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  1. TheBradyBitch

    wow I've learned so many cool technology tricks lately, since joining PULL!
    I learned how to screen record on my phone (I always thought it was an app!)
    and how to convert a short video to a gif 
    and how to use google drive to share a video privately


    gee wizz 

    wow am i a hacker now?! :ph34r: 


  2. notthebees

    i am deadass as deadass gets

    spring break is allowing me to further ruin my sleep schedule :frowny:

  3. TheBradyBitch

    ughhh take off that stupid FUCKING hat............that FUCKING hat...........



  4. NightPhoenixV

    New here. Need to learn how it all works x3


  5. Cherry Girl

    awww you have limited amount of reputation points you can give...


  6. TheBradyBitch

    i wanna say something to some people: Stop making drama, you're not Shakespeare.

  7. TheBradyBitch

    Just tryna make it to 50 posts so i can change my username!!
    Lordy if i knew i couldnt change my display name i wouldnt have chosen this one.
    cant browse this forum when im at home (only while @work lol) cuz my fiance would be able to tell what this username signifies ....*ahem*
    22 down, 28 to go 
    what should i change my name to? why is this so hard? TBB.thumb.gif.fbad3dd4b0841d7d4d190ad860

  8. TheBradyBitch

    The internet has opened up a whole new dimension for humans. 
    Most people have been using the internet for decades now yet still think it is not a worthy source of facts because it is also so riddled with deception (and shitposts for lulz). 
    I'm glad there's a place where people can source the truth from others all over the globe, share thoughts and information and create a community that would have otherwise never existed. 
    The net can and has isolated some people from society, but it has just as much brought people together to form strong bonds that, again, would have otherwise never existed.
    Just thinking out loud....
    Internet hugs to my internet friends <3 

  9. desu

    better lawyer up ;)

  10. pakuchi » Cyrillic

    i lowkey adore ya <3

    1. Cyrillic

      No, you :P:alpacacrush:

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  11. LuluCalliope

    Totally in love with "Kirby! Right Back at Ya!" :$ Please don't judge!

  12. icecup

    I wonder how popular this site is?

  13. icecup

    I can't talk to anyone and no one can see my posts😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. icecup

    OMG I feel so stupid😅😅😅 what are the different ranks?:alpacaconfused:

  15. AbsolutelyBerserk

    Done with this fucking retard forum

  16. AbsolutelyBerserk » CosplayQueen

    Danganronpa's pretty popular here, isn't it? :P

  17. AbsolutelyBerserk » Cyrillic

    I seem to learn something with every post of yours I come across, haha. Thanks for the quality content!

  18. Arashiyama

    Oyakodon night! 

  19. Beast Boy

    My discord is Red X (Tim Drake)#8444

  20. iTried



  21. gsapple

    feelin energetic :happee:

  22. Tootie



  23. Skye Taylor

    see if you can decode this :)




  24. Skye Taylor

    good meme

    do you trust me.jpg