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  1. Post on Chenling in Online Personalities

    By Narato, posted
    Chenling is a Chinese a beauty guru that also vlogs on a separate channel.
    Main youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTXAIQeSMcEmiBQNHUpLjg
    Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/chenlingshi
    Insta: https://www.instagram.com/chenling_shi/?hl=en
    I've watched her for a while and she really helps me get inspired to study plus she's really pretty but that's about it. She's pretty bland otherwise, and it might just be me but she seems kinda pretentious (i don't know if that's the right words) at times. She also likes to humble brag a lot and seems a bit obsessed with Kpop and the such (which isn't that unusual). As far as I know there's no drama surrounding her either. 
  2. Post on Hailey Sani in Online Personalities

    By Conta, posted
    Hailey Sani aka. berrypinklips is a social media personality best known from her vlogs, hauls, make up and workout videos on youtube. She has 380k followers on youtube and creates videos since she was 13.
    Youtube: Hailey Sani
    Instagram: haileysani
    twitter: berrypinklips
    I am following Hailey Sani for a few moths now, but I recently started to notice how superficial she is becoming. Maybe it's because of her young age, I don't know. But in one of her story time videos, her sarcasm and racism was so over the top that not even her age can excuse that. 
    Here is the link to one of her story time videos. Like mhmm, stereotypes are soooo funny. *eye roll*
    I also think her sarcasm is getting offensive and puts people down. I don't know, I just can't take it anymore. 
    The way she is not even sticking to the point anymore...
    I was wondering about the general opinion on her. I don't have anything about girls being confident and running around half naked if they want to, but personality-wise Hailey seems really arrogant at times and superficial. Is it just me who thinks that way? 
  3. Ok, I've been seeing this girl, showing her "lifestyle", I really think she's very intelligent, she knows how to create an appearance on the internet, she knows how to sell herself (not in a bad way), and she knows how to have a dream life while Its followers ... it depends.

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/rachelaust
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RachelAust
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/rachelaust_
    Snapchat: RachelAust

    Your place where she sell their books...

    She talks a lot about "minimalism" although he sees that he buys many things, renews, spends and is in my opinion very expensive girl.

    Also, about how before she was fat and with acne and now her skin is very beautiful, healthy and very, very, very white and therefore thin with curves (and big, big ass). I do not know if I retouch your photos or not, the truth is that your body is very ... normal in my country many women are like that without taking care of "too much", I do not know if their books help, I do not know if she's have surgeries, I do not know if she's the way she looks Photos and videos, because the truth is that she has knowledge in "software" and "merchandising"

    So whats your opinion guys?

    I do not know if maybe there is already a line of it in the forum ....

    very professional

    its minimalism

    my big ass in fleek

    ass ass ass

    is the same person? I do not think so....
  4. Can't find a thread on her so I decided to make one.
    Joan Keem - Korean American who is based in Seoul.

    I only started watching her vids not too long ago but I think I probably almost finished watching all of her daily vlogs?! I love her personality but she seem to cafe hop a little too much. What do you guys think of her? 
    Youtube: http://youtube.com/joankeem
    IG: http://instagram.com/joankeem 
  5. Post on lovelymilky in Online Personalities

    By Iagzie, posted
    Emily Paloma (lovelymilky) is a married English/Ecuadorian model and vlogger in Japan.
    Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Tumblr | Ameblo

    She used to work at a sushi shop

    She intended to work as a teacher in Japan

    She has one sister.

    And one brother.

    It doesn't appear that she has been a model for that long

    She's friends with Bii and was recently involved in the drama surrounding the Jvloggers

    She was also caught with Bii bitching about PULL last December.
    (It's my first time making a new topic so let me know if i have to change/fix anything)
    He is basically a man child who went from vine to youtube and created this group called Team 10. I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a thread created for him here since he is so controversial esp. this year (if theres already a thread created about him, please tell me ). He is also the younger brother of Logan Paul (yes, it's that guy who faked being color blind for views). 
    He and his friends made a disstrack for Alissa Violet:
    His brother also made a disstrack about him but me says it was just a publicity stunt :
    Alissa Violet coming out with her own side of the story:
    This one:
     i'm not surprised with this tbh
    Kept begging his 12y/o fandom on twitter to make it to top 1 on itunes tragic
    then acts cocky when it topped for like, a second (?)
    Was in the news because of the complaints from his neighbors bitch doxes himself, hes that thirsty for fame
    Overall, he is just a fame thirsting big baby with an over inflated ego who uses his hordes of brainwashed 12y/o fans. I can't wait for the day this BOY gets his ass thrown into jail and gets his disney contract dropped. 
  7. Elijah and Christine
    Youtube // Instagram (Christine's) // Instagram (Elijah's) // Twitter (Christine's) // Twitter (Elijah's)

    Elijah and Christine didn't have their own thread (I tried looking and found nothing on here), so I decided to make one. 
    Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko are two internet personalities/Youtubers. They have around 1.6+ million subscribers on their main and vlog channels combined. They mainly make comedy skits and vlogs. Christine started out as a Viner, and Elijah originally used Youtube/Twitter. Elijah is the author of "Trump Temptations," an erotic novel about Donald Trump and "The Holy Bible... But Gayer," a parody of the bible. He was also the guy who became mayor of Hell, Michigan and banned heterosexuals from the town as a statement. They've been featured in short movies, Youtube skits, and the Maury Show.

  8. Travel vlogger, self proclaimed loner, wants to visit 100 countries by end of year, greasy, vegan, likes to lie for no reason, rude to her followers, special snowflake.
    Lies about her hair, is actually a wig
    Claimed that her contacts were her real eye color then took it back.
    Has a fetish for asian men
    Says she is mixed
    Claims that she will be opening a restaraunt, airbnb, and have a clothing line
    But claims she already has a business but doesnt say what it is
    She only experienced racism in America and that bad treatment is because of the way you carry yourself
    Every time she visits a country she loves to talk about how she’s the first black people some of these people have ever seen and that they like her so much.
    More insta posts
    In one of her videos she claimed that she never met her father. Originally made a post on how her father forgot her birthday and how she was upset over it. Now she’s changed it to “you forgot my birthday”.
    So called encounter with racist family