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  1. I personally love Michael Steven's YouTube channel called Vsauce. It's a pity that he doesn't really update that channel much anymore since he started Mind Field, that YouTube Premium show, but I have started to watch it since I took the 1 month free trial. This is just as good as Vsauce though I honestly think Vsauce was formatted better than Mind Field. I wish Rob Gavagan gets his own show since he would be very good on an Unsolved Mysteries program. Anyway, yeah, who else here likes the work of Michael Stevens? 
    Note: Vsauce1 isn't the only channel as there are, at least, two others with two different hosts though they don't captivate me as much as Stevens does. That isn't to say they are awful and there could still be some interesting content, but not to the extent of Vsauce1.
    Whenever I started questioning about the current and next generations I always retreat back into this video realizing that my generation isn't that good either.