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  1. I started a youtube channel and I am wondering what kinds of videos people would be interested to see. I have things in mind like ombre lips, eyeliner, and contour videos but if anyone has unique ideas comment to let me know...
    I also just made my first video today so let me know what you think of it..
  2. Personally, I really like her videos  She's very bubbly and has a unique personality and I don't feel like there's anything 'snowflakey' about her. She has a good communication with her fans and listens to them on what content they want to see from her! It also seems like she retweets or reposts (with credit of course) a lot of fanart she gets which is nice to see. 
    (sorry if i did this wrong its my first time ever making a thread! ) 
  3. Post on Sachie in Online Personalities

    By Unlock, posted
    Okay, here's one youtuber that I have not heard of being involved of any dramas. She goes by the name Sachie, is half Chinese and half British and is based in Toronto. She was a part of the whole Geek and Sundries vlogs group and was known as the cosplay guru of the show. She is also good friends with youtube animator Domics.She's also friends with UK youtubers like Kelsey Ellison, Beckii Cruel, etc. I've actually found most of her cosplays to be very good, especially her Sailor Jupiter one which she debuted this year at Katsucon.
    I've seen her reply to comments on youtube, facebook, and messages on tumblr. She did reply to me a couple of times, and she's pretty nice in my opinion.
    Her blog: http://www.lovelycomplex.net/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemonkissu
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sachietv/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sachieTV
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sachietv
    What do you guys think?
  4. From what I know of, Kiki didn't make any new videos for about 6 months. And when she did post a new video it was her and her (Japanese) boyfriend named Taku. She posted 2 videos of them pretty sure, but I checked on her youtube channel and the videos seem to be gone!
  5. A few of the peole here have probably heard of Fetsu Chan. 
    She's just another typical white girl who like Japanese stuff and kawaii things. She's pretty and nice. 
    She's not a snowflake, but she often flexes (shows-off) how many kawaii figures she has or how much clothes she has, or how many wigs she has and post multiple photos on her face (just her face) on the same occasion or slighlty various poses. For example..(below)
    Feel free to disagree with me, but I do find her very obnoxious. She's talented in make up effects and her art is cool, but she posts wayyy too many pictures of her face. Way too many. And they don't vary much either, generally the same dopey face expression and angle. 
    Please excuse me if I may seem upfront. !!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!! 

  6. OMG, there she is again!!! Tay... eh, I mean Dakota! Finally a new video, I was really surprised
    From what I understood her previous computer broke and because of that she wasn't able to upload any new content earlier. Ehm, and she moved?! I'm not sure about that part, my Japanese is too rusty ^^; Maybe someone with better Japanese skills can translate~
    Her room tour is not very interessting and everything is just sooooooooooooo bright, my eyes hurt Her face tone looks so white but you can clearly see the contouring she did to make her face look slimmer. And I kinda had to grin how she is avoiding mirrors while filming her room
  7. What is ur favourite idea? 
    Does anyone loves dhims?? The fifth episode is out.
  8. Post on Vivid Barnacle in General Discussion

    By Satan, posted
    I'm starting to watch this channel and I must say it's very entertaining, its basically a female narrator reading others people stories that they have sent her of their interactions with weeaboos. 
    Honestly worth checking out 
  9.  Not sure if there's already a thread for him here, but anyway, here goes.

    I actually don't MIND him.  Some of his stuff is just too disgusting for me to watch (I have emetophobia and am kinda weird about bodily fluids) but his channel is pretty much based on gross out humour.

    What does everyone else think of him?

    If this is a taboo topic here, someone lock this thread.
  10. She goes by Vanessa/Nessa
    Makeup/fashion youtuber. She is obsessed with Pepe the frog and Dave Franco. Loves Kylie Jenner.
    Age : 18
    Twitter - x
    Youtube - x
    Instagram - x
    Younow - x
    I really like her and to me she's gorgeous I've only been following her for a couple months now so I don't know too much on her. A lot of people believe her story time videos are just made up.
    Another thing was during a live chat on younow she was talking about an old friend that used to be in some videos with her. They aren't friends anymore because her friend thought Nessa wanted the guy that she liked. So on the video she is just talking about her(didn't say a name)but her fans knew who she was talking about. They posted her ig on the chat and her fans started to live rude comments on her ig. Nessa didn't seem to care and kinda encouraged it.(happen a couple months ago) That's the only snowflake thing I know she did. 
    I wouldn't consider her a snowflake just because of that but wasn't sure.

  11. BLAST FROM THE PAST:  It's been 7 years since a tight-young, 20 year old, Kathleen Victoria Elliott, seductively crawled across her Essex dinning-room floor - in a snug party-dress, with her perky double D's hanging out.  Who could forget that full-ripe young body?  She was so "exotic" and prime for the plucking...  The internet fell in love with her British accent, her energetic-voluptuous youth, and her undeniable beauty.  YouTube was still in it's infancy, and Kate was a stunner!  There's no doubt, she was the "shit" back in 2004; but, today the internet has grown, and left such juvenile pursuits behind.  Now, she's seen as a dull, two-timing homewrecker.  For those who remember, Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams (SMPfilms/DudeLikeHella) brought her to the USA, and gave her a place to stay.  It was a noble act, at first.  They were supposed to team-up and create a huge YT following.  
    However, Katers17 wasted no time seducing Cory, and destroying Cory's marriage with Stephanie, while she was off at work, supporting the family.  This was well documented in their very sexy-seductive videos!!  Anyone with a brain could see what was happening.  The rumors and drama ran wild!  In the end, Kate got her man, and ran the ex-wife out of the apartment.  Unfortunately for them both, YT at the time, had settled a huge copyright lawsuit and decided to restructure the previously generous-pay scale; both of them started to receive a lot less YT money for their videos.  Much drama ensued.  Then, two years after the divorce, Kate got bored, and left Cory to pursue - her "Hollywood dreams", which NEVER materialized.  I can remember like it was yesterday...  
    Kate received so much hate, that she deleted her accounts, and later falsely claimed that she was "hacked".  Why?  Well, all that YT money stopped rolling in, so she had to create endless lies about being a "victim", so she could beg for "contributions" from her subscribers.  Many called her on her bullshit, and she eventually went bankrupt.  Her estranged father had to step in, and financially support her, until she could recover.  Four years went by, and Katers17, under the new YT handle of 'KateInRealLife', started posting again.  Like most women approaching age 30, she's lost her sex-appeal, and only has a few thousand subs.  So much promise has been lost.  The "trust" and magic is gone forever...  Currently, she's single, living in LA, and working menial jobs; Cory (DudeLikeHella) has remarried and is living in Alaska, with a new baby on the way.  
  12. Okay so i'm pretty surprised no one has made a thread about this girl yet and the reason i'm surprised is cause she is crazy!!
    Elena Genevinne is a youtuber who came out as trans last year and was formerly known on youtube as Johnluuu.
    She's been causing a stir for a long time on youtube but recently messed up big time when she was caught with her friend Eden harassing people and she even shouting the N word at people in a recent vlog. Elena took down the video after backlash but a fan reuploaded it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL7zCtASTDQ
    Both of them come across as ignorant, immature and unclassy. They make my stomach turn.
    However this wasn't just in that particular vlog, in other vlogs they harass people, make fun of people and even pick up older men. They are just REALLY trashy.
    Elena also posted a video of her wearing revealing lingerie and vaping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7INVGiSrfuU  which had to be age restricted due to its sexual nature.
    Oh and she's only just turned 17 years old.
    Thoughts anyone?
    A large YouTube channel, The Fine Bros, with over 14 million subscribers has Trademarked the word "react", so they can create a monopoly, and corner the market of "react videos" for themselves.  This is a financial shakedown of all the smaller channels.  The Fine Bros are trying to corner the market on "reaction videos" and eliminate all the competition. But, the Fineburgs didn't invent the genre, they're just claiming it as their own, and YouTube is allowing it. They keep talking about their "format" but all that means is using a 'medium closeup' while they film. If you make a great video, the Finebros will steal it, make money off of it, and NEVER pay you a dime. But, if you post one of their "stolen videos" which they never actually owned, then they will get your channel DELETED, because they have all the money and all the big lawyers! EVERYONE should be angry as Hell about this! Many have decided to unsubscribe:
    http://www.livecounts.x10host.com/?channel=fine bros
  14. Post on SoFloAntonio in Little Snowflakes

    By holita, posted

    I'm sure this guy is a total snowflake but please feel free to move the thread if he isn't.
    SoFloAntonio is known as the "cancer" of Facebook and Youtube.
    He has a popular Facebook page with over 6 million likes where he posts stolen content from people without their permission and has been making money off of them. He also has a Youtube channel where he uploads your typical douchey prank videos.
    Recently, he's been in a beef with another Youtube channel, h3h3productions (papa ethan bless) who has made multiple videos calling him out and SoFlo decided to make a video to "expose" Ethan and trying to defend himself but he just dug himself a bigger hole and people have pointed out that he has a Youtube download plug-in to steal videos. Right now, Reddit and the rest of the internet is on h3h3's side and Soflo is just making himself look dumber and dumber.
    His social links:
    FacebookYoutubeTwitterI'll post the most recent videos here:
  15. BEWARE: Men need to know about this toxic woman.  
    'Sincerely Gracie', aka: Gracie Renfro has taken a very bigoted turn with her YT channel.  She openly admits that "guys easily annoy" her, and she seems to relish telling stories of how she can lure men into giving her attention, and then condescendingly reject them.  She gets some kind of sick pleasure out of this power-trip.  
    The ironic part is she's spent thousands of dollars on clothes, hair, makeup, tattoos/piercings, and fake boobs.   She even tells the story of stalking "cute guys", whom she finds "hot" on social media.  She does all the things to attract male attention: following them, liking photos, leaving favorable comments, and sending DMs.  Then, once she establishes a rapport, she finds a reason to label them as "creepy", and then puts them on blast!  Of course, her female followers get a kick out of this behavior.  For some reason, this anti-male sentiment of 'shaming-male sexuality' - flourishes among the young Feminist YouTubers.  They must think this somehow gives men their "comeuppance" for some past "imagined wrong".  
    Hopefully, men will Google SincerelyGracie first, before they respond to her, and recognize the game she's is playing.  Once they see how hostile and bitter she is, they can block her and stop responding to her.  If they do get sucked in, hopefully they'll come here, and tell their story.  

  16. Post on Onision in Little Snowflakes

    By mako, posted
    Wow i'm honestly surprised no ones made an Onision thread, if there was before or he isn't allowed on PULL I apologize.
    Main Youtube
    Youtube #2
    Youtube #3
    From my knowledge, Onision is a vegan youtuber who discusses controversial topics, theres a lot of drama with his exes and things from the past which I don't know much about. Discuss?  
  17. Post on LtCorbis in Online Personalities

    By mayo, posted
    Instagram (doesn't appear to exist, listed on her youtube channel?)

    YouTube channel run by an 11-year-old girl. Recently blew up after her channel was posted to the subreddit of youtuber Pyrocynical, who makes similar content.
    Your thoughts? She seems like some try-hard edgy kid that got famous by luck. Kinda sick of everyone saying 'she's so mature!!!1!1!'. Likeable though, I'm a fan
  18. You've probably heard about the Game Grumps, they're pretty popular on youtube.
    One of the best videos was when they made fun of those guys that ripped off those old Angry Video Game Nerd videos
  19. So apparently Toby Turner (Tobuscus) has been accused of drugging a girl. Im a bit loss on details cus it just happens but from what i heard he is known it the big leauge youtube circles to do alot but it come to light recently.  I haven't watched a vid of his since late 2012  mostly due to to his video becoming repetive.  
    What do you make of all this mess.
  20. So venus' youtube channel has been terminated recently due to copyright claims ! Do you think margaret has something to do with this ?

  21. Post on Kalel in Online Personalities

    By annkyouko, posted
    I'm not sure if there's already a topic about Kalel, but i just want to know what you guys think about her since i didn't find any topics.
    I knew her because of Smosh & her relationship with Anthony Padilla. I always thought that she was a very cool and sweet girl, but now since she broke up with him it seems like she changed a lot, now she acts very superficial and brags about being vegan all the time like if that makes her a great person. I don't see her videos anymore because it gets really annoying.

    edit by johndoe:
    Please add links when you create a topic
    Twitter https://twitter.com/KalelKitten
    Youtube youtube.com/kalelkitten
    I've been meaning to make this the first day i've heard of it but this asshat Cj is so cool  made a video where he gave his girlfriend kids laxitive in icecream (at first people thought it was his kids but they are his girlfriend kids which is still fucked up either way they are fucking kids!) and film them while they were on the toliet 
    Really?!! has it gone this far on youtube that you have to result to druging kids and filming them in pain!!
    The only good thing about this is that now he is being look into 
     I know i am late but i still wanna know what are your thoughts on the matter. Im pissed off that he would even do that fucking chidren! why? just for some fucking view?! but what are your thoughs on this bullshit
  23. For those who haven't heard, Ethan and Hila are being sued by Matt Hose AKA MattHossZone for "copyright infringement�." I'm not going to go into full detail since there's countless videos explaining the situation. tbh I'm not siding with Matt in the slightest considering how sexist and incredibly unfunny/stupid his videos are. Dealing with PULL has taught me that whining like a baby when you can't handle criticism just makes YOU look like the bad guy. I hope he get's run off the internet to live in the hole Sam Pepper fell in.
    Original Video:
    Phillip DeFranco's video response:
    Matt Hoss' channel
    DeFranco's GoFundMe
  24. Post on Chenling in Online Personalities

    By Narato, posted
    Chenling is a Chinese a beauty guru that also vlogs on a separate channel.
    Main youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTXAIQeSMcEmiBQNHUpLjg
    Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/chenlingshi
    Insta: https://www.instagram.com/chenling_shi/?hl=en
    I've watched her for a while and she really helps me get inspired to study plus she's really pretty but that's about it. She's pretty bland otherwise, and it might just be me but she seems kinda pretentious (i don't know if that's the right words) at times. She also likes to humble brag a lot and seems a bit obsessed with Kpop and the such (which isn't that unusual). As far as I know there's no drama surrounding her either. 
  25. ashens is a Youtuber from Norwich (I believe) in England who initially started off back in 2006 making videos of him reviewing knock off Nintendo DS and Sony PSP games consoles.


    His channel eventually expanded to include reviews of other pieces of technology and obscure video games (many of which were removed from Youtube due to copyright claims), as well as cheap items from Poundland.  

    Which then expanded to him reviewing other types of toys (blind/mystery bags) and subscription boxes (most notably LootCrate), as well as consuming dubious looking (often old and out of date) food on camera that people keep sending him.

    Am I the only person here that watches him?  Surely I'm not.