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  1. Decided to check in on Wylo on tumblr. A mistake, I say.
  2. Post on Wylona Fails in Wylona Hayashi

    By velvetnails, posted
    Not wanting to beat the dead horse or anything, but since PULL was defeated a second time all of Wylona's old photoshop, lies, and well *funny* moments are pretty much gone. Not a summary or anything I guess, so delete the thread if you wish. But basically, a photo dump, or something to laugh at and remember with bitterness.


  3. Alright. So summary. Her Encyclopedia Dramatica page lists Wylo as a blogger, but I'm using the term loosely here since the only thing that qualifies Wylo as a blogger is the fact that she owns a tumblr account where she reblogs content from other people and spams the internet with photos of herself. Which includes edited reposts of said photos (you can check out examples of this on WylonaReposts on tumblr).
    Wylo has been active since 2010, though I think we've found sho0ps before then (stuff from 2008/2009 I think). I don't know when these were posted but I believe they're anywhere between the 2007-2010 range:

    For more photos check out this gallery.
    I believe it was around 2013, or 2014 that people started to take notice of her (though I think her thread on PULL 1.0 might've been dated at 2012? Idk). Around the time of her thread being posted to PULL, she sho0ped herself to look similar to Angelina Jolie because she had a fixation with the woman (as with most snowflakes for some god forsaking reason). Here's some examples of that:
    Around this time Wylo admitted to photoshop, but as with TheProserpina, she maintained that she didn't physically alter anything and that all she did was add makeup, change her lip color, all in the name of art.
    Besides lying about sho0p she would also plagiarize other peoples photos and artwork. I'll post some examples in future edits of this post. But you can find a few on her ED page. I think there's also some examples in the Social Media updates page.
    Also it should be noted that in the 1.0 thread someone called Wylo out for stealing other ppls artwork, and almost immediately after doing so Wylona deleted the artwork she posted that was linked in the thread. Meaning Wylona was lurking in a thread that was something like 10-20 pages at the time, and is probably lurking right now.
    With that in mind, please check out all these candids I've saved

    She’s also talked about on Lolcow. (Also here.)
    Note: Some of Wylo's photos are NSFW, so I'd be careful about looking at any of these links in a public setting.
    Wylona’s Social Media:
    Note: Wylona changes her SN/url with the seasons, so if you find out she’s changed her SN, please message me or leave a comment in this thread somewhere. 
    Other blogs that have talked about Wylona:
    + her tag on tumblr.
    Note: If you want to dig deep into her general tag on tumblr, please follow the tips in this post. 
    Blogs I've made:
    http://themanyfacesofwylonahayashi.tumblr.com/ (full of Wylona's old sho0ps, think I also included some candids here and there)
    http://wylonareposts.tumblr.com/ (the best GIFs I made illustrating that Wylona edits reposts of her photos)
    Note: I reblogged some of Wylona's really old sho0ps from 2010 that were still linked to her blog, so they show her SN at the time. If you're interested in hunting for more of her old sho0ps, try googling her old username with +tumblr at the end.
    So wylona used to go by xxiwylona, you would look up "xxiwylona + tumblr" (without quotations).
    Also, if you ever find someone who's reblogged a photo from wylona, you can input Wylona's username into search to see if they've reblogged anything else from her.
    So using this as an example: 
    Because there's no searchbar on their blog, you'll have to manually type out the html so that it reads as:
    VK fan page:
    Note: Wylona has gotten in touch with one or both of these blogs to take down her old photos. I’d have to go in and check, but I recall while looking through one of those accounts that the moderator posted a message from Wylona asking to take down her old photos and instead post new ones. 
    Wylona's old accounts:
    + the donate page for her mom: 
    Photo galleries
    http://weheartit.com/search/entries?utf8=✓&ac=0&query=wylona+hayashi (technically not a photo gallery, but it bugs the shit out of Wylo that people post her photos here because she can't get them taken down. Same goes for pinterest)
    https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=wylona hayashi&rs=typed&0=wylona|typed&1=hayashi|typed
    Tumblr reblogs/other stuff:
  4. A thread to archive Wylona's Pictures to compare her edits and have a better access to her uploads.
    Please only Pictures of her or remotely related (Adam for example) otherwise it'll defeat the purpose.

    Starting with a few candids:

    Recent Uploads + random finds

  5. Hey, everyone! i'm not that new because i follow wyolna and alida's thread for a few years already, but today i finally decided to register! i'm from brazil, my name's julia and i'm a biology student. idk what else to say?????just idk happy new year maybe? lmao