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  1. This girl turned up somewhere in the PULL chatango. 
    Here's her social media:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/londonkittycane?_rdr=p
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/londonkittycane
    Website: http://lonbonlonlon.com/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLDEm-NKtpYJOWdqX9VL-0Q
    Tumblr: http://lonbonlonlon.tumblr.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lonbon_lonlon/
    Lonbon Lonlon mixture of Emilie Autumn and Beckii Cruel with a dash of The Perserpina. Emilie Autumn because she likes to shove her disease in everyone's faces and use it as a crutch as to why she can't do anything (like work), Beckii Cruel for her weebiness lmao, and The Persepina as she (presumably) lives off of government benefits and uses it to buy cute things. And if you're in America (like me) and you pay taxes, this is what's being paid for. Fuckery. 
    Here's her bitching about ableism
    here's one of her shitty songs
    Why she's a snowflake?
    She's an e-begger because SHE CAN'T WORK OK?? All she can do is sit online and sing shitty songs and we all need to donate our money to her!!!

    yet she models, sings, and travels. Note: I understand that certain jobs require certain things that make it difficult for people with disabilities to work for, but my GOD! If you can sing, travel, and model I'm sure you can find a job that will suit your needs.
    She uses her disability as a crutch. Disabilities are something you live with it does not define who you are, which is what Lobster-chan is doing here. And if anyone brings that to her attention she screams "ableism"

    More to come, but special thanks to Oliver in the Chatango and Indigo~ 
    4/20 Update (jk it's 7/21)

  2. Post on Miles Jai in Online Personalities

    By butto_n, posted
    Okay this is my first time making a forum but I just wanted to know opinions on what you guys think of MilesJai

    He mostly became famous from his "Like Mah Status" video. He listens to Kpop and Jpop I think and he sometimes does like "asian" make up tutorials and uses the term kawaii desu a lot he used to make skits using racial stereotypes of latinas and black people but he stopped that but I don't know what's your opinion on him I personally think he's a weaboo but deep down I love him and he will always have a place in my heart
    twitter x
    youtube x
    tumblr x
  3. Katelyn has never came out directly with her age but she is very young looking https://instagram.com/p/BGfhunsTVdm/
    she made a post back in May excited she was going to visit Korea in Augustbut the bad side behind all this is she never told her family she was going to South Korea. This made her whole family panic and call the police to file a missings persons report, believing she is under legal age because they did not make the family wait 24 hours to report a missing person. her mom posted this that she knew where she was August 1st, Katelyn Verde arrived in South Korea July 29th, which is later than she first planned and said it was postponed because of "family issues"As she looks very young, at the first appearance I thought she was 16 she went to meet her boyfriend who is 23-25 (depending on international and Korean age)if she is under the age of 18 there is definitely some legal issues as they have been sleeping together everyday shes been in korea, as you know where that leads to.they both look naked. If anyone has any other information about this please post.
  4. weaboo/koreaboo cosplayer who was recently blasted for taping their eyes to look east asian. blocked anyone accusing her and delete any comments about it, then deleted posts that had her taped eyes.

     Here's a video with his face:

  6. Hey 
    This is the first time imma creating a thread ( I am sorry in advance if anything is missing or for grammar mistakes etc.)
    So there is a boy on instagram called @bringmelights aka Edwin . He has chinese roots and lives in London as far as Ik.
    I am following him for 5 months or so , and that's actually enough to say that he's so thirsty for attention ( especially from little asianboo girls)
    He's also sometimes very fuckboyish  that's so cringey 
    Idk what to say else , does anyone of you know him ? 
  7. Post on Kanadajin3 - Looks in Kanadajin

    By Zuko-Chan, posted
    God, yknow i realy hate to be this person, Im actually not because I am not special looking myself and hate to judge others for their looks, i genuinely think that nobody is actually bad-looking. and i'll be 100% truthful i do feel guilty that i have these thoughts. Genuinely. but for fucks sake im just going to say it because it was a sudden impression on me and like fuck i just feel really strongly about this and i think its pretty fine on a site where you're meant to ditch on others. So anyway:
    FUCK Mira (Kanadjin3) is ugly. Her teeth are like rabbits and face proportions are so odd, She looks like that fucking squirrel from Ice Age: The movie. She annoys the fuck out of me (Thus I don't watch her anymore) with her god for saken nasally voice. That fucking overbite makes her look like a 40 year old male baby with down syndrome. Her eyes are nice but her eyebrows dont look good with them. It may be linked with the fact that she looks so similar to someone i despise in real life. But alone she still looks dreadful to me. Shes one of those white kids i try to avoid @ school but they come to me. Shes muslim for the controversy and her videos are uninteresting. Shes done blackface. I don't think she suits the fringe that much. I know shes canadian but but the way she pronounces "out" is so extreme. NO i dont think shes the ugliest person in the world but still fuck is she ugly.
  8. The question is in the title.
    So I've been reading the simply_kenna 3rd thread (around 450 pages) and people are discussing about how they believe she is a weaboo. Though that can be debatable, the main arguments as to why she is a weaboo are things I personally don't agree with? 
    I will copy and paste a message from this thread:
    "I'm not a weeabo"
    Kennoli, you put anime characters on your profile pics...You're using an anime style intro on your videos...You changed your hairstyle, outfit and skintone to look "kawaii des ne". You even recorded yourself watching anime... so what are you saying you're not a weeabo..?
    The ones I put in bold are the only things I personally find problematic, though a lot of people seemed to agree with that person. But I believe there is honestly nothing wrong with liking anime and wearing Japanese style clothing and makeup (as long as it's not in the purpose to look Japanese, because that's borderline fetishizing and pretty cringe.) I mean, this is my point of view: there is nothing disrespectful in watching anime (certainly not) and wearing a fashion from a certain country or makeup style.As I said, as long as it's not because you're trying to look Asian, then you're not disrespecting anyone. 
    If we had set this same example with another culture, like Italian or French or American, no one would have called you fetishizing or disrespecting the culture?To me it feels like weeaboos and koreaboos have made such a huge scar on the cultures you must walk on eggshells to prove you're not one of them, but it's not right. We shouldn't change our behavior in fear to be identified with someone.

    And I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me, but south-east Asia isn't superior to anywhere else in the world. Different? Yes, but not superior, so I find it unfair to set a limit to the things you can enjoy from there. Anime doesn't belong to Japanese people. It's not like there were a lot of western animes to watch. J-Fashion doesn't belong to Japanese people. Born from there? Sure. But it doesn't belong to them, especially when we live in a Society where Globalization is so important. The Lolita fashion that is originated from Japan takes its influence from Europe and yet no one says a thing, why can't we do the same here.

    I love Russia even though I don't know that much about its history; I think the language is beautiful, so are the fashion trends and the food there, and one of my dream is to visit St Petersburg. If I said that, I wouldn't be called a Russianaboo or whatever. But if I say the same things for Japan I would.  I would never, not even once, consider myself a different origin than what I am. I come from a country where respecting your ancestors is one of the highest priorities in your life, and saying something like "I wish I was Japanese" is an extreme dishonor and betrayal towards your family. I can't even imagine why some people would say something like that, so I never even remotely considered myself a weeb, because all I found for Japan was respect (not blind respect, there's a lot of bad things there. But not obsessional love.) A few years ago I told myself it would be nice to live there, but now I'm even too ashamed to try learning Japanese as if it's something I should hide. 

    What are your thoughts? At which point can you call someone a weaboo/koreaboo ? Sorry if it was long and tiring to read