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  1. Ladeathmachine is a youtuber (instagramer, facebooker, devientarter, twitterer, google+er, yourepeater, redditer, and the list goes on...)
    She's admitted to have had jaw argumentation and wears a lot of make up, and also having an "internet persona", whilst she calls Venus fake and a liar and the usual stuff. She doesn't like Venus, but both girls are non-japanese, obsessed with Japanese culture and do their makeup a little too dramatic for comfort... 
    Venus or ladeathmachine?
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/ladeathmachine/?hl=en
  2. Post on Vivid Barnacle in General Discussion

    By gone, posted
    I'm starting to watch this channel and I must say it's very entertaining, its basically a female narrator reading others people stories that they have sent her of their interactions with weeaboos. 
    Honestly worth checking out 
  3. Not sure is anyone knows who she is, but her names Kellie Jeanette, makes YouTube videos and seems to go for that living doll look and is going to Japan. She also wears this $300 lavender wig that you see her wearing a lot in her selfies. I think she's pretty. It seems like her followers count is growing. But anyways, what do you guys think? 
    YouTube : 

  4. I'm pretty new to PULL but if I left out anything or did anything wrong just tell me 
    First off let me give you some information about this Tavia Olsen girl. Tavia Olsen is an 18 year old girl from Las Vegas who is very into lolita/japanese sort of culture and fashion, but more likely she's obsessed with it. She is nothing but a hypocritical weeaboo liar. There has been some drama roaming around her Facebook and her peers facebook profiles. She does cosplaying as well named Miss.HimenaCosplay
    First let me show you what she looks like:

    The Drama Story is: From all the information I have gathered about Tavia. Back in high school she was a complete weeaboo up until now. But apparently not just a weeaboo, but a weeaboo scene hoe as well. (From what I know she wanted to be a prostitute when she was older) When she was 16 years old she dated a guy I close to the age 30 I think (Pedophilia at its finest!). She has lied about her age to a lot of older men and she cheated on them multiple times. Has had many pregnancy scares and tries to lie about her age for alcohol,. etc. Thinking that she can just live off of her boyfriends while being a high school dropout as well. She lies about who she is like her age along with who she really is as a person. She has tried to sell products and such that are nothing but cheap crap. Another story that I've heard around some facebook posts is that she lived with a close friend of hers with her boyfriend i'm guessing and when they moved out she had stolen her friend's contact lenses and her boyfriend stole some of her friend's money. She puts her boyfriends before her friends and not sure if this one is true, but she has a yeast infection that she has to take medication for a week. 
    Here are some pics and screenshots:
    Some of her cosplay photos:

     (That creepy face though)
    (Do you spy any photoshop?)
    Her being called out by others:
    Called out about her bf
     (Calling yourself out much? Haha)
     (If You didn't lie so much then you would have real friends)
    This is her cosplay Page:
     (She only gets a few likes on her photos and such and has over 500+ likes? Seem a bit suspicious to you guys? Ghost follower much?)
    Some extra photos:
    Push Up Bra?
    Her eyebrows! _____ ______ So angry
     #isnt #she #so #cool #?
    She also made her own little business as well here's the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nyannyamaidcafe/
    Here is her social media accounts:
    That's all I have about her, if you have anything else to say just drop it down in the rest of the topic.
    * I personally know her as one of her friends at the moment. Friend's with her and most of her friends on Facebook so I know most of the stuff that goes on. If i need anything else to add tell me.  Thanks. (Personally know her from meeting her at a Convention with some friends)
    short info: wannabe asian who claims to be part japanese and shoops her pictures. She's swedish/spanish.
    Her name is Nicole but she says her japanese name is Rei. She only befriends asians or popular people on social media. Wanna be her friend? Sorry you gotta be asian.
    Her instaname was originally tsutsucat but she changed it to jiaoxrei because she didn't want her 'hater' to find her. Even tho she doesn't have any haters. (Now deleted!)
     She can't keep a certain editing style and always looks different
     how she actually looks like:
     she shoops herself a lot to look japanese and blocks everyone who comments that she's shooped on her pictures. 

    she's also using other artists art and claims that she drew it.
    her actual eyes:
    her shooped eyes:

    some girls on instagram commented in german that she shoops her pics with meitu and stuff like that but she deleted the pics where they commented so i don't have any screenshots sadly.
    Some photos from her social media:

    She doesn't only steal artwork and claim them to be hers, she also recorded someone elses youtube video of a game called osu, this gamer played a map/song on osu on level EXTREME, and ofcourse Nicole claimed it to be her own. Here is the video she posted and that she claimed to be hers:
      2016-02-21 14.56.21.mp4
    And here is the link to the original video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HU_S1VkG9k
    idk if some of you have heard of her before but if you did and have some infos about her then you're welcome to post it here ^^ 
    thanks for reading i hope i didn't make any mistakes c:
    (She claimed all her lenses are 16.5mm, and bought from UNIQSO, but their biggest size is 16.5 and these doesn't look like 16.5mm at all because of the heavy edit.There's no lenses that's bigger than 16.5 and smaller than sclera lenses.)

  6. Post on katieaegi in Online Personalities

    By poopsies, posted
    She is another koreaboo white girl from instagram. 
    A really funny thing is that she had an older instagram that I stumbled upon and she used a lot of korean hashtags. I decided to look them up and they were all really dirty hashtags. She's just really attention seeking and fetishizies Korean guys.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katieaegi/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAI8XyP9hyk&feature=youtu.be

    Ask.fm: https://ask.fm/wackyjakie
  7. I don't think there's a thread about her, so here we go. (Ps I can't use the spoiler thing on my phone)
    Caroline is an swedish teenager, maybe around 17. Like many others, she likes anime, art and games. I don't know much about her so I'll just drop some photos and let you discuss her.
    sje says she doesn't edit her photos, but it's pretty obvious that she does. She's also going with that "i don't try to be japanese or look japanese" thing 
    Some are screenshots I got from a friend

  8. Okay so i found this girl on ig some time ago and i just had to make a post about her..
    gosh where do i even begin, okay so first of all what i noticed right away is that she photoshops her pictures to a point where she doesn't even look human, it's so painfully obvious that she uses google translate in all of the captions written in korean, she calls herself "jimin" and that's obviously NOT her real name (she recently just added her real name i guess to her bio but her username is still JIMINbarbie-_- which makes me cringe) she uses apps to apply makeup and i can't stand when people do that because it's just so obvious ughhhhhhhh 
    anyway she always deletes pictures off her account because i guess she doesn't want to go over a certain number of posts -,- and alot were so cringy god i wish i had saved them. 
    OH and how could i forget the korean hashtags she uses and probably has no idea what they mean : )

  9. Sooo, I stumbled upon a very very weird DA account. It's a right wing girl who calls herself a lolita nazi and she just turned 16. She's also a HUGE weeaboo, but the fact that she tries to give nazi's a good name is just.. ??????? I think her DA account might be the cringiest DA profile out there. This is her profile
    Here's some photo's you would not expect from a 16 year old
  10. Okay friends buckle up your seatbelts cause you're in for a looooong ride. 
    For censorship/privacy reasons I'll replace the names:
    *Weeb roommate: nihon desu 
    *Weeb roommate's boyfriend: Possum 
    *Other roommate: Rotten mushroom
    *Other Roommate's boyfriend: Dominos 
    *My friend: Alpaca
    *Ex of possum: Bubbles 
     So basically I've known my roommates since January of this year and started living with them in our dorm in September.  In January Posssum dumped Bubbles because his new friends in college told him to because she had a lot of mental issues.  Possum immediately asked out Nihon Desu even though he had been dating/known Bubbles since elementary school.  Nihon Desu made excuses as to why it was okay to date someone who use to date someone who just a second ago was her friend.  During that time Possum tried to make himself seem as though I'd look at him as an option to date.  We were all in his dorm and he started stuttering when I told him that talking to him vs talking to a guy I find attractive are two different things.  Which is funny because his new found girl friend aka Nihon Desu was sitting right there. Ever since then Possum likes to throw jabs at my appearance.  When we were alone he asked me if I thought my skirts were too short and I was like no they have shorts attached underneath.  He called my hair kinky once which obviously stems from the fact that he heard it be used as an insult to Black females but instead of me getting angry I just busted out laughing.  I have 2c/3a hair.  That is no where near kinky.  my older sister have 4a-c hair and when they heard this they we're immediately disenchanted by him using kinky as an insult. He's done a bunch of other stuff too.  
      Nihon Desu really gets off on the fact that he's half Asian. She's called him her "Asian boy" and tried to pass it off as joking.  She also speaks very very, very broken Japanese in a high pitched generic anime female voice.  She is always talking like she is going to move to Japan and is going to be this very wealthy white uwu kawaii engineer there.  Every time I walk in the room she's watching a C grade Anime and is mumbling broken Japanese to herself when listening to the music. She also refuses to listen to girl groups and only listens to boy groups so that she can fangirl over them.  
      She tries to wear Gyaru style clothes but her face is very aged and her shape doesn't match the style so she just looks like an old lady instead of wearing a style that actually suits her.  She also claims to be naturally Blonde but you can see her roots showing and how fried her hair is so I think she's trying to fulfill the white blonde girl aesthetic,  she even follows people like Taylor R and gets stiff whenever I mention that Dakota Rose is heavily photo shopped. 
     She speaks down to every minority that she knows.  She tried to do it with me but I just wasn't having it.  Eventually she called me hostile and aggressive aka what every racist white person calls a Black female who defends herself.  When I told her to give me an example she started stuttering and Possum said it was like the time I laughed when he mispronounced JC Penney and I was like oh I thought we were just joking around and he goes no we were to which my response was "... then that's not an example". Nihon Desu also called me immature and that I need to grow up to which I told her to back up because I've been though hell since I was a little kid and that my mind set unfortunately is not like other 19 year old due to that and she just sat there looking like a fucking asshole. She said that Rotten mushrooms felt attacked when I got mad at her and stopped speaking to her to which I said I have every right to be angry wtf.  Anyway , Rotten Mushrooms thinks that I like her again because I took her sorry from the teeth out apology.  But I pretty much ignore all of them. 
      Rotten mushroom,  the other roommate did some terrible things that she knew she should not have done (she tried having sex with me in the room,  had sex knowing that I usually come back around that time,  left rotten mushrooms in my fridge,  had her boyfriend who sorta creeps on me sleep in our room etc.). Nihon Desu  sides with Rotten mushroom because she's Asian and Nihon Desu looks at me as a threat. She hates when it looks like I have more then her in with something.  She relies on mommy and daddy's money meanwhile I have a job.  She constantly asks why I'm buying food and tells me not to and would always try to boss me around.  I have the corner of our dorm to myself because bubbles didn't come back to our school and was suppose to room with us. She ALWAYS makes snarky comments about it especially since my bed has blankets over it like a canopy since I'm on the bottom bunk.  
    In summary racist white girl with Asian festish dislikes black people but fakes like she isn't like that and is now upset that I only speak to them in passing meanwhile her boyfriend acts like a kicked puppy and the pettiness is driving me insane. 
  11. This girl is well known in the kitten play community, i don't know if she may be a snowflake because of her go fund me scams. she made a go fund me for a new laptop because hers was broken but then her boyfriend recently fixed it. she can be a really nasty bitch on her tumblr and shes just a plain bratty weeaboo.
    what are your opinions on her?
    instagram: https://www.instagram.com/princesspeachykitten/
    Tumblr: http://princesspeachykitty.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/princesspeachyk
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtc-2z4uIO3Z9aB5UA_QsvA

  12. Alright, this is Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn, also known as Dae on social media
    Instagram | Facebook | tumblr
    As of 27th December 2016, her social media links are down. She has deleted/ privatised everything.

    Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn got popular through online ulzzang(best face) contests. She started some drama, making racist remarks on Facebook, has admitted to being racist (on this thread no less) and using photoshop. Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn is a hardcore user of photoshop.
    She confirmed herself to be PULL user picklechip and then proceeded to admit that she's racist:

    Her drama can be found throughout this thread but the summary of it is that she was displeased her name was posted on the thread (despite PULL users being able to find her full name within a few clicks of her social media that she typed out herself). She holds PULL in high regards as she believes that PULL gets more traffic than FB/ Insta/ Tumblr and that this website will catapult her to internet fame and therefore unwanted attention because her name was posted here (note: heavy levels of sarcasm). She reasoned that an alleged molester in her past would be able to find her far more easily with her name on PULL, despite PULL users finding her name through her social media within minutes.
    While this site takes the compliment of being more popular than FB/ Insta/ tumblr, we must stress that this is no way true and that those social media sites are by far the best choices for anyone wanting to find information on someone.

    ^ Found by a PULL member (THANK YOU!!!)
    More under the cut:

    ^ something closer to her real appearance
    Continued screenshots of her horrible personality:
  13. I know this has been touched upon in the Koreaboo/Weeaboo thread but I feel like it could be a good discussion on a thread of it's own.
    Asian fashion is well liked and known here. When does wearing their makeup and fashion become to a point where they're fetishizing or it becomes wanting to be asian. Is dressing in jfashion(etc) and admiring asians unhealthy or too much?
    I'd like to understand since I'm a little confused by the boundaries of this too. When is it excessive?
  14. I don't see a thread about this twitch streamer but I think she's cringey enough to have one. Here's her social medias
    - Twitter: @anhierawrs
    - Twitch: twitch.tv/anhierawrs
    -Youtube: youtube.com/anhierawrs
    -Instagram: @anhhdam
    She looks like an abg who faked her way into fame imo. She went from 10k followers to 40k in a year. Apparently thinks she's better than everyone else who used to hate/dislike her in highschool now that she has fans from streaming, or better yet, *cough* showing cleavage. *cough* Posted a super cringy photo with #cosplay but the real question is, a cosplay of what????????? She also edits makeup & contacts onto her already caked face with either Pitu or Makeup Plus.
    What are your thoughts?

  15. Minako Sakurai is a 19 year old self proclaimed model from Texas. She hasn't really caused drama from what I've seen but her posts are just.. really cringy and tryhardy that I couldn't resist making a thread.  | I still don't understand why she has the "Official Instagram" thing. I mean, she's not that popular yet.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakurai.mina
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/minakosakurai/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakurai_minako?lang=en
    Blog: http://thewonderfulworldofminnie.blogspot.com/2017/03/minako-x-kawaii-international-episode.html?m=1
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqgLc3oj6pj08T8f82dm0vw
    You can even find her on google images.  
    I think she also fakes a high pitched voice or maybe that's just her natural voice. She has an IG video with her speaking in Japanese and her voice was pretty high.. (I think it's real but a part of me says otherwise) 
     But aside from that, she seems like a sweet person.  (This is my first time posting so I'm so sorry if this isn't good enough to make a thread with TT)
    So what do you guys think? 
  16. Post on Linzor in Online Personalities

    By jft, posted

    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter
    Linzor (previously CannibalWhirm) is a Swedish Youtuber.
    She's into scene/emo, and a weaboo on top of that (I read a comment someone said she admits it herself?)
    I was watching a lot of piercing videos when suddenly her video was recommended to me... First glance at her channel, I see red flags but I like her hair so I "tried" to watch 2 videos (I didn't watch it to the end since they're cringy to me) before deciding to leave.
    She moved to Japan for 3 months and joined a Japanese class for beginners. But the thing is everyone there already has a grasp of basic Japanese words.
    She has not learned Japanese at all (I'm guessing she's the type who will watch anime and call it a learning experience). She can't read hiragana & katakana, heck she can't even count in Japanese. Obviously she was falling behind and she complained about it.
    If I have the opportunity to go to a country to further improve my language skill, I'd definitely make the most of it by learning as much as I could before going  It's as if she's interested in Japan for its aesthetic only (which I don't think is a problem if you said it and didn't make a big deal about it). She mentioned before she's a very hard working person and that just make this whole thing even weird to me. What do you think?
    Side observation: A lot of her subscribers are weebs who speaks like 13 years olds, no surprise. Ofc there are nice and rational ones, although most are borderline wk.
  17. Paida / Galaxy Girl Paida
    I don't know if she is actually a flake in any way so I put her in Personalities. Even though she seems to have only a very small following. But I do find her a bit cringey and wanted to know if anyone knew more about her or people similar to her.
    She attended an anime convention in Texas I was at this year, and when she sang and danced in the hall many people were ignoring her or rushing past, I felt a bit of secondhand embarrassment for her. Her voice in her recordings actually sounds pretty good! And perhaps she wasn't feeling well that day, but from hearing her in person and seeing her live recordings, it's obvious she is an early beginner in Japanese and sounds like she may just memorize the songs phonetically. I only took one semester in university so maybe someone who knows better Japanese can confirm this since she usually posts in Japanese on her social media. But her pronunciation sounds very unnatural to me as a beginner student. She only sings Vocaloid songs and various anime themes. She also has said that she doesn't watch anime even though she sings anime themes and attends anime conventions.
    Her description in the guide said something along the lines of, "please support me in my dreams of becoming a real Japanese idol!" So I guess her plan is to move to Japan. From someone who doesn't know her beyond that encounter, she does seem friendly and is pretty and doesn't shoop herself to hell and back but.... maybe it's because I'm not into the Japanese idol scene.. something is off-putting about someone singing in only anime songs and dance covers thinking they will become a star in Japan. Who knows, maybe she will achieve her dream and prove me wrong. 
    Examples from her youtube:
    Strange post that made me wonder if she was involved in any drama (or is she just being a memelord?):
    Some examples of posting in Japanese and labeling herself as a Japanese idol:
    Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/gingagirlpaida 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzDDsJjHGFTNsEdPqkNoGCA
    Her Website: https://paidaidol.wixsite.com/site
    Since learning about her I'm also wondering if there's a "gaijin wannabe idols" thread somewhere and if not feel free to discuss others like her here.
  18. Post on Digibro in Online Personalities

    By Toriko, posted
    Digibro/Digibrony/Digibrah is a moderately popular anime YouTuber and self described “journalist” and “otaku” known mostly for his videos in bad anime, such as SAO, and his strong opinions on the anime industry. He’s a petty typical pseudo intellectual anime critic in the same vein as Gigguk. He’s actually friends with most of the other big names on that side of YouTube, he’s been mentioned a few times on the Akidearest thread too. 
    Social Media:
    My Anime List
    Recently he’s gotten into a crontreversy on his opinion about new patrean content rules, specifically the ones on unacceptable fetish art. His stance is that patreon is acting as a moral police over fetish artists. Screenshots of the whole thing: 
    More screenshots of an alleged cousin who shares his last name on past behavior: 
    Personally, I think that it’s weird as fuck stand up for people who draw things that are illegal to act out in real life. In my opinion, people who enjoy lolicon are pedophiles, and just because there is no victim right now, doesn’t mean that there won’t be one down the line. 
    I’m sure there’s been other drama in the past, probably with other animetubers, but I’m not really involved in that community, so please add as much information as you can to the thread!