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  1. >>Updated 2018 Summary can be found here<<
    I'm going to summarize this dude and partly because I'm on mobile and I might get lost in my endless block of text. A lot of my sources are taken from lolcow since they have talked about him far longer than PULL and has lots of evidences that I can use instead of looking for it myself.
    About him:
    He's currently the "game developer" of the debug build (not yet a game), Yandere Simulator . But before that, he used to be "Evaxephon" who pissed off people by spamming the link to his awful streams. He also used to frequent Gaia, where he was mostly known for complaining about the fact that he couldn't get a girlfriend. Here's why:

    He had aspirations to develop video games and even tried to program a fighting game engine and was criticized by Mike Z., main programmer of Skullgirls . He made a big deal about it because Mike wouldn't give him a single praise.
    His first Attempt to Make an Actual Game:
    His first attempt to make an actual game was a side-scrolling hack 'n slash game called, Lunar Scythe the main character being the most edgiest-looking woman ever made so far being on a quest to cleanse the world of "human filth."
    Check the story here: http://archive.is/33yOj
    He quickly turned to a laughing stock when he kept showing everyone the same character drawn by different people over and over, ignoring what other people were telling him.
    The Reincarnation of Evaxephon to YandereDev:
    After god-knows-how-long time, Eva returned as "YandereDev" (some loyal fans affectionately call him "Devpai." A mix of "Dev" and "Senpai" apparently) with an actually interesting game idea were the protagonist is a stone-cold yandere who can't feel emotions and her objective is to kill (there are options for a less 'violent way' of eliminating rivals but the variations to do that are currently slim) every student in her school who has a crush of her senpai. Some person (I couldn't find the person's name/username in my source/s) liked the concept and contributed to the game, giving feedback and some volunteer work, but after a whilr, Eva couldn't help and throw hissy fits, like his attempt to turn the whole Mike Z chat into a sob story:

    Eventually, it came to light that Yanderedev and EvaXephon were one and the same when an ex-volunteer leaked it:

    He again, became a laughing stock but that didn't stop him from defending himself:

    Up until now, he's complaining that he couldn't make any 'progress' to his game because of stupid emails by his 12 year old fans and made a youtube video about it (he has more videos about it tho).
    He also pissed off his volunteers on a regular basis and pedophilia
    Despite all this, he still manages to have a large group of fans ever since YanSim blew up when PewDiePie played it and he receives 5k a month on Patreon. And he also seems to have lost $500 on his Patreon when he proposed to implement a yakuza fighting stlye on Yansim but later apologized about the idea.
    Accounts (archived):
    His personal site: http://evaxephon.com/
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/evaxephon/mobile?mwcc=redir_a
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yanderedev
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YandereDev?ty=
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-mahan-40b90277
    His Coding as a "Game Developer" is Questionable:
    Someone pointed out at a screenshot of a code floating around on a video that didn't look like a seasoned programmer would type:

    He only learned programming or whatever for 2 years and worked for companies with no name games. 2 years isn't even enough. You have to learn texturing, animations etc. No wonder he's a noob dev.

    Others (Part 2):
    People at lolcows actually found out this dude's real name. I won't post his personal info here but since this profile is public, then I guess I'm not posting against the forum rules. He actually authored articles about adult games/stuff.
    Also, if you have watched the link to the video were he whines about stupid emails, the green haired character there is called "Midori Gurin" (means Green green in Japanese. lol) apparently symbolizes the annoying 12 year olds who wouldn't stop sending him stupid emails. Most- if not all- his characters in the game are actually "place holder" bought unity assets. So much for a game dev.
    Fun Fact: There's so much stereotypes in his vision of the game. The "currency" in YanSim are panty shots, you can actually enlarge those poor school girl characters into big watermelons that could bounce off their chests if given the chance, one of the elimination methods is to make up rumors about your rival and if her reputation is low enough her desk will be vandalized and a flower will be placed on her desk (which is a stereotype according to lolcow users because according to them, japanese students don't do that in this era anymore since it will attract more attention). Oh yeah, he also made a character whose name literally says, "Mai Waifu" with long violet hair and rainbow (changing) eyes with big breasts. I would like to add that Eva has no real girlfriend but some fans literally thought that that character symbolizes Eva's GF in real life (I know because I used to be one of the believers). And a character whose make up style has fallen out of era (forgot what that style was called). Oh yeah, you can also change panties (your protagonist) that apparently can increase certain skills if you wear those interesting-looking panties. 
    He claims that Yansim will be finished in 2019 and will launch a kickstarter about it. Apparently it's to hire professional programmers and the like to help Yansim. Because he can't even make a single asset himself without buying it on unity or asking his volunteers to do it.
    Friendly reminder that the guy gets $5k on his Patreon with the volunteers doing most of the work un-paid. Yet he still whines about stupid emails while implementing a total of 24 or more easter eggs in the build. His excuse was that it's for 'entertainment' and just some silly stuff he's adding to take a break from working on Yansim.
    Gaia History (lots of screenshots):
    Account (Part 2):
    He actually has a fanfiction account that has really adult content in some of those fics.
    (If you do not like... Adult stuff in fics, do NOT open the spoiler. It's one of Eva's fanfics that was archived by a kiwi user for "future generations" in case he deletes them some day. The title's called, "Deaf To the World." Nov. 26, 2011).
    If you're interested about his debug build, you can check his Game Development Blog to check the debug build's progress. But if you ask me, I could go on to suicide mode by drinking a shot every time he lists down all the "bugs" he "fixed" or on normal mode, were I'll drink ever time he implements another easter egg.  Seriously, this dude "fixes" a lot of bugs and posts them on almost every post he makes to make it look like he's "constantly" working on Yansim.
    Others (Part 3):
    Here's a link were he's "clearing up volunteer misunderstandings."
    A pic of him not having any proper training in coding.
    He may have legitimately harassed someone:

    An ex-volunteer talking about YandereDev/Eva and why s/he quitted the team.
    A 3D modeler who criticizes Eva for putting un-original characters in the build.
     I'm pretty sure that it's just Yandere-chan's clone with different and re-colored hair, being the noob game dev he is. In fact, all of the characters in Yansim before were clones of Yandere-chan with different or recolored hair and all the males are clones of Senpai with the same work done to make them "look different." Even the teachers in the game are also base models of Yandere-chan. You can still see the previous builds being played by let's play youtubers if you can search 'em up because currently, all the character's appearances are now drastically changed thanks to his un-paid volunteers. 
    Another kiwi posted this (under spoiler) that was used to show off the official shirt:
    Posts he posted here and here . Some pics to go along with it:
    Some kiwi user leaked this pic to prove that s/he knows Eva. At first s/he was reluctant but finally leaked a screenshot of their conversation:

    Funfact 2: Yandere simulator is banned from being streamed on Twitch. Gee. I wonder why?
    When YandereDev/Eva implements a... Torture mechanic (currently you CAN torture your rivals but you can't SEE how they're actually being tortured) then it's going to be....

    He got information from a real Japanese teacher and how sailor uniform outfits are only worn for elementary students.
    He made a comparison video of Natsuiro High to Yansim (which also has panty shots. Go figure) and Hitman (you know, to copy some stealth elimination mechanic.)
    There's some (probably as decent game devs than him) who started copying his ideas of the game. If he stops implementing easter eggs and actually learn up-to-date coding, then he'll finish the game before 2019:
    You know one of those artists that are helping Eva are actually suspicious people with fetishes:
    Some kiwi managed to screen shot one of Eva's past streams but he couldn't get any more because Eva deleted it. Eva started calling a girl "autistic" and threatened to dox her.

    Stolen and Bought Assets:
    Don't bother arguing with this dev about assets and stuff because he'll just say that it's a "place holder" and only "temporary" until he finishes the sandbox into a game. Here's a Japanese Clinic kit was probably taken from here.
    Almost forgot, YandereDev/Eva has a neo-nazi supporter.
    Some more stolen asset (he just literally recolored the hair): https://archive.is/7QRwV
    "Info-chan" (who is like an anti hero is Yansim who helps Yandere-chan if she sends her enough panty shots): https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/11573
    Yandere-chan's rival, "Osana Najimi:" https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/15653
    All male characters: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/15667
    He actually admited that the characters are unity bought assets and that they're just going to be "place holders" in a blog post before. But I can't find the blog post because I'm flooded by a lot of the info that I'm trying to summarize him right now.
    Another stolen asset: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/13151
    Also, he doesn't want to have problems with original characters to people who own said original work/s.
    And this:

  2. We keep derailing the main topic: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1896-yanderedev-evaxephon/ discussing ways we can improve on Yandere Simulator and it's artwork therefore. If anyone is interested in how PULL can fix Yandere Simulator, here is the new place to post for it. 
  3. Post on YandereSim's Fans in Yandev

    By Monocakes, posted
    I thought we should have a subforum about the fans since majority of the fans are under Eva's facade and will protect him no matter what and some could be considered toxic. Now I'm not saying all the fans are like this, but alot of them are heres an example

  4. Post on Youtube videos in Yandev

    By PastaLover, posted
    I'm so glad Alex has a subforum now.
    Anyway,here we can post his Youtube videos.
    His channel  
    We can post other Yandere Simulator related videos,such as videos from big Youtubers,Alex's comments on Youtube videos...
    Here are some channels of big Yters that play the game currently: Kubz Scouts LaurenzSide Bijuu Mike  PieSenpai 
    Here are a few of his comments on Youtube
    I'd like to give credit and thank the people who took the screenshots (it was really helpful and i didn't waste much time).
    These comments are recent so feel free to add more be it older or newer. 
  5. Post on Offical YanDev/Eva Memes! in Yandev

    By moonie, posted
    Since we finally got a sub-forum for our favorite game developer I decided to create a thread dedicated to all the edits/memes people made on the main thread as it is easier to find. Thus if any of you guys made any edits or found some memes you found funny please repost them here (if reposting somebody else's work (i.e. the kiwifarms give credit )!  
  6. Alright, hi guys. I'm farely new on the site and I felt like sharing my opinions on YanDev's latest post on his development blog.
    So to start off, YanDev/EvaXephon/Alex Mahan I'll just call him YanDev since it's easier imo  describes the overall situation, he starts talking about how he admits he had a very toxic personality in the past around 10 years ago which he mentiones being in his late teens and early twenties  and how in 2013 he "acquired the skills necessary to independently develop video games", leaving his job in order to become an indie dev. 
    - Considering most, if not all, of his coding consists in elses and ifs, what skills is he really talking about. 
    He continues by talking about his fears of people finding out who he really was which soon became reality, how people ridiculed him for who he was in the past, fearing that his youtube audience, his new audience, would turn against him like his 4chan audience did. He proceeds to talk about people that turned against him, mentioning them as those who's hobby is to ridicule people and throw shame at them. He says "They judge me based on things that I said over a decade ago, and use ancient chat logs and out-of-context screenshots to convince themselves that I’m a cartoonish caricature of who I actually am."
    - There are so many videos proving that all of the stuff he said/did in the past aren't out of context yet he still uses this excuse to debunk all of the misinformation that's spread about him. In reality we can all agree he barely changed and the fact that he doesn't even properly explain his actions from the past/ his current actions is laughable. He mostly mentions the stuff people found from 10 years ago, ignoring that there is even more proof of his toxic personality that happened not so long ago or the past 3-5 years, which again proves he didn't change. His behaviour towards fans on discord or even his streams is seriously rude and he ignores that and focuses on the information people found from 10 years ago. 
    He mentions that yes, he did act very rude in the past?? and that sort of behaviour is only 1% of how he interacts towards his fans. "[...]there have been times when I was be short-tempered and rude; these moments account for less than 1% of my interactions with other people." As such, again, he continues to say that those that turned against him only want to shame and ridicule him oh boi he really loves those 2 words. He continues to whine about the people that called him out on his bs and starts with this ridiculous example "Imagine that there was a time in your life when you weighed 500 pounds, but then you went on a diet and achieved a reasonable weight. Now, you only eat a candy bar once a month. However, some weird people stalk you and take photos of you whenever you eat a candy bar, and try to spread a narrative that you’re a fat pig who is constantly stuffing your face with junk food. That’s the situation that I’m in, except instead of portraying me eating candy, they portray me as my old self from the past."
    - First of all, he might sometimes act like a decent human being, but his anger and frustration isn't only 1% of his actions, it's far from that. Also, I realized he keeps talking in a very childish way about those who realized who he really is, saying that our only hobby is to ruin his pathetic life or something along those lines. In his example, he talks about us like we are looking for his toxic behaviour 24/7, waiting for any sort of evidence to throw at him which is funny since all of his stupid actions aren't that hard to find, anyone that isn't blinded by his façade can easily realize there's definitely something wrong with him from multiple points of view. He equals eating candy with being a complete asshole, a pedophile and an arrogant full of pride human being which is just stupid, he tries to make the whole situation seem as not a big of a deal, which shows the way he's continuously trying to manipulate his edgy teenagers.  Later he also mentions that all of the evidence brought on him with actual screenshots and recordings are just fantasies. Nice one my guy.
    He talks about how people started to call him out in his comment section and how that would brainwash and poison people's minds so as such, we all know what he did, he disabled the comments and deleted a good couple of them. YanDev also mentions "[..]they accused me of “censorship” and “not being able to handle criticism” – even though I was only deleting insults and misinformation."
    - He thinks he can definitely handle criticism, but he also acknowledges multiple times that he didn't know what to do about the whole situation and was overwhelemed so out of fear he started deleting the misinformation. Now, I know that there are many people that were actually rude towards him and I'm not saying he definitely didn't deserve it, but that wasn't really the way to approach him, even if he's an asshole, in the end he made the whole situation worse for him.  
    He proceeds to keep whining about the whole situation and how he messed up. To be entirely honest with you, he never debunks any of the so called misinformation so it's funny how he believes he has the skills to have an assertive discussion when he never actually proves others wrong, he only calls it misinformation, fantasies and lies. This just shows how bad YanDev is at communicating with his audience and how he constantly manipulates his blinded fanbase without actually showing proof that he's right. Moving on, YanDev highlights the fact that a small percentage of the community actually hates him, so it's only ~5% that are actually against him. He says that he got many messages supporting him and encouraging him and also if I'm not mistaking, somewhere around the post he mentions that his fans kept encouraging him to continue the development of the game, but that's like... everyone's wish?? Everyone, both the "good" and "bad" side of his fanbase want him to continue his development instead of slacking off and using features that were ready like 2 years ago to keep his fanbase fresh on the latest updates!!1 I'm not even going to mention his 3h per day streams, I'll mention it later since he tries to debunk that later in his post in the most retarded way possible. 
    Now, the juiciest part of his entire post...........
    The ultimate manipulation method...........
    Dividing the fanbase into 2 categories, blessing the "Chill" category like they're his heroes that would never betray his abused and sad being.

    In this portion of the post, he talks about those who don't care about the propaganda against him, that they are devoted to the development of the game and will still follow him no matter of all the gossips and rumours, his.. saviours. 
    This legit made me wheeze since it's so obvious he's trying and succeeding at making people lick his ass more, it's just sad my dude.
    - Here we can see how he's trying to replicate what the "Chill" people would say, but it's just him trying to debunk the awful, oh god awful misinformation:
    1. Yes, there might be plenty of time to be productive but.. flashback to his 2 weeks of intensive coding and programming which lead to 0 code related progress on Osana, I highly doubt he's using that time to be productive. There might be 21 hours left out of 24, but a human being still needs to sleep, eat, maybe order/buy food, wash the dishes maybe, look on twitter since he gets soo distracted because of the 15 s of waiting every time he's making a change to the game etc. You might say there's plenty of time, but do you really think he's using it in a productive way? He legit implemented the photography club that was like.. ready 2 years ago if I'm not mistaking and added 2 new personalities which #1 of them is just a mambo jambo of other personalities and #2 is just silly did you see how funny it is when all of the "stalkers" run into each other when the player approaches them? Clowns... and he wants people to take his game seriously.
    2.Yeah, ~5 years.. ambitious indie games.. 4 years already passed and the game is still a sandbox or something. I rest my case. 
    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
    The rest is just him acknowledging he fucked up and wondering how many people are against his crap, again, literally begging for people to write a comment about how loyal they are. GJ my dude, you succeeded at manipulating your edgy teenagers, congrats. 
    "With this blog post, I hope that I’ve clarified the situation for a lot of people – people within the fanbase, and people outside of the fanbase who are wondering what all the controversy is about. My next course of action will probably be to set up an official subreddit for the game, followed by getting back to work on Yandere Simulator. I apologize for everything I’ve done that made this situation turn out as badly as it has."
    (。・ω・。)つ━☆・*。      He barely clarified anything; He fucked up his discord and subreddit; Omedetou.
    ⊂ ノ ・゜+.
    しーJ °。+ *´¨)
    .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’* ⛧
    Also, here's something I didn't see when I first read the post:
    EDIT: I regret suggesting that there are only two categories of people, “A” or “B”. I acknowledge that there is an entire spectrum between the two opposite extremes. It wasn’t my goal to portray this as a purely black-and-white situation, but that’s definitely how it came off. Another mistake made, another lesson learned. I’m sorry.
    "How it came off" Definitely not you trying to manipulate and beg for nice comments, whatever floats your boat. 
    With all of that being said, these are my opinions on his latest post on his blog. Signing out. 
     The post: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/whats-been-going-on-for-the-past-few-days/
     Another post on "clarifying" the whole situation with tinyBuild, I currently don't have time for that but here it is anyway for those that didn't see/read it and would like to: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/hey-whatever-happened-with-that-whole-tinybuild-thing/

    did yall ever wonder why midori keeps getting killed tho, midori is supposed to be us right?..-the dude legit wants to kill us all, tragic
    (sorry for any grammar mistakes in advance) 
  7. This criticism is protected by the Laws of Fair Use under the criticism category.
    Any removal will be refuted legally in all the meanings of the word.
    Hello there, if you came here with the intention of me shitting on YandereDev, you are on the wrong text. TThat is not my taste. I am here to criticise the game, while keeping personal insults at a minimum.
    We can divide my criticisms into multiple categories, and offering help and solutions:
    The Code and The Other Problems with the Game (Optimization), The Misuse of Patreon (People's funding), The Inappropriate Development Cycle (Building on top of a buggy base, slowing his progress down even more), The Youtube Development Videos, and, some other closing insults.
    If you are wondering why you should listen to me, a random guy on the internet, it's because I have experience working with the Unity engine and I have used custom tools to reverse engineer the project, which means I can look at every single line of code and every single gameobject, audio clip, mesh etc.
    This reverse engineering is legal since Yandere Simulator does not come with a "Terms of Service" or a "License", and I will be helping him to solve that as well.
    I will do my best to be respectful in this text, so I respect all of you to be professional as well.
    The Code and The Other Problems with the Game:
    By using an assembly decompiler, we can easily take a look at the code where everything is conserved and nothing is obfuscated, including the structure. This is due to the use of C# by Unity. A way to avoid it, obfuscate the code, and also to speed up the game would be to use il2cpp, which converts the code into C++ which is a way lower level language due to less overhead and libraries. This basically translates to better performance.
    The first script I saw, the about script, ran a while loop in the update function. The update function, in a gist, is a function which runs every frame. If you have a while loop that is not a coroutine, or a nested if else, the entire game freezes until it finishes. All the main game code in Unity is single-threaded, which means that your while loop is preventing everything from executing until it's done - not just Update, but also rendering, etc. Such update scripts are visible everywhere, from the character and events scripts
    Your two best options are: You can either make your while loop a coroutine - where it "yields" once in your while loop, and lets the rest of the engine run for a frame before picking up where it left off - or you can put your loop in another thread, which will be able to run in parallel. Depending on your level of code expertise outside Unity, threading can be complicated to work out, while coroutines are kinda Unity-specific and are simpler to understand, and probably make more sense too. Also, the developer said the scripts where he does update something every frame are highly optimized (citation: https://yanderesimulator.com/debunk/, YandereDev is a bad programmer!).
    "Many of the people who have claimed that I'm bad at programming have proven that they don't actually know what they are talking about. One guy said, "His Update function is 8,000 lines long! That means 8,000 lines of code are running on every frame!" In reality, only a fraction of the Update function is actually running at any given time. A character can only be in one state at a time (studying, dying, reacting to murder) and the rest of the Update function isn't running unless the character is actually in that state." 
    If the update line does have multiple if elses, the game HAS to check all those conditions (until one is met) before advancing to the next frame. In this condition, the developer is either lying on purpose, or has no clue what he is talking about.
    The developer is using A-Star path finding, which is one of the most efficient solutions for path finding.
    Yet, he claims that path finding is taking 8.11 ms. (citation: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/08/20/august-20th-bug-fixing-build-and-performance-update/)
    Proof of how many navmeshes Unity actually can handle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Otw12OUvE
    Rendering – 28.05 ms,Physics – 24.94 ms,Animation – 16.16 ms
    These are abnormal numbers. These occur because the game renders EVERYTHING on the basis of where you are looking. Unity has in built occulsion culling, which means the camera only renders whats in its view. However, when you look at the school building, every single classroom inside is rendered which is a waste of resources and a FPS killer.
    User Interface – 3.72
    This is because the UI is being updated EVERY FRAME. WHICH IS UNNECESSARY. IT IS LIKE RELOADING AN ANIMATION EVERYTIME. The better way would be to only update the GUI when the values shown on GUI are changed.
    The developer, instead of using IEnumerators, declares every single animation as a constant in a script, which is very taxing on your computer.
    Every single student is instanced, which means spawning them or despawning them will kill your performance. The correct way would be to switch over to the Entity Component System. ECS is an architectural pattern that is mostly used in game development. ECS follows the composition over inheritance principle that allows greater flexibility in defining entities where every object in a game's scene is an entity.
    The developer calls Camera.main multiple times (transform,render distance, hdr, and many many more things), calls for lists in runtime, asks for an objects transform which is the worst way to do it, checks GetComponent is updates, uses FindGameObject in update and overall, just really poor choices.
    You should never make all UI Elements in 1 Canvas and instead make many Canvases and section them accordingly , Static UIs , Dynamic UIs , Normal UIs , this is because UI geometry regenerates every time a UI element faces changes. when it does regenerate it does it for all UI elements in that canvas even if other UI elements have no changes. Do heavy getcomponent functions in "Awake" only.
    Dont call for a material in runtime . It creates a whole new material for that mesh you referred it from. For example if you want to change a car's color , Make several folders and name them based on the color. Create a material in each folder make sure GPU instancing is on. Name each material "body". If you want to now change the body's color. search if the model has any "sharedmaterial"(not material :3 ) that has the name "body" in it . if yes switch it with the color you want to assign. this will lower down your set pass calls drastically giving you alot of boost in fps. This mainly refers to the character script used by the dev. The objects also need to be pooled.
    The Misuse of Patreon:
    From the transparency posts, you can see the amount of funding (10,000$+) being used to fund development of models, which he says he will update (citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8SnsGlM52I). The modeler only makes hairstyles, stocking and other things, and makes the future rival models too, which doesn't make sense considering these aren't even the final models of the game. The other misappropriation of funds can be found just by a little research, but it includes dumb things being funded and his "salary" of 3500$ per month.
    The Inappropriate Development Cycle:
    The Game was developed in terms of content first. The most important thing is that MECHANICS TRUMP CONTENT. IF YOU BUILD YOUR GAME ON THE BASIS OF CONTENT, THE FOUNDATION IS BROKEN.
    You won't be able to change the mechanics, fearing it will break the content. Yet, instead of fixing the foundation, YandereDev keeps building on top of a broken foundation which only makes his progress slower and slower.
    I can go on a rant on these all days but I will link you to two series which cover these:
    The Youtube Saga:
    YandereDev spends multiple days working on his Youtube videos. He doesn't have an editor, and spends weeks sometimes working on videos such as this famous monstrosity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxa6FM9E1jI. He uses the terms as depression lightly. I am diagnosed with MDD and mild OCD and find it very infuriating on how the video is completely focused on shifting the blame. It's manipulative, it's cunty, and THIS IS NOT WHAT YOUR PATREON IS FOR. Work on the fucking game, you are not a Youtuber. If you want to be a Youtuber, do that, hand the game to someone else. Jesus fucking christ.
    I suppose best way to elucidate this would be to compare his first video to his last video, you will see how he increased the quality unnecessarily, and in doing so, made the progress slow down to a crawl.
    Closing insults:
    Please stop posting about bug fixes on your development blog. Please stop uploading videos about the non-existent game's lore. And, most of all, you can call people humans instead of gremlins. You can also call them mentally dysfunctional. What you absolutely cannot do is portray yourself as a pure angel. And please, don't use artists who plagiarize other's stuff. It is unprofessional.