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  1. skullchimes

    been pushing myself w my recent work

    the artist s.jpg

  2. hellogoodbyee

    I don't feel good coming here to rip into other people anymore. It's all fun and games until someone comes at you threatening to commit suicide because of what you said in their thread and then follow up by threatening to blackmail you or doxx you. It's not worth it.

    Am I a hypocrite? Yes. I came here and started arguments and threads, and I enjoyed talking shit. Now the weight of my actions has finally sunken in and I feel like a total asshole. I know that there are certain people who will be very glad that I've fucked off. I don't hate PULL, I don't hate the friends that I've made on here. I hate what I've done during my time here. I can't take any of it back; what goes on the internet stays on the internet forever. You know how it is. Coming here was a habit and I had to break it. 

  3. Fukawa Toko

    Like dude, wonder why I'm being told that some other forum is talking about me, like cool story bro...

  4. A.G.

    Okay, I still love Wednesday Campanella, but just their old songs : )

    KOM_I is also very pretty.

    1. A.G.

      me too

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  5. skullchimes

    I tried to squash my sketchbook pages down, bending the sketchbook out so pages don't float upwards AND I RIPPED IT, at least it's not THAT ripped so the pages are still together thank god but that was scary:alpacafedup:


  6. prettyprettylittleladies

    allowing myself to breathe for a sec and be interested in drama if i feel like it instead of restricting myself.

  7. accnolongeractive

    I'm gone for a bit. Will be back one day : )

  8. nyaako_jp

    Finally streaming after not being able to for like, over two weeks I think? Feelsgoodman~

  9. russianroulette

    i need a nap

  10. Barrack Obama

    Don't tell Michelle.

  11. Marie Hana

    Spill the tea sis! 🙈

  12. TheBradyBitch

    Does anyone remember Quizilla?

    i used to be obsessed with that site, making fairy quizzes to reading fanfic to all sorts of sci-go stories ❤️

  13. flurry

    surviving? yes.

    thriving? nahhhh.


    fuck the virus panic WOOOOO

  14. Renu

    I should be working right now but i Really want to go to sleep

  15. TheBradyBitch

    Man all the threads I follow are dead :hmm: 

  16. pinksaltlamp

    simply v i b i n g

  17. acidromance

    never really understood why plastic surgery is such a terrible drama thing ... if someone wants to get it done and not tell anyone, why the hell is that anyones business 

  18. narutired

    bye again thotties

  19. accnolongeractive » Cyrillic

    where are you? I miss you : (

  20. russianroulette

    hope everyone has happy holidays! or don't! you're not obligated to

  21. mickey

    Took me long enough but I finally found out nitpicking is a serious issue that I got sucked into. It's so easy to hate someone to the point absolutely anything they do is reason enough to dislike them; hating someone makes you think you're suddenly the master interpreter of anything they do, including just regular facial gestures, posts, etc. 

    I like knowing the truth, but I don't like gang mentality. I don't like that, advocating for nothing but the truth being out for everyone to see, I genuinely got sucked into not giving a fuck about these people's feelings, ignoring that they're 100% human as well. 

  22. TheBradyBitch

    ayyo addicted to tiktok check!

  23. jnx

    we need a meme fest thread honestly

  24. areeba

    mY KiDs CaNt hEaR Me CaUse THeiR liSTeNiNG tO KIdZ bOp