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  1. Ok but is it not fucking weird that she wants us to call her "Little Yu Mi" when the chick is probably older than all of us + her viewers?! Girl youre 26 why the fuck would I call you little corn... stupid
  2. Post on Yumi King Videos in Yumi King

    By ZAGGY, posted
    I hope that it's okay I created this.
    Post and discuss corns videos here.
  3. You can discuss her Instagram posts here. Her instagram is @yumi_king.
  4. Post on Corn King Memes in Yumi King

    By lumin, posted
  5. Post on Splenda Daddy in Yumi King

    By lilico, posted

    Splenda (a.k.a Scott) is Yumi's boyfriend that she most likely met off OkCupid. He can be seen in most of her recent videos, and is mentioned in a lot of Yumi's instagram posts. As of February 2018, he is 47, but Yumi's fans insist that he's 30. Splenda and Yumi appear to be interested in petplay/ageplay, as Yumi wears a collar and eats out of a cat bowl whenever she's at his house. Yumi also has a habit of editing the shit out of his face in attempt to make him look younger.
    Unlike a sugar daddy, Splenda buys her McDonald's ice cream and doesn't buy Yumi any decent skincare products (since she wears dollar store makeup and uses lotion on her face). Splenda gets a lot of criticism for constantly telling Yumi to lose weight, despite having a belly. He looks irritated and angry in most videos he appears in.
    Did I mention that Yumi plans to get married and have children after graduation?
    Instagram fuckery:
    Videos where Splenda is obviously pissed off:
    Exposing their kink to her preteen fanbase:
    Plans for children:
  6. Yumoji pack v.1.1 
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    P. S. If you have any funny screenshots or ideas about Yumoji share it here, please! 
  7. Yumi King (aka Corn King) is a 26-year-old kawaii Hanfu lolita cosplayer obsessed YouTuber who has more than 500,000 subscribers. She's stopped making sewing videos and is now trying to be a beauty/lifestyle guru. In a recent video she announced that she has a new channel open dedicated to her food video.
    Yumi and her boyfriend doing PPAP (nicknamed Splenda)
    She attempts to act cute by talking in broken English even though she is fluent and asks really stupid questions like, "What is dentist?" or "What is claws?". Some have spectulated that she is in a ddlg relationship with her boyfriend who is obviously older than her. In her boyfriend videos, she is seen wearing a cat collar.
    Her videos have become really pointless and half-assed. When called out, she denies everything and plays the victim until her 12-year-old fan base comes and protects her. 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DesignsByYumi/featuredInstagram: http://instagram.com/yumi_kingOriginal thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/226-yumi-king/?page=1***
    Note from Mushroom: Yes I know there's another thread but that thread is overflowing and has over 500 posts. So this will be the back up if the older thread gets locked. :3

  8. Acne: Acleet
    Aloe: Ello
    Always: Orrweiss
    Around: Arong
    Bamboo: Papoo
    Bangs: Bans
    Blackhead: Blackhat
    BlueberryF Boo-vary
    Bra: Brow
    Breasts: Brets
    Carbonated: Carbolate
    Charcoal: Chocole
    Chocolate: Chocnate
    Choker: Twokurr
    Clean: Cling
    Clipped: Cricked
    Comfortable: Comfortoll
    Corsette: Cowset
    Cream: Creeng
    Crown: Cram
    Curtain: Kurt'in
    Cute: Cyot
    Drandruff: Jonjaf
    Drone: John
    Egg: Ak
    Evening: Evelyn
    Expensive: Expensing
    Experiance: Expeerants
    Extract: Extwat
    Fancy: Fence
    Fiancé: Feenancee
    Finally: Feenanee
    Foundation: Fowndachion
    Greasy: Gracey
    Green: Greeng
    Grow: Goo
    Harness: Hamners
    Home: Hong
    Honey: Hanning
    Hydrating: Haijojateen
    Item: Iten
    Jar: Jaw
    Korean: Kreean
    Lipbalm: Bipsang
    Lipstick: Lipsting
    Lotion: Notion
    Mannequin: Manican
    Many: Menning
    Massage: Messach
    Million: Minion
    Money: Manning
    Oily: Oiyu
    On: Ung
    Organized: Oknice
    Other: Ater
    Outfit: Akfeet
    Pad: Pat
    Paw: Pass
    Phone: Foam
    Picked: Pickled
    Pimple: Peingpoll
    Popping: Powpin
    Problem: Prolen
    Product: Poduck
    Psy: Side
    Pudding: Puting
    Puffy: Pooffey
    Ramen: Ramens
    Redness: Grecknef
    Rinse: Rings
    Room: Roawn
    Rutine: Rooteeng
    Scratch: Squatch
    Shrink: Skriek
    Side: Site
    Skin: Sking
    Small: Smor
    Sport: Spat
    Sucks: Sex
    Sunscreen: Sanscreeng
    Texture: Tactchoor
    This: Zis
    V-neck: Beylack
    Vagina: Virgina
    Wound: Wand
  9. So this started with a comment of mine, @Anitram came up with the idea of making it into a forum game. Hopefully this will be fun and people will join in. 
    I'll start by asking a this or that question regarding our favourite little hanfu neko princess snowflake's wedding, the next commenter can pick which one they think will happen and ask another this or that question and so on. Maybe we can come back and compare when she post her wedding video because there's no doubt that she will. 
    Okey dokey, I'll start with this -> Collar or no collar? 
  10. Post on Yumi King Videos #2 in Yumi King

    By mushroom, posted
    I figured I'd make a new one since the old videos thread is reaching it's max.
    When we last saw Yumi King, she made a video about a fashion style not for bigger boobs and a store tour.
    She was also at Tigercon last weekend where we could see her face without the filters she uses. 
    We are currently waiting for her to upload a vlog of her at Tigercon where she cooked and held a Q & A panel. 
    Links for her social media:
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCgriBvzRv9Jd5uAC4q-tbQ
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumi_king/
  11. Hey I just wanted to know if it is possible to move people from and the the snowflake section. I know we had a poll and you guys said it will be done once we have a new header. But if fell like the longer we wait, the more disfunctional the site becomes. People who have buzzing topics are hidden in the other sections and others who have little to no news still have a snowflake spot.
    Kiki for example could be moved to the small snowflake section, other people from the header are already there. And her thread has been inactive since November 2017.
    Yumi King definitely deserves and upgrade and maybe Yandev (I don’t follow his thread) as well?
    And considering what went down recently Xiao Anna also deserves to be there. Sure she doesn’t have as many followers as she needs according to your definition but that regulation is there’s to prevent selfposts and vendetta, not disqualify major snowflakes with a smaller follower number. And Kenna was also mentioned.
    If you want those people to be moved, its best to up vote the following posts:
    Up vote here to vote for Kenna
    Up vote this post to vote for Anna
    gonna add more links here, once people mention who they want to be moved!
  12. Post on Yumi Gifs in Yumi King

    By Cloud9, posted
    The one-stop-shop for all your animated Yumi lolz.
    Here are two to get the ball rolling. Please share your favourite Yumi gifs to brighten up a PULL member’s day. 
    The definition of awkward:

    Putting contact lenses on with a plastic device in a moving car is a great idea!!1