok

  17. GrognakTheDestroyer

    Uno reverse card

  18. Haven

    I need to stop talking on unpopular opinions because I'm flooding the thread with my opinions I've had held in for over 4 years now

  19. Negin

    why does this website not allow u to delete ur account? 


    admins delete mine plz

  20. Haven

    This guy rn is lowkey asking me to throw hands at him at this point 

  21. ShoopShow

    Long story short, my spine is broken and my sciatic is in terrible horrible pain.  I need a crutch for it and all.  If I seem a bit rambly on here I'm sorry, the pain meds are making me goofy.

    But let's talk photoshop, video editing, photography, etc.  My dms are always open and I need new friends.

    Photoshop forums are horrific.

  22. GrognakTheDestroyer

    I've just joined today and for some reason already love it. I hope everyone respects me as the woman I am:alpacacrush: