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  1. Do you people know about pills that can help you loose weight?
    My sister is having problems with her weight, while she doesnt go to the gym yet she is going to start tomorrow
    she doesnt have a diet. 
    so do you have any good tips on what pills to take, or some DIY loose weight metods? that actually really helps?
    im more with the DIY stuff , because some pills have the... consecuences when you stop taking them i think?
    any help, any advice is good, thanks!
  2. Hi! I am 5'7" and 105 pounds. The problem is...I was 120 pounds a little over a month ago. I am concerned with my rapid weight loss and lack of appetite. Any ideas on how to gain the weight back or why this is happening? 
  3. So I decided to finally lose weight after years. I want to lose 50-60 pounds. I am 154 lbs and i want to be around 100 ideally. But realistically I want to be 115-120 by May. Can any of you put any exercise routines or healthy recipes/tips to lose weight. I can't go run everyday  because I live in an "unsafe" neighbourhood, but I do play soccer on the weekdays. Do you have any exercises you can do in small cramped spaces that actually work?
    Anyway I kind of wanted to create this thread to help eachother out show how we lost weight. I lost 10 pounds in less than a week by starving ( i know very bad, won't do it again ever) though but now I just binge eat and i gained it all back. I plan on just skipping dinner since one of my relatives told me thats how she dropped so much weight. she doesn't eat past 2pm.
  4. Hi!
    I thought it might be a good idea to start a new "topic" about health, weight and studies about human nutrition/the effects of different foods and environmental elements on our health because many people are misinformed about topics such as diet and exercise.
    Most people also don't seem to care about what they ingest anymore, yes, there are trends like eating only organic food, eating plant based etc but even people who follow those trends are often not really informed about them.
    I would also like to discuss different "traditional" diets (traditional = believes about the diet in different cultures) and the effects of foods on our bodies (since not every body works the same, this might help people with certain conditions).
    Thanks for joining this discussion! 
  5. people with a fast metabolism, how do you gain weight? i just gained weight recently like 3kg (i was 40kg for several years). i want to know how do you all manage to have more weight.
    im sorry if i sound lazy, its 5 am here